Chapter 585: The Fisherman!

Chapter 585: The Fisherman!

What Lei Shan saw was none other than an Exquisite Rank alumnus who died in an earlier battle. Apart from their eyes that were obviously off, the person looked completely authentic.

Moreover, after being detected, they immediately sprinted at Lei Shan, their hands glowing with the colors of their elemental energies being concentrated!

“Execution Bolt!”

When the alumnus was about to approach, Lei Shan attacked. A bucket-thick bolt made the target directly evaporate. Lei Shan’s eyes also turned red.

“No matter who you are, I shall make you die the worst death possible!!!!”

Using the body of the dead was a taboo for puppet masters!

Sitting cross-legged on the ground, Lei Shan quickly entered a state of complete oblivion. The next moment, his consciousness broke away from his body and started to search the dense forest at super speed.

This was ability gained in the fourth realm of the Grandmaster Rank – heaven wandering.

Only that Lei Shan’s heaven wandering was many times stronger than that of a Grandmaster Rank. If reaching the Exquisite Rank increased the time one could use heaven wandering, then reaching the Timeless Rank would make this period unlimited.

As long as his spirit was strong enough, Lei Shan could even let his consciousness spread throughout the entire Infinite Mountain Range!

“Splitting your spirit, huh…?”

Somewhere in the mountains, the mysterious figure who had never personally acted before was dragging the unconscious Ling Tianxia with one hand as he looked up and showed a knowing smile.

“I hope the Thunder Emperor will take my grand gift well.” As his smile deepened, the pressure of the mysterious man soared to the extreme, but it was only for a split second. After sending out a signal, he regained his calm.

On the contrary, because of his action, the Infinite Mountain Range could never be calm again.

Countless beings who were considered dead emerged from the ground. There were Shadow Death people, Starnet people, and even magical beasts. After they appeared, they instantly self-exploded!

This was a terrifying ‘feast’ as successive explosions upturned the whole area. Tremors that wouldn’t quell for a long time and endless rumbles plunged all lives into panic.

The only fortunate thing was that there were no more people still active in this area that previously hosted many battlefields, otherwise, this wave of self-detonations would be enough to massacre everyone!

However, the mystery man didn’t go to so much trouble in vain. Energy attacks did double the damage to one’s spirit during the heaven wandering state, and self-explosion was the detonation of one’s energy, therefore creating an energy attack. What’s more, Lei Shan had split his spirit into many, so the series of blows interrupted his heaven wandering state and made his spirit suffer great damage.

To be blunt, Lei Shan’s pursuit ended ahead of schedule, and it had ended without any result…

The huge earthworm soon carried the mysterious man and Ling Tianxia all the way out of the Infinite Mountain Range, where Starnet faded far out of sight.

“Deputy Master of the Main Branch.”

Right after the mysterious man stopped, a beautiful figure descended from the air and knelt on one knee in front of him.

“Where are the others?” Looking at Xue Ying, the mystery man frowned.

“A total of three branches were dispatched in this operation. Members of the Shrouded Fog branch were nearly annihilated during the ambush and Shrouded Fog was killed; members of the Dark Wolf branch and my Blood Shadow branch have fewer casualties. At present, they have set out in batches and are retreating to headquarters, but Branch Master Dark Wolf was killed in a fight with Bai Xiaofei… “

Xue Ying said it with a straight face as if it weren’t her companions that she was talking about at all.

“Dark Wolf was killed by Bai Xiaofei?! A cripple with broken meridians? If he really has that much fighting power, how did you escape?!” the mysterious man questioned as faint pressure from him weighed down upon Xue Ying.

However, aside from a soft groan, Xue Ying showed no panic.

“Bai Xiaofei suddenly soared to the peak of the Master Rank nearing the end of the fight and transformed into a monster. Physical attacks were completely ineffective on him, and his offensive ability was extremely strong. It didn’t take long for Dark Wolf to die.”

Xue Ying answered quietly. Her answer was basically what really happened.

“He was going to kill me, too, but just after two exchanges, he suddenly fell unconscious. I wanted to kill him, but the people from Starnet caught up. I was not sure that I could break through his defense, so I retreated.”

Xue Ying looked up at the mysterious man. There were no fluctuations in her eyes.

Staring at her for a long time, the man suddenly burst out laughing.

“I didn’t expect you to still be so perfect after so many years. It seems that my worries are unnecessary. Two branch masters died, huh? Then it is what it is. Our Shadow Death doesn’t lack personnel.”

The atmosphere relaxed, and the mystery man’s attention shifted from Xue Ying to Ling Tianxia, still being dragged.

Being slammed to the ground, Ling Tianxia whimpered. He then woke up from his coma and crawled up.

Although saved by the mysterious man, Ling Tianxia’s body was battered by Lei Shan’s thunder. It was simply an extravagant hope for him to use origin energy now, which was no different from Bai Xiaofei in his wasted state.

“Why didn’t you act sooner? If you did, they couldn’t have destroyed the Sealing God Formation!”

Ling Tianxia glared at the mysterious man. His aura that had developed after so many years in power was not for nothing. Earlier, he had only yielded to Lei Shan because he was being beaten, and a big part of the reason was that Lei Shan was his master. At heart, he didn’t resist the idea of showing his cowardice to Lei Shan, but that was no longer the case with the mysterious man.

The mysterious man watched Ling Tianxia criticize him for a long time without a word, and then couldn’t help but laugh.

“President Ling, I’m afraid that you have failed to understand the situation.”

The earthworm lowered its head. The mysterious man slowly stepped down and walked towards Ling Tianxia.

“There are three points that you haven’t figured out. Since I’m in a good mood, I will explain them to you one by one, so that you clearly know how you’ve lost.”

Looking at a stunned Ling Tianxia, the mysterious man began his speech.

“First of all, you were mistaken about our relationship. Shadow Death has never had the habit of working for others. You think you are using us, but in fact, the one being used has always been you.”

“Secondly, we are involved in this action not because we want to target Starnet. Starnet’s fall will do us no good. Moreover, even we can’t deal with that old man Lei Shan, so I never acted in the final stage. The reason why we are willing to pay so many lives and effort is to get you completely involved, because our goal has always been the Globe Merchant Group!”

“Finally, you may not be able to guess why I saved you.”

The mysterious man smiled, and there was greed in his eyes as he looked at Ling Tianxia.

“I could never have expected that you had reached the Legend Rank! A legendary golden corpse! That’s something I could never dream about!!!”

Laughing madly, the mysterious man pressed his hand on Ling Tianxia’s head, and a layer of golden liquid slowly wrapped around the struggling Ling Tianxia. Before long, Ling Tianxia became a golden cocoon.

“Congratulations to Deputy Master for gaining another advantage!” Xue Ying knelt on one knee.

In the surroundings echoed the mysterious man’s smug and rampant laughter…

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