Chapter 580: Overlooked!

Chapter 580: Overlooked!

No one could have expected the situation to become like this. The entire field was stopped by the Silk of Ending War as the combined energy of everyone was fending off against that of Ling Tianxia. Before one party ran out of energy, no one could move.

A tearful Lei Shan watched. He didn’t look at all like the mighty Thunder Emperor that he usually was, but an old man in his twilight years.

“Will this last forever?” Although suffering the same sorrow, Xing Nan still cared more about when Bai Xiaofei’s group could get out of danger.

Unfortunately, no one could give him a definite answer.

“No, the old Revelation I know will never create an endless deadlock. He must have his reasons for doing this!” said Lei Min, her eyes red. While answering Xing Nan, she was also comforting herself.

What other variables are there? Now that Revelation was gone, the only thing they could do was wait for a miracle!

However, after a long wait, the Starnet party saw not hope, but despair…

The people of Shadow Death had come!

Bai Xiaofei’s group didn’t kill all of the enemies when they were destroying the matrix bases, but for some reason, those people hadn’t chased over right away but had left the battlefield to Ling Tianxia alone. When there was no longer any movement here, they appeared!

Barging into the battlefield, the Shadow Death assassins directly started a slaughter. There was no such thing as ‘mercy’ in their dictionary. They felt no shame in killing someone who could not resist. If necessary, they would kill even babies!

Watching one student after another fall, everyone’s face was filled with anguish and fury. Is this Revelation’s plan?!

At that time, despair filled the hearts of everyone, while Ling Tianxia sneered at Bai Xiaofei who was close by.

“It seems that the old guy miscalculated,” Ling Tianxia smugly commented before shouting to the Shadow Death assassins, “Prioritize the strong ones!!”

Hearing his reminder, the assassins started to kill selectively, and a small squad leader dashed straight towards Bai Xiaofei.

“Goodbye, Classmate Bai!” Ling Tianxia declared as the assassin raised the dagger in his hand. But at that moment, a glint pierced the assassin’s head!

“My Starnet comrades, to their rescue!!!”

Appearing before Wu Chi in a flicker, Su Yu swung his sword and cut down an assassin. He raised his other hand and a water arrow blasted out, piercing the head of another.

At the same time, a group of Starnet students rushed out from the trees and turned the tide. Besides Su Yu, the former president of the Student Union, there were many ‘old rivals’ of Bai Xiaofei ––

He Meng, who had once gone to Bai Xiaofei’s dorm room to bully him, teleported behind the small squad leader assassin and pulled out the sharp dagger from his head, drawing out a string of blood with it;

Wang Mu, who had criticized Bai Xiaofei for claiming the Earth Dire Bear claws then was beaten and robbed all of his Starnet Stones by Bai Xiaofei, was shouting school slogans with his band of brothers as they cut down one assassin after another;

Shen Tiankuo of the Ethereal Pavilion, who didn’t regard Bai Xiaofei’s combat power highly before, entered his transformation and slapped an opponent, getting blood plastered all over him in the blink of an eye;

Zhu Guang, the senior of Sword of Assault who had challenged Bai Xiaofei right after he had acquired the Spiritualization Art, merged with his sword and became a grim reaper incarnate…

Familiar and unfamiliar faces became closest at this moment, for nothing else but because they all shared a common label – Students of Starnet!

Not all team leaders were Exquisite Ranks. After the fog appeared and assassinations broke out, the teams whose overall strength were weaker made a different choice from Bai Xiaofei’s group.

They had also realized that there was something wrong with the fog, and their plan was to escape from its scope. In other words, they exited the range of activity designated for the grand celebration event. Although that might have led to contact with unexpected magical beasts, the risk was obviously still smaller than staying within the fog.

A lot of people had made that choice, which was why Bai Xiaofei had gone over the whole activity area without finding too many people. Not everyone was killed. Shadow Death and Kuang Ta didn’t have that kind of capability yet!

After the people who escaped the activity area gradually gathered outside, Su Yu, the former president of the Student Union, naturally shouldered the responsibility of leading.

After Shrouded Fog was killed and the fog cleared, they realized that the situation had changed and raced back to the academy, but due to the road being littered with magical beasts, they had been delayed until now.

Although a little late, they arrived at the most critical moment!

In less than five minutes, all Shadow Death assassins were dead. Carrying his sword, Su Yu strode toward Bai Xiaofei.

“Sorry, I came back late.”

Just a few words gave rise to mixed feelings in Bai Xiaofei’s heart.

“Cut the crap and kill him!!!”

Bai Xiaofei’s reply stunned Su Yu. Although he didn’t understand the situation, he still looked at Ling Tianxia, who was still fixed in one spot.

“Kill me?! Hahaha, you may try!! If I die, my puppet will blow itself up, and then you will all be buried with me!!!” Ling Tianxia screamed like a mad man.

Su Yu slightly frowned at this.

“Su Yu! Destroy the matrix base!!” As Su Yu was still trying to figure out the situation, Sima Ye shouted from inside the Sealing God Formation.

Hearing this, Ling Tianxia’s expression froze.

“So you do have fear! Senior, go and destroy it so that they can come out!” Bai Xiaofei simply explained.

Su Yu’s eyes lit up. Without a word, he dragged his sword and rushed towards the matrix base.

“Be careful! There is a shield on the matrix base, it will counter all attacks!” Chu Qingtian immediately warned as Su Yu approached the target.

After an assent to indicate that he understood, Su Yu started attacking. No matter how strong the shield was, there was always a limit. Without continuous enhancement from Ling Tianxia, this shield would become a joke as soon as its energy was exhausted.

Su Yu’s brow creased after several attempts, and then he called the rest of the group over… After being attacked for nearly ten minutes, the final matrix base crumbled with a loud rumble.

Gazing at the light barrier of the Sealing God Formation as it slowly faded, Lei Shan trembled with raging emotions, and thunderclouds instantly covered the whole Starnet!


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