Chapter 590: Another Promise!

Chapter 590: Another Promise!

“How can that be… How can that be…”

This blow was exceptionally heavy for Lei Shan. He, whose soul had wandered off, mumbled to himself for half a day and showed no signs of recovering. Bai Xiaofei could even sense the energy in his body going haywire.

“Gramps, wake up!” At that critical moment, Bai Xiaofei rushed over while focusing energy on his right hand, and slapped Lei Shan’s back.

The moment his hand touched, a terrifying wave spread from Lei Shan. Lightning bolts flashed and he was sent flying back. Hu Xian’er fortunately reacted quickly enough and caught him.

However, Bai Xiaofei’s ‘sacrifice’ worked. After the turbulent force in his body found an outlet, Lei Shan returned to normal. Otherwise, his damaged spirit that had just somewhat healed a little would likely be unable to control his chaotic energy and he would go insane.

“Gramps, you owe me another one.” Coughing out a mouthful of blood, Bai Xiaofei walked back to Lei Shan with Hu Xian’er’s support. Despite his hard mouth, there was apprehension in his eyes when he looked at Lei Shan.

This is a Timeless Rank! A flow of chaotic energy in his body can almost kill me! Just what kind of gap is this?!

“My bad…”

Opening his eyes, Lei Shan was back to normal again. He looked at Hu Xian’er.

“No matter what, I shall fulfill my promise to Hu Ji. By arranging for me to meet you, a member of the Phantom Fox clan, Heaven has given me a chance to carry it out. So long as I am in Starnet, no one in this academy can trouble you!”

Lei Shan said with incomparable seriousness. Then, he suddenly remembered something.

“As for those magical beasts under you, I will give them free access to Starnet on the grounds that they have helped us. As long as you want, Starnet will be the last shelter of your Phantom Fox clan, and in times of need, I can personally help you once!”

Upon hearing this, Hu Xian’er was in disbelief. She thought Lei Shan would be angry at the Phantom Fox clan for what they had done to Hu Ji, but his reaction was the exact opposite.

“Thank you, Gramps!” Bai Xiaofei quickly reacted and tugged on Hu Xian’er who was still in shock.

“Thank you, Principal…” she muttered, still unable to come to her senses.

“Alright, I’m tired. You guys can leave.” Waving his hands with a smile, Lei Shan then turned away.

The tactful Bai Xiaofei immediately dragged Hu Xian’er out and left the room to him.

“Turns out it’s me who hurt you…” Tears trickled down from Lei Shan’s eyes. At that moment, he was not the Thunder Emperor, only a dejected old man…

While knowing for certain that nothing had happened between Lei Shan and Hu Ji, Bai Xiaofei believed that there was spiritual, platonic love in this world, which was the only way to explain Lei Shan’s state. After all, Lei Shan only found a wife much later.

But soon, Bai Xiaofei related it to his own situation. Looking at Hu Xian’er, he frowned and suddenly stopped.

“What’s the matter?” Hu Xian’er looked dubiously at him.

“Hu Ji ended up like that for helping Gramps. What about you? Have you and I also violated the taboos of your clan? What will happen to you? Will I never see you again after we are separated?!”

Bai Xiaofei became more and more scared as he spoke, his hands holding her hands gripping even tighter. Just now, all of his attention was on Lei Shan and so he didn’t think about himself. But now, he realized that what happened between himself and Hu Xian’er was even worse!

However, Hu Xian’er burst out laughing. She laughed so hard that Bai Xiaofei was puzzled.

“So you are worried about this.” After laughing enough, she started with a sentence that confused him even more.

“Why? Shouldn’t I be worried about this?” Bai Xiaofei frowned, looking at a loss. My reaction is completely normal, okay?

“No, no, no, it’s not that you shouldn’t worry. I’m happy that you are worried about this, but you don’t have to.” Hu Xian’er was very happy. The light in her eyes as she looked at him showed how moved she was. “The secret art of transformation was first invented to deal with the Fox clan’s rules. Forbidding contact with humans is only limited to the members who haven’t acquired their human forms. As for the method of destroying and re-establishing after transformation, it was discovered completely by chance.”

Her explanation set Bai Xiaofei at ease. However, he had another doubt.

“If so, why didn’t Hu Ji choose to transform and would rather her cultivation be abolished? “

At this question, Hu Xian’er lapsed into a long silent struggle. But in the end, she still answered, “Because she didn’t want to see the Phantom Fox clan collapse.”

Leaving Bai Xiaofei stunned by this, Hu Xian’er finished the story that she had never told Lei Shan.

“At that time, Hu Ji was the strongest of our entire clan. Without her, we could not suppress the other clans under the Phantom Fox clan. After that incident, she used a secret method to split her cultivation and transfer to the other clan elders to ensure our status wouldn’t drop, hoping that they could continue leading the Fox clan to progress.”

Having said that, Hu Xian’er’s expression changed from grief to anger.

“However, even this sacrifice did not wake up those pedantic members and she was still expelled. The saddest thing was that those elders who received her cultivation did not protect the Phantom Fox clan as she had thought!”

“Our clan gradually went on a decline, and all kinds of humiliation were written into the clan records, up until Hu Ji’s youngest sister took charge and led the remaining members to resist. Although it ended our humiliating life, it drained all of our clan’s power, so that today, even our royal status is difficult to maintain…”

Her voice sank as Hu Xian’er couldn’t control the tears in her eyes and let them flow.

“Rest assured, the Phantom Fox will definitely regain its royal identity!” declared Bai Xiaofei seriously as he took her into his arms.

Unlike before, Hu Xian’er didn’t laugh him off. At that time, she thought he just wanted to cheer her up, but now she fully believed in him.

And this difference came from the change in his strength!

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