Chapter 575: The Play Unfolds, Ling Tianxia’s Strength!

Chapter 575: The Play Unfolds, Ling Tianxia’s Strength!

Until the end, Bai Xiaofei never revealed who the mole was; his only answer was that he would handle this matter. However, he still successfully persuaded everyone with this reason. Per his arrangements, the group was divided into teams that snuck towards the square from different directions.

“Finally here, huh?” The corners of his mouth curved into a smile as Ling Tianxia slowly stood up from his chair. “If I kill you all, the continent will be in pandemonium.”

Indeed, this was Ling Tianxia’s ultimate goal: Throwing the whole continent into chaos!

The ways of business he had told Bai Xiaofei about were not groundless but were actually practiced everywhere in the Globe Merchant Group. The only difference was that all these methods were put forward by him, Ling Tianxia!

Including the extremely radical method that would be spurned by the whole world!

And this whole plan was the result of that idea. The first was to net all of the elites of the continent using Starnet’s grand celebration, then he would add fuel to the fire, and wars among the great empires would be the settled result. At that time, the Globe Merchant Group would be able to make a fortune exploiting wars as the manipulator behind the scenes and further consolidate its position as a major business. It would even be possible to surpass the Amethyst Merchant House!

Of course, the premise for it all was that he killed everyone outside. That would allow him to handle the consequences with ease even if Lei Shan publicly condemned him. On the contrary, if many forces came forth against him together, both he and his Globe Merchant Group would be in serious trouble.

This was why Ling Tianxia never had any intention to retreat. Whether it was Shadow Death or magical beasts of the Infinite Mountain Range, they were but helpers of his grand plan. The real star of the show had always been himself!

As for what Shadow Death would think of him, Ling Tianxia didn’t care. As far as he was concerned, Shadow Death was merely a group of clowns who didn’t have the guts to reveal themselves in public; in other words, a bunch of unrefined barbarians. At least as long as he was here, the people of Shadow Death could never stir a wave that could affect the Globe Merchant Group!

Therefore, Ling Tianxia dared risk becoming a public enemy to cooperate with them.

“Show yourselves. You can’t hide in front of me,” said Ling Tianxia indifferently, his hand balling into a fist.

However, there was no movement in the surroundings.

“How boring. You’re just forcing me to ‘invite’ you out!”

As soon as his words sounded, an invisible wave spread out from Ling Tianxia. Moments later, the trees and boulders in a distance suddenly burst, and over a dozen people jumped out!

“Ling Tianxia, you are pushing the Globe Merchant Group to the opposite side of the whole continent!” Lan He looked intently at Ling Tianxia, his voice deep and full of anger.

“What’s the point of your nonsense? As long as you lot die here, the Globe Merchant Group will still be the previous Globe Merchant Group!” said Ling Tianxia, who rushed straight toward Lan He, completely ignoring the other nine Exquisite Rank and many Grandmaster Rank puppet masters!

“Seeking death!” Lan He snorted and stepped forward to take Ling Tianxia head-on.

At the same time, two Exquisite experts of the Ranged Stream launched attacks to back Lan He up. The rest took this opportunity to split up and rushed toward the square behind Ling Tianxia.

To not be caught deep in the fight, to give priority to breaking the formation. Bai Xiaofei’s plan was fully implemented.

However, just when they felt that success was around the corner, reality gave them a severe slap in the face.

“Sound Barrier!” While rushing, Ling Tianxia snapped his fingers. An invisible barrier instantly blocked the group of people who were running for the square, and at the same time blocked the ranged attacks against him.

Everyone’s heart jumped as they skidded to a halt. The Grandmaster Ranks were half a beat slow and ended up ramming into the barrier. However, these Grandmaster Ranks puppet masters weren’t given their ranks for nothing. Although there was no time to avoid it, they activated all kinds of protective measures before coming into contact with the sound barrier.

When the different types of energy collided, horror instantly took over the faces of the Grandmaster Ranks – the sound barrier was also offensive!

Knowing this was very bad, they hurriedly retreated. However, it was too late.

“Explode!” Ling Tianxia lightly uttered a word, and the barrier started to vibrate like crazy.

The retreating Grandmaster Rank puppet masters spat out blood before collectively collapsing. However, before they fell on the ground, the barrier completely burst and the explosion swallowed them up. Clouds of blood bloomed as all of the Grandmaster puppet masters were insta-killed!

By this point, Ling Tianxia and Lan He had collided. Two fists carrying boundless ferocity met. Ling Tianxia’s expression didn’t change one bit while Lan He’s bandaged right hand burst apart, along with the muscles and bones of his whole arm!

“Leader Lan!!!”

Seeing Lan He taking a serious injury, the rest hurried back to help. Colorful attacks from all angles rained down on Ling Tianxia, the power of them combined far exceeding that of an Astronomical Level grand skill!

However, all this still couldn’t create a tiny change in Ling Tianxia’s expression.

“Sound of Death!” When these words came from Ling Tianxia’s mouth in a deep voice, everyone’s heart stopped for a second and their attacks were interrupted. The backlash from being forced to stop in the middle of launching a skill made them fall to the ground and cough out blood.

This sudden move shocked everyone. They expected that Ling Tianxia would be very strong and had made preparations, but no one could imagine that he alone could restrain so many people!

“How is it possible, how can you break through our body’s protective origin force! You… you’ve reached the Legend Rank?!” Lan He was horrified. This situation was the last thing he wanted to see.

“Not very long ago. I haven’t had time to officially test it. You are the first to witness my Legend Rank power.” Ling Tianxia smiled as he slowly walked toward Lan He. “Old General Lan, if I remember correctly, you’re quite prestigious in the Ethereal Empire. And your eldest son inherited your position, didn’t he? If you die here, do you think your Ethereal Empire will become a mad dog?”

Stopping in front of Lan He, Ling Tianxia donned a pondering smile.

“Want to kill this old man? Let’s see if you have the skill!” With a furious roar, Lan He advanced. But this time, his body was covered in a golden flame.

He was burning his vitality!

Death was inevitable, but Lan He was not going to die in vain!

Little Brother, I hope my old bag of bones can buy you enough time!

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