Chapter 571: End of Prologue!

Chapter 571: End of Prologue!

“Combination – Black Hole!” throwing out the shields in their hand, Ming One and Ming Two shouted.

Right after, the Shadow Death assassins coming at Bai Xiaofei and the triplets were pushed back, unable to approach.

Over-urging their puppet made Ming One and Ming Two spit out blood. However, the precious advantage they created was well utilized. Wang Hang and the other students broke away from their opponents and wiped out the assassins in a few flashes, thus winning enough time for the distressed four to retreat.

“Don’t give him time to recover!” spitting another mouthful of blood, Bai Xiaofei hurriedly said to Lin Li’s group who had run over to save him.

“Leave it to us!” After a solemn reply, Lin Li, Zhao Ziyun, and Tai Shan rushed out.

Dark Wolf immediately responded and was about to go and stop them, but before he could make a move, five figures surrounded him. Then, one of the five illusory figures showed themselves to be the real Xiang Tao, as the dagger in his hand stabbed at Dark Wolf.

“Playing assassin in front of me? You’re still too green!”

When the dagger was less than an inch away from Dark Wolf, he accurately grabbed Xiang Tao’s wrist. However, before he could exert force, Xiang Tao had disappeared back into the surrounding figures and revealed himself in another again.

“Seeking death!” Dark Wolf abruptly turned around and kicked Xiang Tao on the chest. Before he could ensue victory, however, a chill swept through his heart.

“Spiral Pierce!” Wang Hang appeared behind Dark Wolf without warning and his spiral sword stabbed at Dark Wolf’s chest.

Although unguarded, Dark Wolf’s speed kept up with his brain’s reaction. His right hand crossed before his chest, intending to block the sword like how he had stopped Wang Hang’s attack just now. But this time he made a mistake, the spiral sword pierced his right hand directly and continued to his heart with ferocity.

Pitifully, it was about to succeed when Dark Wolf suddenly turned into a mass of black fog and dissipated.

When his body condensed again, Dark Wolf felt a lingering fear.

“Vanish and the Path of Assassins?” Dark Wolf quickly understood what had happened just now. His almost amputated right arm had taught him a bitter lesson.

On the other side, a seriously injured Yan was struggling against Lin Li’s group, who were in their best state. They had no plans to kill Yan and only wanted to delay his recovery to stall for time.

At the same time, the two sides had entered an overall stalemate. The remaining Newcomer Kings were desperately holding on. Numerous Blue Devils and Shadow Death assassins had died.

It seemed that waiting had become a consensus for both sides.

Dark Wolf’s party was waiting for Kuang Ta, while the Starnet party was waiting for a piece of good news!

A melodious flute echoed somewhere deep in the forest, where Yun Sheng had slowly pierced his sword through the heart of a Shadow Death assassin, ending a fight.

Yun Sheng already lost count of how many assassins he had killed from the start of the battle until now. Him having to replenish his energy three times might have been the best measure. Although he wasn’t the main protagonist, the pressure on him was no lighter than that of Bai Xiaofei’s group.

Because his mission was to protect two useless deadweights…

“It seems that we have been discovered. When will this end?” Returning to Heartseer’s side, Yun Sheng was a little uneasy. If the opponent sent a huge number of troops, he alone absolutely wouldn’t be enough.

“Don’t ask me, I’ve already finished my role. It now depends on when he will be ready.” Heartseer shrugged with a face of ‘it has nothing to do with me anymore.’

The person he was referring to was none other than the ever-fodder Mo Ka, who was sitting on the ground. Beneath him was an Origin Gathering Formation, next to which was a hill of drained Starnet Stones! Bean-sized sweat drops flowed down Mo Ka’s face. He had been through plenty of draining and replenishing energy before, but he still found it difficult to withstand this degree of it.

And he was absorbing so much energy for just one reason – Charging the Floating Blade!

In some sense, the Floating Blade was a BUG. As long as there was enough time and energy to feed it, Mo Ka thought he would like to try and take on even an Endless Rank!

Currently, what the trio wanted was exactly the effects of this BUG. Assassinating Shrouded Fog was their mission.

Whether it was Lan He’s group of seven Exquisite Ranks, or Hu Xian’er and Wu Chi who consistently displayed their exceptional abilities, or even Bai Xiaofei himself, they were just decoys. Their role was to create opportunities for Mo Ka!

The more energy saved, the higher the Floating Blade could fly and the greater its attack range and lethality. At the moment, they already had no idea how high it was!

Because Mo Ka didn’t know what rank Shrouded Fog was, he could only prepare according to his own limit. If considering the attack range only, it was already enough.

“There is only one chance. Are you sure that the location you gave is correct?” the silent Mo Ka finally spoke.

Heartseer and Yun Sheng were delighted and hurriedly went to him.

“If he is not there, I will kill myself!” Heartseer’s face was dead serious. At the same time, there was a hint of expectation in his heart. This must succeed!

Getting an affirmation from Heartseer, Mo Ka took a deep breath. Let’s make a miracle!!

The next second, the Floating Blade fell as all the accumulated energy exploded at that moment. The energy was so enormous that it fell like a shooting star!

“What the?!” Sitting cross-legged in a fixed spot, Shrouded Fog’s heart suddenly skipped a beat. The dazzling light coming from above became his last image of the world…

A thunderous rumble echoed across the entire battlefield. Everyone came to a stop at the same time, and then, the thick fog around slowly dispersed.

The two warring parties revealed two completely different kinds of expressions.

It worked!!!

Joy filled the hearts of all Starnet members, and then, they retreated like a tide while the other side was still in shock.

At the same time, all students in the whole activity area were ecstatic. The dense fog had been torturing them for too long. Now, it was finally over!

Almost everyone quickly reacted and gave their best effort to break away from the enemy they were facing. For a moment, the whole activity range was ignited with long-lost hope!

“How is it possible…” Dark Wolf muttered as he stood still in his daze. “Master personally guards the path that anyone must go through to reach Shrouded Fog. How could someone kill him without notice?!”

Dark Wolf’s question was destined to have no answer. Only the fact was laid bare in front of everyone.

Now, both sides were on equal ground!

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