Chapter 583: Origin Core at Full Force, Battling Dark Wolf!

Chapter 583: Origin Core at Full Force, Battling Dark Wolf!

Closely tailing Bai Xiaofei until he made sure that Xue Ying was far away, Dark Wolf revealed a cruel expression.

If he is your heart demon, then I’ll help you get rid of him!

The full power of a Grandmaster Rank exploded as Dark Wolf shot out like an arrow. His target was Bai Xiaofei, a seemingly disabled puppet master who had no strength to fight back.

Yet just as Dark Wolf’s hand was about to grab his neck, a powerful aura suddenly erupted from Bai Xiaofei. At the same time, he abruptly turned around and whipped his right leg at Dark Wolf’s waist.

Caught off guard, Dark Wolf ate a loss, but it didn’t cause much impact. Dark Wolf was the strongest among all Shadow Death branch masters in terms of physical tolerance, and this kind of minor injury was negligible.

“If you didn’t attack, you would still be able to live. But now, you can’t leave!” Coldly staring at Dark Wolf, Bai Xiaofei moved his body to adapt to the feeling of being filled with the origin core’s energy.

Fully activating his origin core directly advanced Bai Xiaofei to the peak of the Grandmaster Rank. Under normal circumstances, this would have little effect since the gap between a Grandmaster Rank and a Master Rank lay not in their amount of energy, but their overall understanding and experience. But as it happened, Dark Wolf was a Melee Stream, so having enough origin energy would be sufficient to fight him.

However, Bai Xiaofei had no intention to be one bit careless, not because he was afraid of Dark Wolf, but because he knew he couldn’t work his body for long. Not to mention his broken meridians, the pink energy flowing out from his origin core alone was impossible to be suppressed after a while.

Therefore, the instant Bai Xiaofei adapted, he sprinted at Dark Wolf without any hesitation!

Meanwhile, Dark Wolf was still dazed after being hit. How can this be?! Didn’t the intel say his body was collapsing?! What’s with that strength?!


A loud sound and pain from his chest summoned Dark Wolf’s wandering soul back to his body. At that moment, Bai Xiaofei’s fist was landing on his face!

Eating this punch, Dark Wolf’s nose burned with pain. The scent of blood mixed with bitterness surged to his brain and tears reflexively poured out, blurring his eyes.

When hitting someone’s face, it’s best to hit their nose because that will give you a good chance to continue hitting some more!

One punch after another fell as Bai Xiaofei didn’t have to aim for any weak point, every time he just stopped Dark Wolf’s counterattack in its infancy, which wasn’t difficult with his melee skills that had been trained by Xue Ying.

However, the longer he punched, the more he felt something was wrong. A normal person would have already been dead!

The last blow smashed Dark Wolf into the ground. Bai Xiaofei hurriedly backed out after realizing there was a problem. Less than two seconds after he retreated, Dark Wolf exploded!

Although Bai Xiaofei had retreated far away, the explosion still sent him flying. For some reason, he had the feeling that the intensity of this explosion was proportional to the number of punches he had just dealt.

“Good response, you actually avoided even this.”

From the shadows, Dark Wolf came out. Except for his nose that was still a little bloody, there was no other injury. In other words, Dark Wolf had been switched after Bai Xiaofei punched his nose! After that, Bai Xiaofei’s attacks were all charging the human-shaped bomb. This was Dark Wolf’s only non-combat puppet, but it had saved him plenty of times.

“I thought you would confront me like a man, but this is all you are, a coward,” Bai Xiaofei spat in contempt, but inside he was flustered.

He was soon unable to suppress the strange pink energy. At this rate, the outburst would happen sooner or later.

“Let’s hope you can still be so hard-mouthed after this!” With a sneer, Dark Wolf dashed towards Bai Xiaofei again. Unlike before, he was more cautious!

With a reluctant expression, Bai Xiaofei engaged with Dark Wolf in a true melee fight this time. Their melee abilities were impressively almost equal. Neither could gain the upper hand in a short time.

They also had another thing in common: the more they fought, the more shocked and apprehensive they grew.

Dark Wolf was horrified that Bai Xiaofei could recklessly fight him evenly with melee skills, and he feared that they would be discovered by Xue Ying or the Starnet people.

Bai Xiaofei was shocked that Dark Wolf was so resistant to beatings. His physical quality was at the level of a Grand Martial Master, and this coupled with the origin energy of a Grandmaster’s peak, one punch and one kick were enough to make a tough magical beast suffer. Yet, after fighting for so long, Dark Wolf still seemed to be going strong.

And Bai Xiaofei was also afraid of how this was being dragged out because he had begun to lose control over the pink energy…


“Where is your branch master?!” Xue Ying’s expression was ferocious as she jerked over an assassin under Dark Wolf.

“Replying… replying to Branch Master, this little one doesn’t know…”

The assassin hadn’t finished when Xue Ying had snapped his neck and looked at the next person. “Tell me where your branch master is! Or I will kill all of you and destroy your Dark Wolf Branch!”

Being glared at by Xue Ying, who didn’t look like she was joking at all, the named assassin was terrified.

“Master… he went… to chase after the man who came to see you…”

The moment the assassin finished, Xue Ying had bolted out without delay.

She naturally got all the intel that Dark Wolf had, so she knew about Bai Xiaofei’s condition. If Dark Wolf attacked, the possibility of Bai Xiaofei’s survival was really too low…

In her crazed rush, Xue Ying didn’t dare to imagine what would happen because the more she thought about it, the more scared she grew. Her only hope now was that the people in Starnet would come and save him quickly!

However, when Xue Ying arrived at the battle site, the scene shocked her silly.

A lifeless Dark Wolf was dragged in mid-air by a humanoid monster. His limbs hung limply like a broken doll. It seemed that all the bones in his body were broken.

The humanoid monster was covered with purple-gold fine scales, with a pair of meaty purple wings behind its back and two strange horns on its head.

When Xue Ying saw the monster, the monster also saw her. It threw Dark Wolf aside and shot toward her. Before she could react, the monster had already pressed her to the ground. The moment four eyes met, Xue Ying’s heart suddenly jolted!

This monster is not trying to kill me?!!

He’s Bai Xiaofei?!!!

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