Chapter 582: Farewell

Chapter 582: Farewell…

Bai Xiaofei made his way toward the direction specified in the note. Aside from his worry for Chu Liuyun, there was also agony in his heart.

The reason why he dared to go alone was that besides still having a last trump card, there was something else he had not told anyone – the identity of the person he was going to meet…

Although his heart was 99% sure who it was, Bai Xiaofei still deluded himself into holding onto a last bit of hope that he was wrong, and the Sealing God Formation arranged around Starnet square was only a coincidence.

Thinking this, Bai Xiaofei smiled wryly. That’s just too much to expect…

The moment he spaced out, there was suddenly movement in the quiet forest. Twenty Shadow Death assassins rushed out from all directions. However, they only surrounded him and did not seem to have any intention to attack.

“So you are Bai Xiaofei!” a gloomy voice rang out.

Looking in that direction, Bai Xiaofei saw a black-clad Dark Wolf. From the man’s face, Bai Xiaofei saw brimming murderous intent and also a hint of something interesting.

“I’ve heard that the assassins of the Shadow Death have no emotions, and you look like you have quite some status in your organization. So, was what I heard wrong, or does the top brass have privileges? Why can I see jealousy in your eyes? What are you jealous of?”

A series of questions came out from Bai Xiaofei’s mouth, stunning Dark Wolf.

“You fart!”

With a loud shout, Dark Wolf abruptly took a step forward, acting as if he was going to attack. But in the end, he suppressed the urge to.

“Now it’s anger. It seems this is all you Shadow Death assassins amount to. Even our first-year students can do better.” Bai Xiaofei snorted, his tone full of disdain.

“Seeking de…”

“Enough, cut the crap.”

Bai Xiaofei simply cut Dark Wolf off. He didn’t come here to practice eloquence. Although Dark Wolf was enraged, Bai Xiaofei could see that he wouldn’t make any moves unless the situation got to a certain condition, so it was useless no matter how hard he tried to irritate the guy.

“It’s not you who called me here. Tell her to come out. The matter between me and her must be clarified face to face!” Bai Xiaofei suddenly became serious.

However, he didn’t know that his words met the ‘certain condition’ he had just speculated.

“Clarified your fart! I’ll kill you, trash!” Dark Wolf furiously charged at Bai Xiaofei.

Bai Xiaofei narrowed his eyes, showing no sign of fear. He guided his consciousness to his abdomen and the golden core that was quietly laying there gradually grew active. However, before he made a counterattack, a beautiful figure descended from the sky in front of him and blocked Dark Wolf.

The impact upon their collision forced Bai Xiaofei back a step. At the same time, he stopped his origin core. Looking at the back of the person in front of him, his heart felt like it was pierced by a sharp blade. You still came anyway!

“Did you forget what I said?! Do not meddle in my affairs! Take your people and scram!” Xue Ying stared at Dark Wolf, the anger on her face was genuine.

Being told off, Dark Wolf couldn’t say anything back except tremble in anger. In the end, he shot Bai Xiaofei a ruthless glare and disappeared into the trees with his people.

“It’s been a while, Big Sister Xue,” Bai Xiaofei slowly uttered, his familiar voice but with an unfamiliar tone, pained both him and Xue Ying.

“I’m very sorry.” Slowly turning around, Xue Ying looked Bai Xiaofei in the eyes. Her eyes were red and her weak tone was no longer domineering.

“I must have heard you wrong, how could a mighty Shadow Death big shot say sorry to some stupid brat?” With a pained laugh, Bai Xiaofei’s tears started uncontrollably flowing, but his eyes that looked at Xue Ying were filled with true anger. At this moment, no one could understand the agony he was going through.

“Chu Liuyun is fine, I’ve already sent her back.” Looking at a crying and wrathful Bai Xiaofei with tears in her eyes, Xue Ying didn’t know what to do besides crying harder. She brought up Chu Liuyun, the reason that she had used to make him come.

“I knew you wouldn’t kill her, just as you spared the Savage Class.” Bai Xiaofei knew that Chu Liuyun was safe the moment he saw Xue Ying. Her real purpose was to get him here, and Chu Liuyun’s safety was the basis of their communication.

“You must have many questions to ask me,” said Xue Ying as her teardrops fell one after another. She wanted to tell him everything she had done so that he would hate her thoroughly!

What Xue Ying didn’t expect, however, was that Bai Xiaofei only smiled. This smile shocked her.

“Before I saw you, I had a lot of questions to ask, but after I saw you, those questions became meaningless.” His smile deepened. Bai Xiaofei then took a deep breath, and the tears that had just dried started flowing again. “Just go. No matter what you do, I can’t hate you, and I can’t forget you, but don’t let us meet ever again. That would be best for both of us.”

Finishing his words, Bai Xiaofei turned away and closed his eyes. As he repeatedly told himself that he must not turn back, Xue Ying suddenly advanced and hugged him tightly from behind.

“I won’t forget you either. I will remember your words, I will never bother you again. Thank you, thank you, thank you…” Her voice gradually turned into sniffles. At the end of it, she didn’t even know what she was talking about.

Being held tightly, Bai Xiaofei had so much he wanted to say, but he swallowed it all back.

He must not say anything. If he said anything now, it would only make them more miserable.

Moreover, so many people had died. This hatred was something Xue Ying could not escape from. Without her, there wouldn’t be the Sealing God Formation, and there wouldn’t be the endless slaughter that ensued. Bai Xiaofei could not overcome this hurdle yet.

Finally, Xue Ying slowly loosened her arms. Looking at Bai Xiaofei’s back as he stood there still, she slowly retreated into the thick forest.

Perhaps this farewell would be forever…

Feeling his back losing warmth, Bai Xiaofei wiped his tears for the last time and started to walk in the direction of Starnet.

However, a pair of eyes full of jealousy was firmly locked on him!

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