Chapter 592: I Will!

Chapter 592: I Will!

After a long silence, when the atmosphere in the room dropped to the freezing point, Chu Qingtian finally spoke.

“Do you have any ideas?” Chu Qingtian looked closely at Bai Xiaofei, obviously trying to read him.

“What kind of ideas I have depends on the academy. The financing of which is decided by Vice Principal Chu, so I am here to hear your thoughts,” Bai Xiaofei threw the ball back, not giving Chu Qingtian time to examine him.

Ling Tianxia ordered a massacre of the entire business district. This caused a crisis not any less than the slaughter of their alumni. Rich people were always the toughest to deal with.

“Returning the stores to their original owners and compensating for the loss,” slowly uttered Chu Qingtian, his gaze on Bai Xiaofei remaining unchanged.

“That’s what I thought as well. Allow me to add something.”

Hearing that Bai Xiaofei agreed with him, Chu Qingtian was slightly relieved. He was afraid that Bai Xiaofei would become the next Ling Tianxia who cared about nothing but benefits, so just now his nerves have been stretched to an extreme.

“First of all, those branch stores of major businesses and continent-wide organizations are the easiest to handle because personnel is secondary for them. As long as we return the stores and compensate for certain losses, they will definitely turn the page.”

“Next, for the small shops owned by individuals, we return them to their owners, if we can find them. If we can’t, then find their families and transfer them if they want to keep the stores running. If they don’t want to, we will refund their money and compensate them for their losses. No matter what, we must silence those people, or the impact will exceed what we can afford!”

Bai Xiaofei looked troubled as he said the last line. There are quite a few small shops in Starnet, and no one knew if their families would have unreasonable reactions. This was a difficult problem that Bai Xiaofei was anticipating.

“Finally, for the shops that we can’t find the owners and those owned by our academy…” Bai Xiaofei took a deep breath, at which Chu Qingtian’s brow furrowed. “I suggest that we release them all to attract new investments. Public opinion is too important for us right now!”

At this proposal, Chu Qingtian’s brows twisted together. He personally didn’t want to let go of those stores, because if Starnet lasted past this period, the value that the stores could create would be far greater than selling them off. In fact, this had always been the main source of income for the academy.

Therefore, Bai Xiaofei’s suggestion was equivalent to cutting off nearly half of their income…

“This is ideal in the short term, but in the long run, what about our academy’s income? Tuition alone is not enough to support our expenses. “

Starnet was a top-class academy, and its huge expenditure was an important factor supporting this ‘top-class’ title.

“There are many ways to make money. Activities like the Blossom competition can be held regularly. Eyes on the continent will never leave Starnet. As long as they keep their attention on us, Starnet will not collapse.” Bai Xiaofei was dead serious, and the successful case of the Blossom competition contributed a hefty weight to his persuasiveness.


“Vice Principal Chu, Starnet is currently a big ship with many holes. The most effective way to keep this ship from sinking is to pull more people aboard to help us pump out water. Otherwise, we’ll sink and nothing will matter anymore!” Bai Xiaofei interrupted Chu Qingtian and injected a strong dose.

Chu Qingtian’s eyes widened. That’s right! I’ve gone through so much trouble just to keep Starnet from collapsing! What’s there to hesitate?!

“Very well! I will discuss this with the principal tonight and make a detailed plan before the conference tomorrow. After that, the graduates will be our messengers!”

After getting a definite answer from Chu Qingtian, a satisfied Bai Xiaofei didn’t stay to waste his time. Bidding farewell, he rushed to his next stop, the Furnace of Agarwood.

However, he didn’t have any problems to resolve there and couldn’t think of any either even if there were. He only wanted to see the people there. Due to the shortage of medical staff, the girls were working as temporary nurses and were very busy.

“Liuyun, Senior Brother Xiaofei is looking for you!” a busy girl patted Chu Liuyun.

Looking back, Chu Liuyun saw a grinning Bai Xiaofei.

“Xiaozhi, cover for me for a while, I…”

“I know, just go. There are not many things around here, I can finish them myself.” Taking over Chu Liuyun’s workload, Xiaozhi pushed her out. Bai Xiaofei found her very understanding.

Pulling Chu Liuyun by the hand, Bai Xiaofei led her out of the Furnace of Agarwood. The staff shuttling back and forth along the way all revealed knowing smiles.

“Big Sis Liuyun is leaving soon, isn’t she…?” Leng Liushuang watched them leave and said with a hint of reluctance in her voice.

“Big Sis Liuyun’s clan is an important branch of the Multihouse Business. She will be a great help to him once she returns. Even if he doesn’t want her to go, she will still go.” Leng Liuli could see the big picture much more clearly than Leng Liushuang.

At that time, no one envied Chu Liuyun, there were only feelings along the lines of sympathy. As the person of interest, Chu Liuyun knew this feeling better than anyone else…

“Xian’er said that the principal will announce our graduation tomorrow,” Chu Liuyun spoke slowly with a smile on her face. However, this kind of pretended calm was like a knife to his weak spot.

“Actually, you can stay for a little while. It won’t affect the overall situation even if the Multihouse Business’s help arrives a little later.” Bai Xiaofei held her hand tightly with a struggling expression. If he could, he’d rather Chu Liuyun to stay by his side forever, but he also knew this was impossible.

“Staying a day or two won’t change anything for us, but if I can return just one day earlier, it may help prevent some unnecessary trouble for Starnet, which may make it easier for you. What do you think I will choose?”

Chu Liuyun’s question rendered Bai Xiaofei speechless. He couldn’t answer.

“Besides, I believe you will find me, right?” Chu Liuyun blinked, her big eyes full of expectation.

“Of course! I will definitely find you!”

Chu Liuyun’s satisfaction became a big smile. At that moment, Chu Liuyun felt that she was the happiest person in the world. Having this promise, her life was already fulfilled!

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