Chapter 584: Ill-Fated!

Chapter 584: Ill-Fated!

The monster’s sharp claws easily ripped Xue Ying’s clothes. After realizing what the monster was going to do to her, Xue Ying struggled like crazy, but it was useless. The monster was too strong.

But when Xue Ying was ready to die to preserve her innocence, the monster suddenly stopped and then fell on her weakly.

The sudden turn shocked her, and this was only the starting point of her surprise. Under her intent gaze, the monster shrank until it turned into a half-naked Bai Xiaofei.

It’s really him…

Her heart set at ease, Xue Ying then anxiously checked Bai Xiaofei’s condition. What she got nearly made her jump in fright. It was no wonder that the monster had stopped just now. Not a single one of his meridians was fine. It was already difficult for him to hold out until he killed Dark Wolf. Moreover, if it weren’t for the pink energy that erupted and turned Bai Xiaofei into a monster, he wouldn’t have been able to kill Dark Wolf.

Unfortunately, this kind of power boost came at a price!

Seeing Bai Xiaofei whose eyes were bloodshot, without any semblance of sanity, filled with nothing but lust, and his powerless body that was still weakly struggling to get near Xue Ying, even a fool could tell what he was trying to do.

Xue Ying naturally understood this condition of his. Staring at Bai Xiaofei, she suddenly smiled.

“Little frenemy, maybe this is what I owe you.” Xue Ying raised a hand, and a familiar barrier appeared, isolating the two from the outside world.

Under the cover of the barrier, she slowly got closer to Bai Xiaofei as she stripped her already torn clothes little by little…

In his half-unconscious state, Bai Xiaofei felt as if he was soaked in a hot spring and nurtured to the bones by the warm water. At the same time, he clearly felt energy circulating in his body, which grew and finally firmly sent him into the Grandmaster Rank!

It was at that moment that he fell asleep.

“Bai Xiaofei!!!”


“Big Brother Bai!!!”


Shouts echoed in the forest. The students who waited for Bai Xiaofei for a long time had gradually become unable to sit still, and Chu Liuyun’s safe return was the last straw to break the camel’s back. They searched every bit of land along the direction that Bai Xiao had headed, even paying attention to every rat hole that they came across.

“Over here!”

Shi Kui’s loud voice gathered everyone over, and Bai Xiaofei lying there instantly became the focus of attention. At that moment, the only thing that covered him was a teacher’s cloak…

“Big Brother Bai!!!” The foolish Wu Chi instantly pounced over, even faster than Hu Xian’er. “Who is so immoral to rape and then kill you?! I, Wu Chi, swear to Heaven that I shall… “

The bawling Wu Chi couldn’t finish his words as Fang Ye had already rushed over and kicked him flying.

“No one will know you have a low IQ if you don’t talk!” Rolling his eyes at Wu Chi, Fang Ye then stepped aside to make way for the girls.

Their beautiful eyes filled with heartache, they crouched around Bai Xiaofei.

Aside from Wu Chi who was so emotional that he forgot to check Bai Xiaofei’s breath, no one else was that stupid. For the girls, it was already enough that Bai Xiaofei was alive.

“Luo Han, how is he?” Hu Xian’er softly asked after Luo Han finished checking his condition.

“There’s no problem, even his previously damaged meridians have been repaired. Not only so, but he also seems to have broken through to the Grandmaster Rank.” Even Luo Han felt it was a little unbelievable when she said this, but it was definitely real.

Doubt became the common reaction of everyone who heard this answer. Wasn’t he going to see the Shadow Death people? What kind of situation is this?

“Then it’s all good. Fang Ye, help him get dressed, we’re returning to the academy.” After Hu Xian’er regained her calm, she turned back into the usual aloof queen and a faint pressure quietly spread.

“Leave it to me.” Fang Ye nodded and told Shi Kui, Ming One, and Ming Two to stay and help.

“You don’t want to stay here and watch him get dressed, do you?” Hu Xian’er asked the girls who didn’t want to leave.

Hearing this, the girls realized that they weren’t the only ones here and quickly stood up, their faces beet red.

“Friends, no need to concern yourselves with worries. Xiaofei is in a good state now. On behalf of the Student Community, I would like to express my gratitude to you all. When Xiaofei wakes up, I’ll inform you right away,” Hu Xian’er said slowly and calmly.

This speech reminded everyone of something that they almost overlooked: besides her impressive strength, Hu Xian’er was also one of the three leaders of the Student Community!

As Bai Xiaofei was carried back to Starnet and settled, the matter on his side was now finished. However, it wasn’t going as smoothly for Lei Shan.

“Teacher, teacher! Please let me go! If you give me a chance to live, I’m willing to hand over the Globe Merchant Group!” Kneeling in front of Lei Shan, Ling Tianxia now showed none of his previous ambition and dominion. At this moment, he was like a lost dog.

“My heart was soft for you once, and countless people died for it. If I let you go again today, won’t I have to watch the fall of Starnet Academy in the future?!” With a furious roar, Lei Shan’s energy violently surged, and a thick lightning bolt struck down at a speed that was impossible for Ling Tianxia to hide from!

However, just as the bolt was about to hit its target, a golden light suddenly appeared and forcefully diverted its trajectory a little. Owing to this, Ling Tianxia was not killed on the spot. He was blown out by the blast, and after the smoke cleared, there was no sight of him.


Lei Shan’s perception was exceptionally strong. His consciousness could instantly travel anywhere in the vicinity of Starnet. However, this ability failed to let him find the culprit this time…

Because he detected too many presences!

“How… could this be?!”

After getting a glimpse of one of the many presences, horror reflected in his eyes.

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