Chapter 591: Depressurize

Chapter 591: Depressurize…

When the academy announced the award conference to reward everyone according to their performances in the activity, it stunned all and sundry. But only briefly, because their next reaction was almost the same as Bai Xiaofei had imagined. Excitement quickly took over as every single one of the survivors had put in their best efforts!

Because of this, Starnet Academy had regained the first breath of life after the grand celebration.

Fang Ye led the students who could still work to start decorating the venue. In Bai Xiaofei’s words, this process of decoration was also a process of recovery for them.

While the preparations were in full swing, Bai Xiaofei wasn’t idle either. As he had said, Starnet’s restructuring was divided into internal and external. He had only made adjustments for the former while only having a rough idea for the latter.

“They are here.” Jing Cheng hurriedly went over upon seeing Bai Xiaofei. He couldn’t care less about his vice principal identity now. As long as someone could solve the academy’s problems, he’d do anything asked of him.

“You’ve worked hard, Vice President Jing. Sima Ye seems to be looking for you.” Bai Xiaofei also acted as a messenger.

Jing Cheng acknowledged it and hurriedly ran out. Currently in Starnet, anyone who could move had no time to rest…

“Hello, Seniors, I am Bai Xiaofei. Is it convenient for me to come in?” Bai Xiaofei gently knocked on the door, and it was instantly opened from the inside.

“Little Brother is too polite. Just come in.”

An uncle who Bai Xiaofei didn’t know pulled him into the room. At the same time, everyone inside stood up. In the middle was someone Bai Xiaofei was most familiar with, Lan He of the Ethereal Empire.

The commonality of the people in this room was that they were all homecoming alumni, the only remaining ones. As the alumni had been the primary targets of Ling Tianxia’s plan, their casualties were the most serious, which also resulted in the biggest headache for Bai Xiaofei.

“Greetings, Seniors. On behalf of Starnet, this boy would like to thank you all for your sacrifices for the academy!” Bai Xiaofei bowed deeply to everyone.

This time, no one stopped him until Lan He went over and lifted him up.

“Little Brother, you are a student of Starnet as are we. You don’t have to say all this gratitude stuff. Just tell us what you need us to do,” said Lan He.

The rest immediately agreed. No one was stupid. How could Bai Xiaofei have especially come here just to say hello?

“In that case, please forgive me for taking the liberty!”

After seeing firm responses from their eyes, Bai Xiaofei took a deep breath and poured out his plan.

“I believe you all know the situation Starnet is in. Although we are doing our best to recover, once what happened here spreads, we will be held accountable by all major organizations on the continent and definitely be overwhelmed. In other words, the recovery speed won’t be able to keep up with the incoming problems.”

“Therefore, I hope that after the end of tomorrow’s award ceremony, Seniors can return as quickly as possible and use your influence to direct the blame at the Globe Merchant Group, therefore lightening the pressure on Starnet.”

Finishing his speech, Bai Xiaofei looked at Lan He in expectation.

“This is our duty, we were going to do it even if you didn’t ask. Ling Tianxia has violated the most terrible taboo. The Globe Merchant Group is dead!” Lan He righteously said, gnashing his teeth as if he wanted to eat Ling Tianxia raw. The rest also showed the same attitude.

“Outside from that, this boy has a personal request to ask of you all.” Keeping his gaze on Lan He, Bai Xiaofei’s palms were covered in sweat. In fact, his request was a little excessive, but he really didn’t want to miss this opportunity.

“Little Brother, just go ahead. Many of us here were saved by you. As long as it’s something we can help with, we are duty-bound,” Lan He laughed, patted his chest, and guaranteed with absolute seriousness.

Hearing this, Bai Xiaofei took out the lowest-level Fei token from his storage ring.

“I have people assigned to various affairs all over the continent. This time, they will also join to help Starnet. However, my influence is limited, so if you can, Seniors, please make it convenient and provide some help when you see someone holding this token.”

Bai Xiaofei said nothing about what Feng Wuhen’s group was doing nor what kind of help to provide, but no one used that as a reason to turn him down. Unlike what he had expected, Lan He promised straightforwardly.

Bidding farewell to the alumni, Bai Xiaofei headed to the principal office block. Seeing Lan He just now reminded him of another matter that needed to be resolved urgently…

After he rushed to Chu Qingtian’s office without stopping and knocked on the door, Chu Qingtian’s anxious voice rang out.

“Just come in, the door isn’t locked.” After a proposal from Bai Xiaofei that then turned into an assignment from Lei Shan, Chu Qingtian had been busy until now. There were still quite many survivors, making formulating a detailed reward plan with the Starnet’s material reserves a hair-losing task.

“Vice Principal Chu, I know shouldn’t interrupt you, but…”

“So it’s you!” Chu Qingtian immediately looked up and cut Bai Xiaofei off. Setting his work aside, he pulled a long stretch. “Go ahead. What’s the trouble?”

Chu Qingtian’s change in attitude caught Bai Xiaofei somewhat off guard. Compared with this happily receptive manner, he was more accustomed to the old fat man who liked to push work onto others.

“Err… that… Vice Principal Chu, are you okay? Maybe I’ll come back in a couple of days? In fact, it is not so urgent…” Bai Xiaofei gulped nervously as he suddenly had the feeling that he’d done something wrong.

“Peh, smelly boy, you’re the one who’s not okay. This old man hasn’t been so energetic in a long time. If you have something to say, fart it out now. I still have work to finish!” Chu Qingtian revealed his true colors as soon as he felt offended.

However, Bai Xiaofei actually heaved a sigh of relief…

Oh, humans. Sometimes, they were just masochistic!

“I want to talk to you about the shops.”

The second Bai Xiaofei’s voice dropped, the temperature in the room also dropped sharply. This problem was too sensitive…

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