Chapter 586: Waking up, as if from a Dream

Chapter 586: Waking up, as if from a Dream…

“Why did you lie to me?!!”

Jerking up from bed, a teary Bai Xiaofei clenched his fists, his whole body trembling.

Chu Liuyun, who had fallen into a light sleep while tending to him, was jolted awake. Hugging him tightly, she gently patted his back.

“I didn’t lie to you, and no one will lie to you. Relax, relax…”

The special effect of her Illusionary Symphony Physique quickly calmed Bai Xiaofei down, and his senses slowly returned. After realizing that it was just a dream, he stopped his tears and patted Chu Liuyun on the back as well.

“Sister Liuyun, I’m fine.”

Hearing his familiar voice, Chu Liuyun, whose eyes were red, slowly loosened her arms around him. The moment their eyes met, there were thousands of words that came to her mind, but she didn’t know which one to say first.

“How long has it been since you washed your face? It’s all blemished.” Gently caressing her cheek, Bai Xiaofei’s question successfully shoved whatever Chu Liuyun wanted to say back down her stomach.

“Just go die!”

After being speechless for half a day, Chu Liuyun, who was beet red from frustration, got up to leave. But before she could take a step, Bai Xiaofei pulled her into his arms. Half lying on his chest and looking into his fiery eyes, her already flushed face became even hotter.

“I won’t let anyone go again,” declared Bai Xiaofei out of nowhere as he gazed at Chu Liuyun. She didn’t know why he suddenly said this, but it made her heart feel warm.

“Even if you let go, I will still follow you!” she replied straightforwardly. After the grand celebration, many people had experienced cognitive changes in various aspects.

Life and death were but the blink of an eye, even Exquisite Ranks weren’t immortal. If they hesitated in their feelings, they might die one day without even having a chance to regret it.

“Big Sis Liuyun, has Xiaofei…”

As they were getting closer to each other, the door was suddenly pushed open, and Yun Sheng came in carrying dinner.

“Sorry, I’m leaving now!”

Without saying much, Yun Sheng hurriedly backed out. At the same time, he thought he was going to die for sure for ruining Chu Liuyun’s good time!

That’s right. The number of girls around Bai Xiaofei was no longer a secret. Everyone was amazed at how he was able to make them coexist peacefully, but also felt pity for all the girls. It sure wouldn’t feel good to share a lover, so Yun Sheng felt as if he ruined Chu Liuyun’s good time. After all, Bai Xiaofei’s time was divided into very many parts…

However, although Yun Sheng tactfully retreated, the two in the room had lost the mood to continue.

“Everyone in the academy is waiting for you. Let’s go out.” Jumping out of Bai Xiaofei’s arms, Chu Liuyun offered to help him up.

However, Bai Xiaofei shook his head. He no longer needed help! He broke through, and it was a great leap forward at that.

Upon reaching the Grandmaster Rank, Bai Xiaofei had also directly leaped into the quasi-third realm. He had already mastered the ability to materialize origin energy as armor when he fused with Blackie and Huskie. As for origin energy amassing – the ability gained at the second realm, it was meaningless for Bai Xiaofei, because even the strongest energy amassing still couldn’t compare to the Endless State.

Currently, Bai Xiaofei was only short of understanding absolute puppet control to break into the third realm. This might be difficult to learn anywhere else, but Bai Xiaofei was a student of Starnet! Regarding teaching resources and breakthrough experiences, there was no better place in the whole continent!

Moving his body a little, Bai Xiaofei heard his joints cracking, which was normal seeing as he had been in a coma for two days.

Accompanied by Chu Liuyun, he walked all the way to the Furnace of Agarwood. Along the way, Bai Xiaofei could clearly feel the heavy atmosphere. The sharp drop in population had sapped away the vitality and spirit from Starnet, and many usually busy places were now deserted.

When passing through the business district, Bai Xiaofei could even smell a faint scent of blood.

“The business district…” Looking at Chu Liuyun, Bai Xiaofei swallowed the rest of his words. He was a little afraid, afraid that Chu Liuyun would give him the answer he predicted.

He knew too many people in the business district…

Chu Dangyang, Xie Guangyun, Lin Lang, Jin Erpang, the Thousand Aroma Restaurant, the Hundred Flavor House, the Ethereal Pavilion…

“Ling Tianxia ordered everyone killed. None of them survived,” Chu Liuyun replied in a heavy tone.

A sharp pain pierced through Bai Xiaofei’s heart.

“Ling Tianxia!” Bai Xiaofei gritted his teeth, his eyes bloodshot. He wanted to rip Ling Tianxia apart. Then, he controlled his emotions and asked slowly, “He should be dead?”

Chu Liuyun shook her head.

“He was rescued by an unknown Shadow Death person out of nowhere. He resurrected a large number of dead puppet masters and they self-detonated all at once, stopping our principal’s pursuit,” said Chu Liuyun helplessly. She expected Bai Xiaofei to get angrier because of this, but to her surprise, he laughed.

“Good escape! Very good!! That’s much more interesting!!!!” With a mix of cruelty and madness in his expression, Bai Xiaofei laughed eerily. “Let’s go, we still need to see everyone.”

Chu Liuyun hadn’t thought about how to react to his reaction when Bai Xiaofei took her hand and continued towards the Furnace of Agarwood…

“Boss Bai woke up! He is coming!”

The instant Bai Xiaofei appeared in the area of the Furnace of Agarwood, the news of his arrival spread throughout the faculty like a storm. At that time, almost 90% of Starnet were being treated there or giving treatment to others, so this was basically a notice to the whole academy.

Pulling Chu Liuyun by the hand, Bai Xiaofei walked towards the front door of the medical room. The students along their way stood up consciously upon seeing them. No one spoke, only silently watching.

When the two reached the door, Lei Shan came out with Lei Min’s support, followed by all the high-ranks of Starnet, Hu Xian’er, and the other students.

Looking at all the familiar faces, Bai Xiaofei smiled. Next to him, Chu Liuyun flushed red. Despite having recognized Bai Xiaofei as her life partner long ago, this was her first time appearing hand-in-hand with him in front of so many people.

“Gramps, you owe me a big favor this time!”

Everyone was shocked that this would be the first thing coming out of Bai Xiaofei’s mouth!

But on second thought, it seemed that there was nothing more fitting for an opening remark…

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