Chapter 577: Meeting again; Conversation with Ling Tianxia!

Chapter 577: Meeting again; Conversation with Ling Tianxia!

“Go, main entrance!” Looking at the second matrix base crumbling amidst fireworks, Bai Xiaofei grew serious. The real battle was up ahead!

I hope it’s not too late!

When Bai Xiaofei’s squad was heading to the main entrance, the rest had also finished their fight and met up along the way. Little did they know that the battle at the entrance was also reaching its conclusion.

“How very pitiful. Who would have thought that our famous General Lan would have this moment?”

Watching as Lan He consumed the last of his vitality, Ling Tianxia sneered. The rest of the Exquisite Rank puppet masters had become dead bodies on the ground. Ling Tianxia didn’t even give them a chance to self-detonate.

“Goodbye, General Lan!”

Origin energy surged into a simple sonic attack that shot at Lan He. But right at that moment, time seemed to slow. Hu Xian’er rushed in to pull Lan He away. However, just when they were about to escape the attack, Ling Tianxia moved!

Right after, the sound wave hit Hu Xian’er on the back, breaking her Permanence. Hu Xian’er, as well as Lan He, were both thrown off.

“So it’s you. My merchant group happens to lack a grand-finale auction item, it seems that this problem has now been solved.”

The sudden appearance of Hu Xian’er did not surprise Ling Tianxia and instead seemed to make him even more proud. During his small talk, Ling Tianxia once again gathered his energy. However, this time he was not aiming at Hu Xian’er and Lan He, who had basically lost their ability to fight. He attacked the seemingly empty surroundings!

A deadly sound wave spread out and the surrounding scenery shattered like a mirror. Wu Chi and the others who were approaching were collectively sent flying and all spat out blood.

Not only Wu Chi’s group but also Wang Hang and Xiang Tao who were nearing the matrix base were blown backward by this attack. The hope of victory that was right around the corner was dashed in that instant.

“You lot are so naive. How can such a low-level illusion work on me? There’s too big a gap between us,” said Ling Tianxia aloofly as he scanned the group of people who had suddenly appeared, not taking any of them seriously at all.

In fact, his power allowed him to disregard them.

After Sima Ye managed to slip past him earlier, Ling Tianxia had become much more careful. When he was in this state, there was nothing Bai Xiaofei’s group could do to him!

“You’re not going to come out? If you don’t come out, your friends will be in big trouble.” A corner of his mouth slightly upturning, Ling Tianxia’s voice loudly echoed with murderous intent.

“I didn’t know President Ling has such a deep impression of me. You truly humble me.” Breaking away from Lin Li’s hand, Bai Xiaofei slowly appeared with a smile.

“I have to say that you have done a good job, holding up until now with a hand of bad cards. You are worthy of the old man’s high expectations.” Ling Tianxia ignored Bai Xiaofei’s cynicism. He had no habit of letting himself be dominated.

“How can I compare with you, President Ling? Taking such a long time to implement such a massive plan and having deceived so many people, even involving Shadow Death and the magical beasts of the Infinite Mountain Range, you are the one with the most laudable efforts!”

Bai Xiaofei casually chatted with Ling Tianxia. Except for him, everyone looked at Ling Tianxia nervously. Lin Li’s focus was at its limit as Bai Xiaofei currently had no life-saving means left. Once Ling Tianxia made any strange moves, she would be his last guarantee.

“Unfortunately you don’t belong to my side, and you are not the kind of person who can be persuaded. I am really a little reluctant to have to kill a genius like you,” Ling Tianxia said lightly as if it was not someone’s life and death that he was talking about.

“You never even tried, so how do you know that I can’t be persuaded? In fact, I have yearnings for the Globe Merchant Group.” Bai Xiaofei laughed. His expression was as natural as if he wasn’t talking to someone who could take his life at any time.

“Oh? Stalling?” Ling Tianxia smiled.

Everyone gulped. Do we start fighting now?

“But since you have said it, I might as well try. So, how about joining the Globe Merchant Group? I can directly make you an executive.” Gazing at Bai Xiaofei, Ling Tianxia’s eyes flashed with strange brilliance.

The sudden turn stunned everyone. Only Bai Xiaofei seemed to have anticipated this reaction.

“Alright, but I have one condition.” he looked back at Ling Tianxia in a similar manner.

Ling Tianxia revealed a pondering expression before bursting into laughter. “What a coincidence, I also have a condition.”

“You go first, future boss. However, I am very lazy and can’t do anything too troublesome, so your condition had better be simple.”

Their conversation kept trailing off, making the audience increasingly nervous. Is Bai Xiaofei serious?!

It wasn’t that they didn’t trust Bai Xiaofei. But as far as the present situation is concerned, they saw no chance of winning. Therefore, it was not impossible that he would choose to live and save some people.

“Don’t worry, it is very simple. You just have to kill Lan He!” Ling Tianxia pointed at Lan He, whose life was barely hanging by a thread. Although he was now a cripple and might even never be able to cultivate origin energy again for the rest of his life, his influence still remained. So long as he left alive, Ling Tianxia’s plan would definitely fall through.

Therefore, everyone else could live, but Lan He couldn’t!

“What a coincidence, my condition is kind of similar. As long as you let everyone here go, I will join your Globe Merchant Group.”

Bai Xiaofei’s condition was within Ling Tianxia’s expectations. It was also at this moment that his expression suddenly changed.

“You should know why I want him dead!” His cold voice was laced with a hint of murderous intent as a powerful pressure came crashing upon Bai Xiaofei.

Forcing back the blood that rushed to his throat, Bai Xiaofei solemnly looked at Ling Tianxia.

“What if I can guarantee that he will never mess up your plan?”

This time, everyone was truly dumbstruck. Bai Xiaofei was really serious! Someone wanted to interrupt him, but in the end, they couldn’t muster the courage to speak. Until the very last moment, no one knew what would happen…

“But I only believe in the dead!”

Ling Tianxia’s aura grew stronger and stronger and all of it was directed at Bai Xiaofei. Under this pressure, Bai Xiaofei dropped down on one knee, but he still held his head up.

“In that case, there’s no need to talk any further!”

He might not have the capability, but he must not forsake his backbone. There were certain things that one could never give up!

“Is that so? What a pity!”

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