Chapter 578: Defeated; Lin Li’s Death?

Chapter 578: Defeated; Lin Li’s Death?

“Thousand Star Shield!”

“Clay Idol!”

The instant Ling Tianxia attacked, Lin Li fully unleashed her force and appeared in front of Bai Xiaofei in a flicker. Thousands of stars poured out, forming a bright barrier shielding her and Bai Xiaofei. Tai Shan became the protector of the rest. The clay giant he conjured took the majority of the impact.

However, the gap between the two of them and Ling Tianxia was too huge. The deadly sound wave instantly destroyed their defenses. Bearing the brunt, Lin Li and Bai Xiaofei flew out like kites with a broken string while Tai Shan collapsed to the ground, bleeding from all orifices, his condition unknown.


Fang Ye shouted as he pulled the trigger. At the same time, all the ranged puppet masters in the periphery launched their strongest attacks. A round of dense bullets shot at Ling Tianxia from all directions!

Unfortunately, every single attack stopped a meter away around Ling Tianxia. The invisible shield vibrated slightly, and all of them went up in smoke.

“Sound of Death!” Ling Tianxia once again used this deadly skill, but this time the targets weren’t even Exquisite Rank puppet masters!

One heart after another exploded. Ninety percent of the puppet masters who had fired at him were insta-killed. Fang Ye only survived because Xu Chen, who was next to him, activated his Starnet Brilliance.

“Pull!” Wu Chi grasped this gap and launched his bracers’ skill without hesitation, blocking Ling Tianxia before he could reach Bai Xiaofei!

“Reckless fool!” Looking at Wu Chi, Ling Tianxia revealed a hint of anger. His right hand that was covered in layers of fluctuations, smashed toward Wu Chi’s head.

“Starnet Brilliance!”

A golden shield appeared in response. Wu Chi hadn’t used it as he had been relying on Blood Demon, but now he didn’t dare to be one bit careless.

“Blood Spike!!!” Wu Chi had no plans to waste the few seconds of Starnet Brilliance. His blood armor rippled and a sharp spike appeared on his right hand. The spike spun as it thrust at Ling Tianxia’s chest.

The blood spike that contained Wu Chi’s full strength collided with Ling Tianxia’s invisible shield. After a full two-second-stalemate, the spike slowly penetrated into the shield! Blood Demon once again demonstrated its power!

“F*ck off!!!” The invisible shield exploded. The terrifying shockwave it created sent Wu Chi flying with the translucent golden shield still covering him.

“Floating Blade!!!”

The second Ling Tianxia’s shield disappeared, Mo Ka’s blade descended from the sky filled with boundless power!

Impeccable attack cohesion, but sadly, Ling Tianxia was still able to react. Under everyone’s collective gaze of disbelief, he grasped the blade with his bare hand, and with a slight vibration, the Floating Blade was wrecked!

A puppet was connected to its puppet master, therefore, if it was destroyed, it would greatly affect its owner. Under normal circumstances, one would not be far from death if their puppet was abruptly destroyed.

At that critical juncture, Mo Ka hurriedly recalled the Floating Blade. However, Ling Tianxia had already dealt damage within that short period. Mo Ka spat out a mouthful of blood and nearly passed out.

Now Mo Ka finally understood why Bai Xiaofei said that he would only take the Savage Class out on missions when they reached the Master Rank. If Mo Ka didn’t have the ability to recall his puppet, he would be disabled if not dead…

Successive attacks successfully won enough time for Lin Li. When Ling Tianxia turned to them, Lin Li had fled to one side with Bai Xiaofei. However, their condition was pessimistic.

Ling Tianxia once again rushed towards them!

“Fei, I may not be able to protect you anymore. Promise me you will live!”

As Bai Xiaofei prepared to forcibly mobilize the energy in his origin core, Lin Li suddenly stopped him and threw him aside.

The next second, a faint golden glow rose from Lin Li, and her gorgeous Divine Phoenix Feather Dress started shining gold!

“Violetgold puppet?! Forceful puppet upgrade?!” Ling Tianxia couldn’t help but exclaim. The Divine Phoenix Feather Dress was so famous that even he was shocked.

However, he soon adjusted.

“Even if your mother is present, I wouldn’t be afraid of her, let alone you, little girl. Since you want to die so badly, I will lend you a hand!!” Ling Tianxia roared in fury and shot at Lin Li with his full power.

“Divine Phoenix, Hail From A Hundred Birds!” Lin Li also shouted in anger as she used an ability that she had not yet fully mastered. Previously, she ended in a coma for three days after forcefully practicing this skill. But right now she couldn’t care less.

Thousand Star helped improve her shortcomings. After the skill completed, a colorful light lit up the entire area. The next second, all existing element particles around Lin Li became active, forming colorful birds as they floated around her.

When Ling Tianxia finally approached Lin Li, those hundreds of birds around her went forth to meet him…

“Destroy the base!!!!”

Bai Xiaofei yelled out at the top of his lungs, his eyes becoming bloodshot as they were glued on the battle between Lin Li and Ling Tianxia. The energy left in his body by Lin Li was stopping him from doing anything, otherwise, he would definitely have rushed out.

With his reminder, everyone who could still move rushed to the matrix base and used their strongest attacks.

However, just when they thought that the matrix base would be destroyed, a shield similar to the one that Ling Tianxia used appeared and dissolved all their attacks into pure energy!

Obviously, this shield was far stronger than the previous one used by Ling Tianxia!

“Hurry up!!!!” Tears mixed with snot flowed uncontrollably as Bai Xiaofei watched Lin Li gradually losing, his heart feeling like it was breaking.

However, things could turn out undesirable sometimes. Until the moment the colorful lights on Lin Li dimmed, they still hadn’t been able to get through the shield around the matrix base…

Amidst rumbles, Lin Li was struck heavily and sent flying, crashing right before Bai Xiaofei. At that moment, her energy that prevented him from moving was dissolved. Tumbling towards her, he gathered her in his arms.

“Lin Li!! Lin Li!!! Wake up!!!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll let you two reunite now!”

As Bai Xiaofei was roaring, Ling Tianxia had rushed over, the vibration on his right hand looked like it was able to shatter even space.

“Senior Grand Master!”

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