Chapter 576: Breaking the Matrix, Racing against Time!

Chapter 576: Breaking the Matrix, Racing against Time!

“Dragon’s Tail!” Zhao Ziyun’s signature move reappeared, but it was not Hu Xian’er that he was fighting this time. This surprise attack was used as a sure-kill against assassins!

“I found the matrix!” Fang Yuesheng rushed to the front of the chaotic field to shout at the top of his lungs, but he was blocked by four Shadow Death assassins.

At that critical moment, Zhao Ziyun’s long spear instantly transformed back to its puppet gun mode, accumulating energy as its muzzle pointed at the position indicated by Fang Yuesheng.

Zhao Ziyun’s action did not escape the enemy’s notice. Seven or eight of them immediately shouted, “Stop him!!!”

“Mud Swamp!” His palms pressed on the ground, Tai Shan covered himself in a layer of earth armor and took on an opponent’s blow, successfully helping Zhao Ziyun win time to attack!

An energy beam shot out. With a loud rumble, the fragile matrix burst like an explosive barrel being detonated. The energy that was supplying the Sealing God Formation ruptured in an instant, overturning everything around it!

When the smoke cleared, Zhao Ziyun and the others were delighted. It worked!

“Quickly secure our victory here and head to the next point!” Zhao Ziyun shouted as he dashed towards Tai Shan. His gun puppet that had resumed its spear form swept away an assassin attacking Tai Shan.

Their morale had climbed to a peak!


“Wu Chi, just rush forward!”

On another battlefield, Yun Jingshuang shouted and attracted most of the attention to him. After hearing his words, they shifted their gaze to Wu Chi, who was chaotically killing left and right. At that point, Wu Chi was less than 50 meters away from the matrix base that Yun Jingshuang had detected!

“Stop him!” yelled a Shadow Death squad captain while rushing towards Wu Chi.

“Chen Hui, joint attack!” Yun Jingshuang shouted again.

Chen Hui quickly shook off his opponent and launched his Snowfreeze Pearl.

“Icefrost World!”

Under the joint efforts of Chen Hui and Yun Jingshuang, a cold breath rapidly spread. Except for the area under Wu Chi, a thick layer of ice appeared and disrupted the rhythm of the whole battle. In addition, countless ice spikes rose and forced back the enemies on Wu Chi’s path and actively dissipated just before he ran past.

50 meters was not a long distance. If Wu Chi couldn’t seize such a good opportunity, he might as well just kill himself.


With a loud crack, Wu Chi emerged from the smoke with soot all over his body. There were absolutely very few people who dared to directly attack a matrix base of the Sealing God Formation as he had just done.

“Retreat! Mo Ka, give them a good one!” shouted Yun Jingshuang the instant success was confirmed.

With Mo Ka’s Floating Blade falling down from the sky, a violent explosion ensued, and the group escaped the encirclement of Shadow Death assassins.


On the third battlefield, Hu Xian’er shuttled around like a ghost. Unlike the other two sides that took priority on destroying the matrix points while minimizing casualties, her group was set on both killing and destroying together! Since their opponents would pursue them anyway, might as well kill them now. After all, it wouldn’t take her any more time.

With the help of Rui Mengqi’s cycle support skill, there was no difference between Hu Xian’er and a grim reaper. The students following her could only sweep and clear the field as they never had any chance to attack.

It was also at that moment that they understood why Bai Xiaofei divided so few people into this team. Because there was no need at all for more. Hu Xian’er alone could handle all kinds of situations.

The matrix base crumbled at Hu Xian’er’s hands without suspense. Leading the group of astonished students, she marched to the next massacre.


“Protect yourselves. We only need to break the matrix base, don’t get caught in the fighting.” Cutting down a sneaking assassin, Duan Tianya seriously reminded his team members while recovering rapidly with his Sacred Brilliant Physique.

Meanwhile, Yun Sheng created a small battlefield of his own, where he only focused on playing his flute. Any enemy who neared him either became foolish or had their actions greatly slowed and then killed by the students guarding him.

Because their personnel was limited, Bai Xiaofei had grouped them into a steady-typed team. So long as they destroyed this matrix base, they would be considered to have successfully completed the task.

And now, they were just a little away from accomplishing it.


“All done, Boss!”

Sweeping away an assassin with his tail, Xing fawningly approached Bai Xiaofei but was stopped by the latter five meters away.

“Maintain your distance! Clean the battlefield, we’re going to the next point!” After sending Xing away, Bai Xiaofei couldn’t help a sigh of relief. He never wanted to try Xing’s breath a second time. Both are snakes and they stay together every day, but why does Hong smell so much better?

“What are you worried about?” next to Bai Xiaofei, Lin Li asked softly.

“I keep having this feeling that something bad will happen at the main entrance. The more I drag on, the stronger this feeling gets.” Bai Xiaofei frowned. Although he had only seen Ling Tianxia once, the guy left a deep impression on him.

“In a while, Xing and Hong will protect you. I’ll attack!” Lin Li gazed at Bai Xiaofei seriously and stubbornly.

“Alright, you have to be careful,” Bai Xiaofei agreed. It would be certainly much faster with Lin Li as Xing and Hong weren’t suited for this kind of melee combat.

Moreover, Bai Xiaofei still had another concern besides Ling Tianxia.

Ever since he led the group out of the Infinite Mountain Range, Shadow Death had not organized any attacks that were close to decent. Even the people guarding the matrix bases did not exceed the Grandmaster Rank. This was simply eerie. Bai Xiaofei refused to believe that they didn’t send any Exquisite experts.

They are around but aren’t attacking. What are they planning?

His question was destined to get no answer for the time being.


“Attack the illusions, remember to protect the triplets!” Xiang Tao moved around on the last battlefield while organizing the others to attack.

Meanwhile, Wang Hang’s job was very simple. He only had to kill!

Looking around the entire field, Wang Hang and Xiang Tao were definitely the ones with the most sense of accomplishment, killing Shadow Death assassins as Assassin Stream puppet masters. This feeling was like an unknown chef from the wild who cooked better than the leading chef of a Michelin restaurant.

Therefore, although it was a little slow, the two of them took their time to kill everyone along the tough road to the matrix base. The rest of the team could only cooperate with them. After all, their dual record was almost comparable to that of all the rest combined.

Before long, they also approached the target, having left only dead bodies in their path…

The battle had just begun!

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