Chapter 568: Pull the Curtains!

Chapter 568: Pull the Curtains!

“Trash, you’re all f*cking trash! So many of you can't find a large group of people wandering around us? How long are you going to let them wander around killing? You want to wait until they press a blade on my neck and your vice branch master’s neck?!” roared the black-clad person, his kick sending the assassin in front of him flying.

Behind him, the mysterious man who had negotiated with Kuang Ta before had his eyes closed, seemingly resting. His earthworm mount was breathing evenly, seemingly in a deep sleep as well.

“Scram, just f*cking scram! One hour! If you can’t find them within one hour, kill yourselves!”

After the black-clad man finished venting his rage, his underlings hurriedly withdrew themselves as though they had been excused from death.

“Dark Wolf, your temper should be changed. This is not assassin-like of you. When you have free time, maybe learn from Blood Shadow. When have you ever seen her unable to control her emotions?” opening his eyes, the mysterious man lectured.

“You are right, Master. Dark Wolf will pay attention in the future.” Dark Wolf's attitude made a U-turn, looking like a completely different person with a humble posture.

“There is no need to be so anxious. Blood Shadow said this group of people would deliver themselves to our door, so you just have to wait. Remind Shrouded Fog to pay close attention, or don't blame me for not warning him when he dies.”

Finishing his piece, the mysterious man closed his eyes again, as if it didn't matter to him what happened in the Infinite Mountain Range.

Dark Wolf didn’t disturb the mysterious man and slowly retreated.

Before long, Dark Wolf arrived at the place where the fog was the strongest in the forest. As soon as he stepped into the area, the fog rolled.

“What’s blown our great branch master Dark Wolf here? What a sight for sore eyes! Why aren’t you going to your sweetheart instead?” a sarcastic voice echoed as a man slowly came out from the fog.

“Cut your nonsense. Lord Gold sent me to warn you to be careful. The group whose whereabouts are unknown is likely to come for you. It doesn't matter if you die, but if they affect our plan, even your death won’t be enough to atone for this sin.” Dark Wolf turned to leave as soon as he finished, having no intention to chat with Shrouded Fog.

There was no such thing as harmonious colleagues, especially in Shadow Death. They were full of nothing but cruel characters with numerous body counts. No one there had time to hide their true feelings.

“I won’t send you off. You should be careful as well. If you die here, Branch Master, it will be very embarrassing.” His lips curved into a sneer as Shrouded Fog disappeared into the thick fog again.

Neither of them knew that while they were communicating, Bai Xiaofei had prepared everything.

“30 minutes, even within this formation, I can only last for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, you guys will lose my cover,” sitting inside an Origin Gathering Formation, Yun Jingshuang seriously said to Bai Xiaofei.

“That’s enough, we won’t need to cover anything after 30 minutes.” Bai Xiaofei smiled confidently, but when his eyes swept over the Origin Gathering Formation, there was a hint of complication in his eyes.

Please, don’t let me see you there!

“Let's go!” Stowing away the last concern in his heart, Bai Xiaofei’s eyes grew firm.

The next second, Yun Jingshuang urged his Celestial Eye to the limit, and the surrounding fog instantly lost its monitoring effect, making the area a blind spot!

Also at this moment, everyone started moving according to Bai Xiaofei’s arrangements. The fire of war started to break out in all directions at the same time. The roars of killing reached the sky as the quiet forest became noisy in the blink of an eye.

“Fox Flash!”

In the east direction, Hu Xian’er was still the fastest on the track. In a flash, she appeared among a group of three Shadow Death assassins. Both paws shone and in half a second, the three assassins were beheaded.

The next moment, every Shadow Death member in the vicinity welcomed their doom. The students who had been lurking around suddenly jumped out and ended their targets at lightning speed.

Ambushing Shadow Death assassins, no one would believe such a thing could happen. But they did it, and beautifully at that!

In the south direction was the second offensive squad consisting of Newcomer King rankers. Xiang Tao and Wang Hang shuttled back and forth on the battlefield like ghosts. Every time they appeared, they dealt a one-hit strike. Coupled with the crushing power of the other teammates, they gained the upper hand at the fastest speed possible.

In the west direction, all long-range and medium-range led by the Exquisite Rank shuttle user had begun text-book warfare. Lack of accuracy and power were made up with quantity. After all, all the long-range users were here, they could hit at least once or twice even with their eyes closed, not to mention that everyone had been aiming for quite a while!

After the first wave of attacks, the rest of the work was basically cleaning the battlefield. The opponents in the west were beaten into a scattered bunch without even seeing their enemies.

Finally, in the north were the remaining seven Exquisite puppet masters. Their accumulated sorrow and anger fully erupted at that moment. There were only seven of them, but they formed the strongest offensive team!

“Hurry to the central area!”

Smacking away a sneaking assassin before they could do anything, a shirtless white-bearded old man temporarily took charge of the north team, and everyone else accepted. After all, he was the retired military leader of the Ethereal Empire, Lan He!

Attacking the central area was the mission Bai Xiaofei had assigned them. If any side among the four could drive Shrouded Fog at the central area to use all the cards on hand, it was definitely Lan He’s squad. Seven Exquisite Rank puppet masters would be a force to reckon with anywhere!

Indeed, when the seven of them successfully annihilated all the assassins in the north, the remaining three sides were still in full swing.

However, when they advanced towards the center, something unexpected occurred. Messy and heavy footsteps echoed from the rolling fog, accompanied by a myriad of colorful, shrieking attacks.

“On your guard! Scary Demonesses and Rainbow Horses coming!” Lan He shouted. The next second, two armies of magical beasts stampeded out from the fog, their kinds were precisely what had been warned.

Scary Demoness, an advanced magical beast with only two skills, even her King Rank awakening innate ability was fixed to strengthen those two skills: Teleportation and Scream!

However, the lack of skills did not mean they were any weaker. The Scary Demoness was considered a magical beast that was best at suicidal moves because their bodies were so fragile that they’d die when touched. However, once a Scary Demoness roared at close range, even an Exquisite Rank expert had to take some time to recover.

And on the battlefield, life or death was just the matter of a second!

The Scary Demonesses alone were already very tricky, but the Rainbow Horses galloping in front of them were even more notorious!

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