Chapter 579: Revelation, Revelation!

Chapter 579: Revelation, Revelation!

“Aiii, it’s already the 18th generation. Don’t tell me that smelly boy has to fail this ordeal…”

Sitting on the futon, a pale Revelation gave a long sigh. At that time, there were soft footsteps outside the door.

“The 18th generation disciple, Heartseer, seeks an audience with Master!” a loud voice rang out.

Revelation hurriedly fixed his expression.

“Come in.”

With his calm reply, the antique door was slowly pushed open. A blue-clad Heartseer came in with his head down, slowly kneeling on the ground.

“18th generation disciple, Heartseer, greets Master.”

Looking at Heartseer who was only Master Rank, Revelation inwardly sighed again. This is your last hope, I hope you make good use of it, brat!

“Get up, there are only two of us here, you know I don’t care about these formalities,” Revelation said slowly.

Heartseer looked up, but he still didn’t look directly at Revelation, and his trembling body showed how nervous he was at the moment.

“Do you know why I’ve called you here?” Revelation tried to appear as solemn as he could while intently watching Heartseer with a hint of examination.

“This disciple doesn’t know, but I do know that Master must have something important and needs a suitable person for the job,” Heartseer anxiously answered.

Revelation’s eyes instantly shone.

“Oh? And what makes you think so?”

Sometimes, a person’s prosperity stemmed entirely from their interest, and what created this interest was what one had to do.

“From yesterday to now, Master has summoned disciples from the 2nd generation to the 17th generation but didn’t see a single one in person. The former shows that Master has a task for them, and the latter shows that Master needs someone suitable.”

Slowly explaining his deduction, Heartseer successfully heightened Revelation’s interest.

“What have you been doing before this?” A fire of hope sparked in his heart, as Revelation’s eyes shone brighter.

“Replying to Master, this disciple is a housekeeper, mainly responsible for the daily maintenance of Sky Cave Pavilion.”

Daily maintenance, to put it bluntly, was cleaning. Only that this place was quite special. All those who wanted to meet Revelation in his Pearl Pavilion had to pass by the Sky Cave Pavilion.

“A housekeeping disciple can notice so much, while our other disciples are a group of fools. It seems that my Revelation Pavilion has quite a problem!” commented Revelation with a hint of displeasure, but it was not aimed at Heartseer. “Look up and look at me.”

The attention was back on Heartseer as Revelation made an order that shook him. He slowly looked up. The moment their eyes met, Revelation was stunned.

Ambition! Full of ambition!

This was the only thing that Revelation saw in Heartseer’s eyes!

“Are you unwilling to be a housekeeping student?”

Revelation accurately hit his sore spot. No one wanted to be a housekeeping disciple without any future, but who would dare to say this? Anyone who dared displayed this thought would all be suppressed to the lowest level possible.

“Yes! This disciple came to the Revelation Pavilion for the word ‘Revelation,’ but up until now, the only thing I have learned is the simplest method of calculating someone’s position. I’m unwilling to have to only learn this for the rest of my life!”

Staring straight at Revelation, Heartseer completely let go of his previous anxiety. All that was displayed was a resolution to risk everything he had!

“Do you know what it means to say these words, and what that will get you?!” Revelation’s voice instantly turned cold, but it didn’t scare Heartseer.

“This is the only time I have been this close to Master. The disciple will not regret any words I have said here!”

The room was silent for a long while after Heartseer finished his words. Silent as he was, Revelation’s eyes never left Heartseer for a second, and during this time, Heartseer’s expression didn’t change one bit.

“Hahaha! Very well!! No regret, huh? Very well!!!” Revelation burst out laughing as he stroked his beard. After having a good laugh, his expression was suddenly serious. “Then, let me ask you another question. What if this opportunity you want may require your life?”

“I have taken the oath of entering the Revelation Pavilion to fight with Heaven and live without longevity; life is impermanent, those who cherish life avoid touching Heaven’s mysteries, those who dare to touch Heaven’s mysteries leave their lives to fate!” Heartseer resoundingly stressed every word.

“Very good! Then it’s you! Step forward!”

A long time later, Heartseer left Revelation’s room in a completely different state from the cautious him when he had entered. Anyone who saw Heartseer at that time would only think: spirited and full of fortitude!


Appearing to block in front of Bai Xiaofei at this moment, Heartseer had forgotten everything, even his initial mission. He just had a feeling that he must step up at this time, that it was better for him to die than Bai Xiaofei!

Ling Tianxia’s palm landed on Heartseer, but no fear of death could be seen from his expression. He even revealed a smile.

Yet, just as everyone thought he was going to die, a dazzling colorful light shot up into the sky. Ling Tianxia’s palm on Heartseer’s chest just stopped there, seemingly dealing no effect. And this unexpected scene struck dumb everyone, even Heartseer.

What the hell is this?!

“Ling Tianxia, oh Ling Tianxia, this old man advised you once, but what a pity, you seem to have forgotten.”

A voice that Bai Xiaofei was familiar with echoed. He looked up to see an illusion of the old man in mid-air, only that his serious expression really made him a little uncomfortable.

“Stop, or today will be the day of your death,” Revelation said in a tone full of pity and shook his head, but what he got in return was a cold snort of disdain.

“Old geezer, after so long, you still like to act all mysterious. You can’t even beat me if you come here in person, let alone with an illusion!”

While speaking, Ling Tianxia’s Legend Rank power exploded. He forcefully broke free from the shackles of the colorful light and quickly retreated.

At the end of the day, he still harbored apprehension for Revelation.

“Obsessed you are. Hurting people and hurting yourself, aii!”

With a sigh, Revelation’s illusion dispersed. Seeing this, Ling Tianxia’s face was full of disdain and he once again gathered his energy.

“I actually want to see how I’m hurting myself!”

With a roar, Ling Tianxia once again rushed at Heartseer. However, the dissipating colorful light suddenly split into threads that shot at the people present. The moment the threads touched, everyone turned rigid before completely losing control of their own body, but their origin energy within started surging like crazy.

The next second, the energy threads connecting them also included Ling Tianxia, making him stop mid-sprint!

The Silk of Ending War: equal among all beings and gods, had inexhaustible energy, and stopped all movement!

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