Chapter 572: A Turn of Events; Bai Xiaofei’s Condition!

Chapter 572: A Turn of Events; Bai Xiaofei’s Condition!

For some reason, Shadow Death didn’t pursue the retreating people. The Starnet parties therefore easily gathered at the pre-agreed place. Seeing the rest arrive one after another, their excitement was replaced by sorrow and grief.

The sacrifice was too great…

None of the survivors were without injuries, and many people were being carried back. Four of the seven Exquisite Ranks died. The Newcomer Kings ended up better with Bai Xiaofei there to help them, but Fang Yuesheng, Ka Nong, Duan Tianya, and Yan Suzi were all seriously injured and unconscious. Their overall combat power had been cut by more than half, and even more students had died. This resulted in nearly 70% casualties.

“Are any members of Light of Protection or Furnace of Agarwood still alive?!! Get here quickly!!!” Hu Xian’er’s voice echoed in the temporary foothold, the tension in it scaring everyone.

There was only one person who could make her so anxious!

A bunch of people flocked over in an instant, and there they saw Hu Xian’er frantically injecting her energy into Bai Xiaofei’s body, but the wound on his chest showed no sign of healing. His face was particularly worrying due to excessive blood loss, and his closed eyes and cold body look made him look no different from a dead man.

The Spiritualization state had automatically expired somewhere along the road, and the fact that Huskie directly returned to the puppet space that it always refused to enter normally was sending a message: Bai Xiaofei’s condition was extremely bad!

“Let me!” Wu Chi hurriedly rushed up and cut open his arm. The Blood Demon helped his blood pour into Bai Xiaofei’s body as Wu Chi replaced his circulatory system with his own force, guiding the blood flow.

“The wound! Who has wound medicine?! The blood circulation alone is not enough!” roared a student of Furnace of Agarwood after checking Bai Xiaofei’s situation.

“I have one! Grade-seven Rebirth Pill!” Lan He, whose chest was stained with blood, rushed in holding a delicate brocade box.

The pill melted into Bai Xiaofei’s blood under Wu Chi’s control. The grade-seven pill immediately displayed its worth and the wound healed at a speed visible to the naked eye. However, Bai Xiaofei showed no sign of waking.

After a long time, the student keeping a check on Bai Xiaofei’s situation heaved a sigh of relief. “He’s stable, but the meridians in his body are damaged, so the energy circulation is very slow, or else he would have woken up long ago.”

Everyone was put at ease. At some point, this group of temporarily-put-together people could no longer do without Bai Xiaofei.

“Spread out, give him a quiet environment to recover. Those who can still move guard the surroundings and alert immediately if someone approaches!” As a former military leader, Lan He was composed and organized.

The others dispersed, but Hu Xian’er and the girls refused to move. Tears would occasionally fall from their eyes.


Lan He wanted to say something, but Yun Jingshuang pulled him back.

“Senior Lan, just leave him to them, you can’t persuade them.” Yun Jingshuang shook his head and moved aside. Han Qianye quickly walked up to him, her eyes full of worry.

“Is he okay…?”

“Don’t worry, bad people live very long. This brat won’t kick the bucket so easily.” Yun Jingshuang comforted Han Qianye and actually also comforted himself at the same time. He didn’t dare to imagine what would happen if Bai Xiaofei died.

After the longest break since entering the Infinite Mountain Range, under the anxious wait of the whole group, Bai Xiaofei finally opened his eyes slowly.

“You are awake!” Hu Xian’er exclaimed.

Hearing this, everyone stood up. Delight became everyone’s common mood.

“Silly girls, why are you crying? Aren’t I fine…” Before Bai Xiaofie could finish his words, he coughed out a clump of blood.

“Are you okay?!”

The beauty group instantly panicked. Who would have imagined that they had just killed a whole bunch on the battlefield?

“Nothing, nothing. Clot, it’s just a blood clot!” Bai Xiaofei refused to admit anything while bitterly trying to put on a front. The blood that had rushed to his throat was swallowed back by him.

Leng Liuli jumped at his chest and her tears flooded out. “Who told you to block that attack for me? What should we do if you die?!”

Squeezing out a weak smile, Bai Xiaofei gently patted her back.

“Silly, aren’t I fine? I was confident that I could stop it, otherwise, I would have taken you to dodge together.” Bai Xiaofei’s ability to make up lies had not weakened at all because of his physical condition. At that time, he had put his last bit of energy and his life on the line for Teleportation…

“No matter what you think, if there is a next time, I don’t allow you to save me. If you do that again, I will kill myself in front of you!” Leng Liuli looked up, her teary face stubborn.

“Don’t worry, there won’t be a next time. In the future, I will kill all the enemies in the first place. You guys just need to cheer me on while I do.”

Bai Xiaofei chortled, causing the crying girls to laugh.

“Now that’s better. You guys look much more beautiful when you laugh. Seeing a bunch of you crying together, I’d feel sorry for not dying with all of those tears wasted on me.”

“That’s right, stop crying you all, so many people are watching.” For once, Rui Mengqi said something that didn’t give Bai Xiaofei a headache.

People all grow up after all!

“They will think that Boss is a scumbag if you guys are like that!”

When Rui Mengqi finished, Bai Xiaofei almost spat out the blood that he had just swallowed. You really cannot trust this silly girl!!!

“How do you feel? Can you still continue?” Seeing that Bai Xiaofei had finally soothed the girls, Yun Jingshuang stepped in. There was still important business to deal with.

“Of course, I have never been so energetic.” Dying people had to act tough, and Bai Xiaofei acted the toughest.

“But you can no longer fight,” Yun Jingshuang said with a frown. He knew very well that after Spiritualization ended, Bai Xiaofei was but an ordinary Illusion Stream puppet master who at best, had a better physique.

And now even this only advantage was gone.

“Don’t worry, it doesn’t matter if I can’t fight. I’ll only need to rely on this next.” Smiling, Bai Xiaofei pointed at his head.

Seeing him full of confidence, Yun Jingshuang also smiled.

Indeed, combat ability was only complementary to Bai Xiaofei. The scariest thing about the guy was his sharp mind that never played along with anyone’s plot!

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