Chapter 593: Born a Starnet, Die a Starnet!

Chapter 593: Born a Starnet, Die a Starnet!

Starnet overcame another difficult night in its bustle, but unlike several days ago, it was no longer directionless.

Fang Ye had led people to decorate the venue overnight and breathed some liveliness into it. Then, everyone received a summoning call. Some students who didn’t know what was going on were clearly surprised when they arrived to see the newly decorated square.

After everyone took a seat, Lei Shan slowly stepped up onto the rostrum. Behind him, the three vice presidents and eleven deans were lined up respectively. Everyone was in their rarely worn formal outfits and their expressions were extraordinarily serious.

“Today should have been a festive day, but this old man just could not adjust my mood. I believe that all of you here are similar.”

Lei Shan’s opening remark was heavy, so much so that it deviated from Bai Xiaofei’s plan. However, he did not panic. He knew that Lei Shan was not an unreliable principal.

“We lost more than half of our students, and over 90% of our alumni. During the whole event, our top management was trapped and could not do anything! This is our fault, so please allow us to apologize.” Under Lei Shan’s lead, the fifteen academy leaders bowed deeply to the students.

All the students sprang up from their seats in fright and bowed back to them. They could not afford such a heavy ceremony…

“Next, I want to thank you all.” Straightening his back, Lei Shan continued. His heavy tone lightened. “You defended Starnet with practical actions. You chose to accompany the academy with your lives on the line. You are the pride of our academy and the pride of me, Lei Shan. I am proud that Starnet has students like you. On behalf of the 200-year-old Starnet, I would like to thank you for being here!”

Once again, Lei Shan and the teachers bowed deeply to all the students.

This time, the students didn’t reciprocate, because almost everyone was busy crying…

They were reminded of their friends, classmates, and lovers who had died in front of them, of the tragedy not long ago…

“The deceased has departed, and we can’t reverse time. Therefore, we must stand up, shoulder their will, and with never-ending progress, protect everything that they used their lives to defend!”

Lei Shan grew emotional as he spoke. Looking around at everyone’s faces, his old but powerful voice echoed.

“Keep your heads up! You are the people of Starnet! We from Starnet never bow our heads! Even if there is only one person left, Starnet still lives! Even if there is only one person left, we will forever make the rest of the world look up to Starnet! “

His passionate voice reached every corner of the square. Slowly, the students raised their heads one by one, and their reddened eyes flashed with the same light, a light of resolution!

Even if the road ahead is full of thorns, I tread with no regrets!

“Next, I will announce the rewards for everyone who participated in the celebration activity. Due to certain deviations in the statistical sources, we’ve tried our best and decided on the averaging method!” Lei Shan took out a thick gold-plated book and opened it. Inside contained the results of Chu Qingtian’s entire busy night of work. “The following people have performed well in the activity and made inestimable contributions. Each will be awarded a Starnet Brilliance!”

Everyone’s heart leaped to their throats. There was no need to explain the significance of the Starnet Brilliance.

“Bai Xiaofei, who turned the tide of the entire battle. He deserves to be absolute first. Without him, Starnet might not be standing right now.”

Without any surprise, Bai Xiaofei was ranked first. Unlike the last time he received the Starnet Brilliance when the majority refused to accept the results, no one had any objections now. If he didn’t get the highest award, they didn’t know anyone else who could.

“Yun Jingshuang, who played a vital role in resolving the crisis. Without him, we couldn’t have destroyed the fog. Without him, the number of casualties would have been at least 30% higher!”

The second Starnet Brilliance went to Yun Jingshuang. No one objected either.

“Sima Yi, who led reinforcements to rush in. He did not lose his composure in the crisis and delivered a very important message, fully demonstrating the qualities of a Starnet student!”

Sima Ye was stunned to hear his name. To tell the truth, he didn’t think that he had accomplished anything. If it weren’t for Xing, Hong, Xiaoluo, and Xiaobu, he wouldn’t have the ability to execute his plan. Therefore, this Starnet Brilliance was actually thanks to Bai Xiaofei.

“Lin Li, who burned her vitality at the Grandmaster Rank and held off a Legend Rank. Commendable spirit and courage, impeccable performance!” Lei Shan’s evaluation was pertinent. Those who had witnessed the fight expressed their deep approval.

“Su Yu, who accurately assessed the situation and preserved a large force. He made a great contribution by turning the tables in the last battle!”

The last Starnet Brilliance for students went to Su Yu. Similarly, not many people disagreed. Although Su Yu didn’t do anything much, he still indirectly saved the lives of many by killing his way back to Starnet with a big group.

“And this last Starnet Brilliance, I would like to award it to Lan He.” Lei Shan looked at Lan He sitting in the front row.

Lan He obviously didn’t anticipate this. His expression was a mixture of shock and disbelief.

“Lan He, as the oldest of the alumni this time, made the biggest sacrifice. Although you can no longer use origin energy, I hope that this Starnet Brilliance will accompany you as an honor!”

Walking to Lan He, Lei Shan personally attached the Starnet Brilliance on Lan He’s chest, then injected energy into it.

“This energy is enough to activate the Starnet Brilliance ten times, automatically launched once you receive a fatal attack. I hope you will never have to use it.”

Hearing this from so close, Lan He cried. Lei Shan patted his shoulder and led him to the stage where the recipients stood together. A Recording Eyeball recorded this moment forever.

After the grand prize was awarded, Lei Shan announced the rewards for the rest one by one. He didn’t find this tiring, and the students didn’t find this tedious…

By the time Lei Shan finished, the sun had climbed to the highest point of the day. Putting away the book, Lei Shan took a deep breath and looked at the students.

“Children, do you still remember that slogan?” said Lei Shan with a kind smile.

The students’ eyes lit up.

“Born a Starnet!” Lei Shan’s deep voice echoed like thunder.

“Die a Starnet!”

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