Chapter 565: Growing Team!

Chapter 565: Growing Team!

Once again, Lei Shan and others were shocked by Bai Xiaofei, who was still out there in some unknown place. They had their fair share of unusual experiences, but this one was just a bit too difficult to accept.

Since when would a Ruindemon Flood Dragon yield to a human?! A Ruindemon Flood Dragon accompanied by a Lunapython at that!

That’s right, the impatient ‘lord’ was our tactless, no, brainless Xing!

“Don't look at me. When they came to me, I had the same reaction.” Flustered by everyone’s collective stare, Sima Ye shrugged. If it weren’t for the earth-toppling changes so far, they might have never known that Bai Xiaofei had such an ace up his sleeves.

As for why Hong and Xing were with Sima Ye, it was Bai Xiaofei's order. After meeting Hu Xian’er, Bai Xiaofei had immediately thought of Xing, Hong, and Uncle Feng. The former two had always followed Hu Xian’er, while Uncle Feng had been sent out to look for their Fox clan members. Bai Xiaofei then sent Hong and Xing to secretly protect Sima Ye’s group as well as to find out the situation at Starnet.

In the battle just now, Hong and Xing had wanted to help, but Sima Ye stopped them. He said they would be much more valuable if they didn’t reveal themselves. A Ruindemon Flood Dragon of the peak-grade King Rank could definitely come and go freely through the enemy's blockade, which was currently urgently needed.

When Sima Ye finished explaining, everyone immediately held him in higher regard.

It had been only a few minutes from the moment his group had rushed in to see the Sealing God Formation to Ling Tianxia’s slaughter. Sima Ye had been in a grave crisis at that time, but he had been able to consider so many things and made corresponding arrangements. This ability was enough to make anyone sit up and take notice. The once top rank of the Command Ranking wasn’t born out of exaggeration!

“You guys understand what I mean, right? This is what you will do next.”

Sima Ye looked at Xing solemnly, but Xing wore a look of indifference. Except for Bai Xiaofei, he couldn’t care less about any human.

“How can this lord fail such a simple thing? Just wait here obediently. This lord will definitely bring Boss Bai back to save you,” said Xing haughtily before turning to leave, but Hong stopped him.

“Is there anything else you want us to deliver to Boss?” Contrary to Xing, Hong was much more rational, which was why the Lunapython was deemed the partner for the Ruindemon Flood Dragon. Supporting skills were only secondary, their IQ was the key!

“Wait.” Lei Shan suddenly remembered something. “Tell that smelly boy, he must be careful of Ling Tianxia. His previous act is fake, he has complete control over his puppet, even Monarch Rank magical beasts may not be his opponent unless there’s a counter to his sound ability.”

Lei Shan looked a little lonely when he said this. Bai Xiaofei was his student. To have to guide his student to deal with his disciple dealt an agony that no one else could understand.

“Old man, rest assured that we will definitely deliver your words.” With this, Hong and Xing carried everyone’s last hope and slowly disappeared from sight.

At the same time, everyone silently prayed that they would see Bai Xiaofei as soon as possible.

“Next will all depend on him.” Sima Ye heaved a sigh of relief. On his face was a hint of liberation as well as an expectation for a good show. How will you perform this time?

Meanwhile, in the depths of the Infinite Mountain Range, Bai Xiaofei’s group was highly strung. Not far ahead was a colony of Bloodthirsty Bees the size of hunting dogs besieging a small team of Starnet people. The Exquisite Rank leader was struggling to fend them off but was obviously reaching their limit.

“How is the situation around us?” Bai Xiaofei anxiously asked Yun Jingshuang.

As they went deeper in, the suppression that Yun Jingshuang’s Celestial Eye posed on the dense fog grew weaker and weaker and forced him to shrink its scope, but from a certain perspective, this was actually a good thing.

The stronger the dense fog, the closer they were to their target!

“Safe!” his eyes cold as he wiped the cold sweat flowing down from his forehead, Yun Jingshuang gave an answer everyone wanted to hear most.


At Bai Xiaofei’s command, everyone immediately bolted out from their hiding place.

Hu Xian’er took the lead as even the Exquisite Ranks in the team weren’t as fast as her. Moreover, the Bloodthirsty Bees’ fragile physique and instinctive fear of fire made her their natural nemesis!

Without any fancy moves, Hu Xian’er swung her flame-covered right paw and three huge waves of fire swept out. Caught off guard, the bees’ formation was broken, and the two King Rank bees at the front became charred corpses without a chance to react.

Yet this was just the beginning. A myriad of attacks ensued, dazzling the eyes of the several distressed people who were thinking they were surely going to die.

The pitiful Bloodthirsty Bees couldn’t even make it through a round of attacks when they already became corpses all over the ground. Shi Kui, who arrived one step too slow, didn't even have a chance to clean up the battlefield.

“Quickly treat the wounded and leave this place,” Bai Xiaofei said routinely. He couldn’t remember how many times they had done the same thing. The number of rescued kept increasing and the team he led was steadily growing.

However, no matter how many people joined, his leadership was unshakable. First, Bai Xiaofei was their savior, and second, everyone who was in the team before gave him their absolute support, so listening to him had become the consensus.

Not long after the big group left, the thick fog around churned, and a black-clad figure followed by dozens of Shadow Death assassins appeared.

“These people again!” uttered the figure furiously between gritted teeth.

This was not the first time he had been left behind by Bai Xiaofei’s group. This feeling of eating dust at someone’s heels was driving him to the verge of an outburst.

“Since you want to play, I will play with you to the end! Inform all nearby members to stop moving around and stay watch in place!” Coldly glancing at the messy battlefield, the black-clad man took his people back into the thick fog…

Meanwhile, Bai Xiaofei had come to a stop. Looking at all the people behind him, he couldn't help a smile.

Eight Exquisite Ranks, over 50 Grandmaster Ranks, and many more Master Rank students. On the contrary were the few numbers of Proficient Ranks and below. The attacks from Shadow Death and magical beasts were like a sieve, people with insufficient strength couldn’t last until rescue arrived.

Directing such a team was absolutely unprecedented. Yet, this was only a small step in Bai Xiaofei's plan.

The next step was the main business!

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