Chapter 587: Conference; Confess?

Chapter 587: Conference; Confess?

“Then, how about I hand you this Starnet Academy?” said Lei Shan, playing along with Bai Xiaofei.

Everyone still hadn’t recovered from the shock brought by Bai Xiaofei when Lei Shan scared them again.

“No, please don’t. I can’t afford it.” Waving his hands, Bai Xiaofei decisively refused. Others might think that Starnet was a treasure, but to him, Starnet was a mess. Even without this grand celebration, Starnet was already a mess…

“You see, I even generously offered you my most precious Starnet. It’s you who doesn’t want it, smelly boy, so you can’t go out and tell people I’m unfair!”

Hearing Lei Shan’s words, the people around suddenly had a renewed understanding of their mighty principal. What a wily old fox!

This couldn’t be helped. In front of the little fox Bai Xiaofei, if one didn’t adapt and make themselves a fox, they would be a chicken…

“What is our situation?” Bai Xiaofei withdrew his joking manner and asked seriously. His question made the group of people before him go silent.

“Let’s go in and talk.” With a long sigh, Lei Shan turned toward the medical room.

The rest made a way for him before following as well. A little later, the medical room became a temporary meeting room. The four principals and all the faculty heads were seated. On the student side, Bai Xiaofei, Fang Ye, Hu Xian’er, Sima Ye, Yun Jingshuang, and Su Yu also sat down.

“Report the situation of each faculty.” Lei Shan, who didn’t look happy, broke the silence and started a heavy topic.

Eleven faculty deans reported the situation of their faculties. Every single one of them looked solemn as no one brought any good news.

After listening to everyone’s report, Bai Xiaofei integrated the available information and got an even less optimistic overall result.

They lost the majority of the newly admitted freshmen: less than 200 out of over 1000 survived. The losses of the other four years were just as severe with the total death exceeding 50%. And these were only the casualties of the academy.

After the deans finished their reports, Chu Qingtian took out a Recording Eyeball and projected a long list.

“This is the list of alumni that returned this time, and the gray names are those who died in this activity…”

Having said this, Chu Qingtian was unable to go on. Except for the first few names, the rest were gray, amounting to several hundred at first glance. However, this was not the most horrible part yet. The most fatal thing was the brief introduction next to their names.

Every one of them was a prominent figure. Anyone who was qualified to return was a famous person in a certain field. This was originally a good thing, but now it had become a fatal problem.

So many people had died at Starnet. Even if the academy offered a reasonable explanation, countless troubles would still ensue, and those troubles were currently the most urgent. One careless move and Starnet might never be able to recover…

“This is the battlefield cleaning report. The last large-scale explosion destroyed most of the traces. Except for magical beast bodies, we didn’t gain anything useful. All traces of Shadow Death were wiped…”

Jing Cheng then distributed everyone a notebook, the dense records in which might be the only good news at the moment.

Although many people had died, this activity against the Infinite Mountain Range was unprecedented, with countless advanced and even two Monarch Rank beasts killed. If it weren’t for the final explosion, this notebook would have been twice as thick.

“Treatment is underway. At present, everyone is out of danger, but many will have lifelong disabilities…” Ran Qiu’s voice carried a trace of grief. For a healer, giving bad news about their patients was the most painful experience.

After everyone finished speaking, Lei Shan took a deep breath, then looked around the whole room and saw a common seriousness on everyone’s face.

“Don’t pull a bitter face. Put forward your ideas.” Lei Shan’s voice was heavy with sorrow, fully showing his feelings.

For a long time, no one spoke, even Bai Xiaofei.

“Smelly boy, you speak.”

When no one answered, Lei Shan simply picked one, and Bai Xiaofei was the ‘lucky winner.’ In a sense, Lei Shan had postponed this long-overdue meeting until now just to wait for him!

Being picked, Bai Xiaofei couldn’t help but frown even more deeply. However, he still slowly stood up under the gaze of the rest. For once, they saw a shamed and troubled look on his face. Their hearts leaped in anticipation, thinking about what kind of surprise he would bring to the table this time.

In the midst of this expectation, Bai Xiaofei bowed slowly.

“Before I speak, I want to apologize. If it weren’t for me, we might not have to suffer such heavy casualties during this activity…”

Everyone was shocked, except Hu Xian’er.

She knew what he was going to say, but she had no intention to stop him. Instead, she stood up next to him, grabbed his hand tightly, and also bowed.

Once again, the room fell into a long silence, until Bai Xiaofei and Hu Xian’er looked up.

“In fact…”

“That’s enough. You can talk to me about your matter alone in a moment. Now I just want to know if you have any good suggestions to help Starnet tide over the immediate difficulties.”

Lei Shan cut Bai Xiaofei off before he could say anything.

“The principal is right, what happened already happened. It is but a waste of time to be tangled with the reason. Moreover, we’ve all seen the effort you put in. We all believe that you didn’t mean to let this happen,” Luo Xi added, completely stopping Bai Xiaofei from going on.

While the others were curious about what Bai Xiaofei wanted to say, it was no longer the time to pursue the matter after two people at the principal level expressed their views.

Under Lei Shan’s gaze, Bai Xiaofei felt his nose tingle as his eyes turned red. Taking a deep breath, he quickly adjusted his emotions.

“Alright, then I will voice my suggestions!”

At the same time, his expression was replaced by resolution!

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