Chapter 569: Do or Die!

Chapter 569: Do or Die!

Rainbow Horse: a magical beast whose appearance was completely irrelevant to its name. Its whole body was covered in black scales and its ferocious horse head looked like that from hell.

There was a reason why it came to have such a beautiful name despite that appearance. Once a Rainbow Horse entered combat, the basic elements in its surroundings entered an active state. In other words, there would be random indiscriminate element attacks wherever they stood. And while the elemental attacks were indiscriminate, the Rainbow Horses’ absolute immunity to elemental attacks made them not so much different from discriminate ones.

The most deadly issue was that the more Rainbow Horses there were, the more active the surrounding elements would be and the more powerful the attacks they generated!

Moreover, Rainbow Horses themselves excelled in physical attacks, and their strong physique and fierce strength make them able to rival anyone at the same level, making them the best choice for rushing first into the battle.

The only fortunate thing was the rank of the Rainbow Horses. Perhaps because they were made so perfect that Heaven gave them one single limit: they could never break through the King Rank. Hence the highest they could reach was the peak-grade of the King Rank.

“Block your hearing! Break up the Rainbow Horses’ formation and kill them first!” Lan He’s command came in time. The other six people immediately responded and avoided being caught off guard by the surprise encounter, and even killed a bunch of Scary Demonesses.

However, blocking their hearing could not completely stop them from the screaming of the Scary Demonesses, only weakening it. Screaming was just a means of transmission and the nature of the Scary Demonesses’ attacks was actually spiritual. Even if weakened, they would still take effect after accumulating to a certain extent.

Therefore, the time for Lan He’s team was limited!

Meanwhile, the other three sides also had reinforcements from Shadow Death or magical beasts joining the fray. Shrouded Fog was a vital existence to them. As long as he lived, every Starnet person in the Infinite Mountain Range would die sooner or later!

“Bloody Storm!”

Rushing into the middle of a group of Shadow Death assassins, Wu Chi launched his strongest move. The more complicated the battlefield, the better it was for him as there was absolutely no lack of blood. As for keeping Blood Demon a secret, there was no time to consider it now. At worse, he’d just leave to live anonymously somewhere else after this.

Bloody Storm left no one alive in its path. However, after Wu Chi withdrew all the blood back to him, a figure suddenly emerged from the ground with an eerily glowing short sword.

Just as the sword was about to slash Wu Chi’s neck, the flow of time suddenly slowed and Hu Xian’er descended from the sky, decapitating the assassin in one move.

The head fell to the ground. The face belonged to Wu Xizhao, who had hidden in Bai Xiaofei’s team and seriously injured Xiong Shou.

“Remember to keep your guard up next time!” leaving a piece of advice, Hu Xian’er flashed away.

Wu Chi smiled awkwardly and looked around the battlefield.

The enemy’s sudden reinforcements completely held them back, and the number of casualties among the students was increasing. Their biggest problem was they had no reinforcements.

Without continuing to delve into this, Wu Chi raised his hand and pulled an assassin over, resuming the battle…

“Shadow Death, cooperate with the Blue Devils and kill them quickly!” shouted Dark Wolf after breaking a student’s neck.

The panicking Dark Shadow assassins around quickly responded and flocked towards the nearby blue-skinned magical beasts.

Blue Devils were a humanoid beast of pure physical combat ability, and their King Rank awakened abilities were mostly to enhance their own physique or offensive ability. Their boss was Yan1, a Monarch Rank under Kuang Ta.

Yan messed up the Newcomer King Rankers as soon as he joined the battle. First, he seriously injured Ka Nong, then he struck Duan Tianya unconscious. It was already amazing for these two not to be insta-killed against the rank suppression that Yan posed on their Master Rank.

Taking them down, Yan’s next target was Yan Suzi!

Feeling his sharp eyes on her, Yan Suzi was mentally prepared. She knew it was impossible for her to survive even one blow from Yan, so her only option was self-detonation!

Yan Suzi was not scared to face death, or else she wouldn’t have developed this skill of mutual destruction. However, just as she started to activate her energy, a figure suddenly appeared in front of her and caught Yan’s fatal blow.

“Your opponent is me!” Black light flashed as Bai Xiaofei opened his mouth for a roar that was infinitely similar to a wolf howl.

Despite being a Monarch Rank beast, Yan was struck dazed after being caught off guard and taking the full impact. Bai Xiaofei wouldn’t be so foolish to let this opportunity go to waste. His left fist smashed the side of Yan’s head and sent him flying.

It wasn’t that Bai Xiaofei didn’t want to hit his weak spot, but that he didn’t have the confidence to strike Yan down with one hit. He had all the information on Monarch Rank magical beasts under Kuang Ta, among which Yan was one of the biggest headaches due to his extreme physical resistance!

Once they started fighting, Bai Xiaofei could not guarantee he would be able to protect Yan Suzi. So, he chose to shift the battlefield somewhere else. Bai Xiaofei quickly followed after Yan to catch him off guard while he was still in the air. If he had a chance to recover, even Bai Xiaofei’s life would be at risk!

Yan’s reaction didn’t disappoint Bai Xiaofei’s high evaluation of him. Bai Xiaofei had just appeared in front of him when his claws had already swung up. However, the moment Yan touched Bai Xiaofei, his expression froze.

A fake!

It was too late to realize this. The real Bai Xiaofei had already appeared behind him, his wolf claw covered in a dark glow as it thrust at Yan’s weak point. The claw pierced Yan’s skin and dragged out a rib bone!

However, when Bai Xiaofei was going to pursue victory, his heart suddenly jumped. A severe pain made him blank out.

Yan naturally grasped this opportunity. The pain in his torso only made him more crazed. His right hand turned into a sharp spike as it swung and penetrated Bai Xiaofei’s waist.

The pain brought Bai Xiaofei back to his senses. He teleported away and escaped Yan’s next attack. At the same time, Lunisolar Brilliance started to operate and healed Bai Xiaofei’s wound at a speed visible to the naked eye. However, Yan was also experiencing a similar process.

Staring at Yan, Bai Xiaofei gulped.

He couldn’t remember how many times this feeling had occurred. Ever since fusing with Huskie, this sudden pain had acted up more and more frequently and at a higher degree of pain each time.

If it weren’t for this, Yan might have been on the ground by now.

“Human, you are very interesting!”

Flashing a cold smile at Bai Xiaofei, Yan’s body started shaking!

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