Chapter 55 Recognizing Their Leader!

Although Roar Boars could be considered hard to deal with, the opposite was also true with the appropriate preparations. You simply had to prevent them from charging. It was this very situation that the ten Roar Boars preying upon by Bai Xiaofei’s group were now facing. After entering this enclosure of trees, they could do little besides roaring wildly. 

Coupled with the fact that their leader had been killed, the group of boars were more or less just waiting for death. During the clean-up process, Fang Ye was the one who had the most fun… Because he could practice his shooting technique.

“Brother Fang, can’t you be a bit more accurate?”

“Right, right. You’ve already missed such a huge target so many times that these boars will probably be scared to death soon!” Happily playing the peanut gallery, Mo Ka and Wu Chi’s stinging teases caused Fang Ye’s face to flush red.

“Calm your heart. You’re our best damage dealer here, and no one is able to disturb you before you take your shot. Clear out all those unnecessary thoughts of yours, stabilize your breathing, and take the shot after you’re sure you’ve aimed accurately.” Seemingly unable to continue watching any longer, Xing Nan ran over to Fang Ye’s side and started to personally guide him.

While it was rare that Fang Ye had a good attitude towards learning, he still did everything Xing Nan said. Not long after, an energy bullet flew out from the barrel of his rifle, directly striking the head of the last Roar Boar. It’s dying squeal signaling the end of this hunt.

“F*ck! I hit it!!! I hit it outside a distance of 200m!!!” As he looked at the Roar Boar lying dead on the ground, Fang Ye was as excited as a child that had found candy. He was so enthusiastic that he grabbed and shook the nearby Xing Nan until the latter was almost in pieces...

“Alright, let’s call it a day!” Bai Xiaofei stood up, extremely satisfied with what they accomplished. Even though he hadn’t directly participated much in this battle, it wouldn’t have been possible for it to go as perfectly as it had without him.

However, nobody moved when Bai Xiaofei spoke. They all glanced at each other as they gathered round, then turning to Bai Xiaofei with strange expressions on their faces.

“F*ck, why the f*ck are all of you looking at me like this for?! I don’t play from behind!” The nine of them still had no reaction when facing Bai Xiaofei’s joke, only continuing to silently stare. All of a sudden...

“Big Brother Fei!” After a short moment, the group of boys, who had planned it out earlier, yelled out and called him ‘Big Brother Fei’ in an exceedingly orderly manner, causing Bai Xiaofei to feel flustered.

What the f*ck!? What’s the meaning of this? Sticking on to me? I don’t provide food!! Just a single Huskie is already making me poor!!!

It was lucky that nobody could hear Bai Xiaofei’s thoughts, otherwise it would have been impossible for him to escape a beating.“Err…. What are all of you….”

“It’s nothing. We just want to express our respect that’s like a surging river. We also want to let you know that we’ll follow you in the future! In Starnet Academy, if you ask us to go east, then we’ll go east, and we’ll rob anyone you ask us to rob!” Mo Ka spoke as the representative, but the content of his words was slightly…

“No, not just Starnet Academy. Even if we graduate, so long as Big Brother Fei says the word, we’ll absolutely be there at the first possible moment!” The person that spoke was Fang Ye, and he spoke extremely seriously.

At the same time, it was clear that this sentiment was shared by all those around him. The battle had allowed them to see things extremely clearly. Even if Bai Xiaofei was stuck at the level of a Proficient Rank puppet master for his entire lifetime, his future was limitless.

Not only that, there was nobody who said that growing strong needed to be done by oneself. Following a capable person was a great shortcut to become stronger as well! No matter how strong the members of the Savage Class were, there was a limit. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been put in this class. Bai Xiaofei was a golden opportunity for them!

“According to what you said, all of you are willing to listen to anything I say?” Bai Xiaofei frowned slightly, as if he was merely testing them.

“Of course, we don’t look like we’re joking, right?” Not catching that a trap had already been laid, Xing Nan spoke as everyone’s representative. It was unfortunate that in the next moment, Bai Xiaofei revealed a smile that had them all feeling that it was too late for regret.

“Alright, then all of you carry these sixteen Roar Boars back; I’ll go report to Big Sister Xue.” Bai Xiaofei’s words hadn’t even reached their ears before he vanished without a trace, his speed not inferior to Fang Ye and the others when they were fleeing from the Roar Boars.

The remaining nine of them were stunned for a short moment before they turned to look at the corpses of the Roar Boars that littered the ground. They then simultaneously had the feeling of wanting to cry, but not have any tears. A single Roar Boar weighed 250kg, and there were a total of sixteen to be carried by nine people. Moreover, they couldn’t utilize spatial tools….

Motherf*cker! We’ve taken the wrong leader!!!

By the time the nine of them moved all sixteen Roar Boars back to the campsite, the moon was already high in the sky, and an enormous campfire illuminated this cozy campsite. At the same time, the boars that had been brought back were already beginning to be roasted, arousing the boys’ appetites.

Six female students were busy moving about the racks of meat. The male students hunted, while the female students roasted. Suddenly, the previously crushed male students felt extremely fortunate and happy.

“You guys killed sixteen Roar Boars?” As she looked at the small mountain of Roar Boar meat, a trace of disbelief appeared on Xue Ying’s face. But no matter how much she doubted, , and she had no choice but to believe it when the proof was stacked right in front of her.

“F*ck, you really didn’t follow us?!” Bai Xiaofei replied with a shock filled question when facing Xue Ying’s inquiry.

He’d always thought that Xue Ying would be watching from somewhere to guarantee their safety, and it wasn’t just Bai Xiaofei who had expected this. So, when Xue Ying asked this question, Bai Xiaofei couldn’t help but feel fear for what had occurred.

What the f*ck! What if an accident really occurred….

“Why would I follow all of you? If all of you are stupid enough to forcefully go against a magical beast you’re unable to defeat, then keeping you alive would only be a waste of resources. Wouldn’t it be better to benefit those magical beasts?” Xue Ying’s reason caused all of them to be speechless. When they thought about it, Xue Ying wasn’t wrong in saying that it would’ve been incredibly foolish for them to try to take on magical beasts that were out of their league. That said, the way she put it made them unable to reply.

“However, all of you being able to kill so many Roar Boars has really exceeded my expectations. Come, tell me how all of you did it.” Xue Ying was instantly interested, leaving Mo Ka and the others to look meaningfully at Bai Xiaofei in unison.

If you wanted to talk about the process, there was nobody else to ask but Bai Xiaofei.

“I asked Wu Chi to strip naked and run around in a circle. Once all the Roar Boars were disgusted to the point of vomiting, we killed them all without the slightest resistance.” Unable to take it as Bai Xiaofei spoke such nonsense with a straight face, all the boys except Wu Chi himself instantly exploded with laughter.

Right when Xue Ying intended to flare up, the fragrance of roast meat drifted over, alerting them to the six female students approaching them. The sounds of everyone’s stomachs rumbling quickly erased all other thoughts.

“Come, try our cooking. Si’si was already unable to refrain from sneaking off to eat by herself!” Xu Chen teased Zu Si’si, causing the latter’s face to flush red.

“I didn’t sneak off to eat, I was testing the food!!!” Zhu Si’si stomped her feet while trying her best to refute Xu Chen.

“Right, right, you only tested half a boar leg!” Qi Wei came over as well and fiercely took another stab, prompting another round of roaring laughter.

At times, happiness could be really simple…


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