Chapter 567: Life Thrives in Death!

Chapter 567: Life Thrives in Death!

“Senior Grand Master, can you stop staring at me like that? I'm scared…”

Just as it was highly anticipated that Heartseer would say something useful, what came out of his mouth nearly made Bai Xiaofei trip.

“As you wish…!” Bai Xiaofei uttered through his teeth, suppressing the brimming impulse to strangle Heartseer, and looked away.

Seeing this, the rest also stopped gazing at Heartseer, but each pair of ears were perked higher than the last.

“Senior Grand Master, do you have anything you want to ask me?”

Bai Xiaofei thought that Heartseer would say something useful, but a stupid question once again made blood gush to his throat.

Damn you! Don't even think to have a peaceful day in the Revelation Pavilion after this!

Despite torturing Heartseer a hundred times over in his mind, Bai Xiaofei didn't dare to let it show. Otherwise, who knew what this brat would do?

“How are you with Yun Sheng? How did you guys get here? And you just said that you waited for me. You knew I would come here?” Bai Xiaofei voiced all of his doubts.

Theoretically, it was impossible for Yun Sheng and Heartseer to travel this deep in with their strength. Yet not only did they manage to, but they had also reached unscathed, albeit a little hungry. This was simply astonishing considering how many Exquisite Rank experts had died!

Heartseer didn’t care about how others viewed him. As soon as the questions dropped, he was enthusiastic to answer.

“I left my team before the fog spread because I knew that this grand celebration would definitely not be easy. And it turned out that I was right! After I was lucky to escape the first wave of attacks, I drew a divination stick and then followed its guide to find my fated helper, senior brother Yun Sheng.” Heartseer patted Yun Sheng’s shoulder with a proud expression.

However, Yun Sheng was just the opposite. If it weren’t that he didn’t have another choice, he wouldn’t want to travel with Heartseer, this fellow was too good at ordering people around!

But in any case, Yun Sheng would still have to thank Heartseer. If it weren't for this fellow, he might have died very early.

“After finding senior brother, I wanted to hide somewhere quietly for it to blow over, but when I thought of the mission that Master Revelation entrusted me with, I drew another stick and then came here to wait for you.” Heartseer smiled smugly. “It seems that my divination skills are still very reliable. There were no mistakes twice in a row!”

Bai Xiaofei's eyes shone to hear this. This is the solution!

“You are very good at determining someone’s position?!” Bai Xiaofei asked.

Yun Jingshuang’s heart also leaped in anticipation. Heartseer’s answer would determine how they would act next!

“Of course! I may be inferior in other things, but I’m definitely one of the best regarding finding positions in the Revelation Pavilion!” Heartseer grew more and more excited as he spoke. Some couldn’t bear to look at him anymore.

Meanwhile, Bai Xiaofei was surprised by this information. Could it be that the old geezer didn’t just randomly choose Heartseer? Did he actually predict this moment?

This thought made Bai Xiaofei gulp. It seemed Revelation’s reputation was not exaggerated. He really should thank the old man this time!

“Can you do it now?” Bai Xiaofei asked hopefully.

“If you want me to calculate the position of the fog manipulator, then no need.” Heartseer blinked.

Bai Xiaofei was stunned. What do you mean no need?

“Ugh, stop it with the suspense. Alright, I'll just say it!”

Yun Sheng couldn't stand it and cut in. He was fed up with Heartseer already, and for the first time, he found that Bai Xiaofei was actually a decent guy.

“When we were hiding, we saw that foggy man. He was in the east, about ten minutes away from here, and he basically didn't move much from that one place. Every time he appeared somewhere else, he had to make a clone using the fog.”

Yun Sheng fired off like a machine gun, revealing the information that Heartseer could season into a 30-minute story in one breath. Heartseer looked very dejected.

“Are there any other people around him?” Ignoring Heartseer, Bai Xiaofei excitedly stared at Yun Sheng.

“There are more than just ‘other people.’ There are at least 200 people by his side, plus two Monarch Rank beasts, otherwise, we wouldn’t be this scared.”

Yun Sheng's answer nearly extinguished the rising fire of hope in Bai Xiaofei.

Two hundred people added with two magical beasts, and there might be even more hiding in the dark. It was really a little difficult for their group to kill the man in the fog…

“A bitter battle is inevitable.” Seemingly seeing through Bai Xiaofei's hesitation, Heatseer sprang up from his dejected posture.

Bai Xiaofei was dubious. “What do you mean? Did you calculate something else?”

Heartseer hurriedly shook his head.

“Not me. Did you forget Master’s Divination? Demon star makes appearance, turbulence arises among dragons. The first two have been fulfilled. The long-silent Shadow Death has re-emerged and Exquisite Rank alumni have fallen one after another. The Starnet principal is nowhere to be seen and the future of the Infinite Mountain Range is uncertain. Now that the crisis has arrived, the way to break it is naturally the last two sentences of the divination. “

Heartseer didn't elaborate, but Bai Xiaofei understood. ‘Life thrives in death, the trapped dragon ascends.’

It seemed that this step must be taken!

Heaving a long sigh, Bai Xiaofei’s expression grew determined. Monarch Rank beasts, huh? Let us have an unforgettable meeting!

“Ten minutes to prepare. After ten minutes, we set off!” His voice resounded as Bai Xiaofei regained his usual pace, a forward pace free of worries!

“Master, you’ve really gone and found us quite a Senior Grand Master,” muttered Heartseer as he looked at Bai Xiaofei’s back.

Ten minutes was not long, especially when you had a clear purpose. Gathering the group, Bai Xiaofei made all the arrangements he could think of, and how detailed they were amazed everyone.

The more soldiers the better, but there were few generals who could make the best out of what they had. Fortunately, Bai Xiaofei was one with such potential. Per his orders, the huge team of a hundred people started to run smoothly like a sophisticated instrument. Everyone had their own task and everyone was working to realize a mutual plan.

They only had one opportunity!

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