Chapter 564: Vigilant Eye Sima Ye!

Chapter 564: Vigilant Eye Sima Ye!

“So you were just gambling?! Do you know how it would affect us all if you had made a wrong judgment?!” Chu Qingtian couldn’t remain calm. However, even he couldn’t scare Sima Ye.

“Not a gamble, but a one hundred percent accurate judgment! When it comes to evaluating people, I, Sima Ye, am never wrong!” declared Sima Ye with absolute confidence and a clear conscience.

This was his ability, not a special talent, but the ability that had been tempered through constant training and analyzing people’s thoughts by observing their every smallest movement. Even Bai Xiaofei couldn’t reach Sima Ye’s level when it came to this.

In other words, Sima Ye was the bane of moles. No matter how good someone was at pretending, they were simply laid bare in front of Sima Ye as long as they were enemies!

For this reason, Sima Ye had a resounding title among the students – Vigilant Eye. Only that his shine was covered by the appearance of Bai Xiaofei; everyone was too focused on the latter that they forgot Sima Ye had once topped the Command Ranking.

However, Bai Xiaofei didn’t forget, which was why he entrusted Chu Tianyi and Luo Han to his care. Starnet was a cradle of geniuses; Bai Xiaofei was definitely not the only talent there.

“Enough, do not discuss this anymore!” Lei Shan had coldly ended the topic before the others could express their view. At this point, he only believed what he saw, and he saw Sima Ye getting rid of a big problem.

Even though the removal of this problem gave him heartache…

“Was that ‘advantage’ you mentioned just deliberately said to pinpoint the traitor?” Lei Shan asked.

This question made everyone perk up their ears and their gaze fell on Sima Ye.

“No,” Sima Ye said, his eyes brilliant.

“What is the advantage, then?” Lei Shan’s eyes opened wide in excitement.

“Messages! We can send out messages!” Sima Ye replied.

The light that had just been reignited in Lei Shan’s eyes instantly dimmed.

“Impossible, this Sealing God Formation can only be entered. We can’t send anything out at all. How else would I let Ling Tianxia be so smug!” Lei Shan gritted his teeth. If it weren’t for this damn formation, he would be wiping out that traitor of a disciple.

“It seems my guesses are correct.” Sima Ye actually revealed an untimely smile in the face of Lei Shan’s anger.

“What do you mean?” Lei Shan was surprised. He suddenly had the illusion that it was Bai Xiaofei who was standing in front of him.

“Before I entered the formation, I had a guess that you guys might be trapped here and that I wouldn’t be able to leave after going in either. However, what’s been happening here must be known, so I left something.” Sima Ye’s lips slightly curved up as his information instantly gave rise to a renewed hope. “I have to thank that guy. If it wasn’t for him, that wouldn’t have been possible.”

“Next, please keep calm.”

Sima Ye gently clapped his hands.

At the same time, Xiaoluo and Xiaobu slowly poked their heads out from the ground, blinking their round eyes as they scanned their surroundings. Upon seeing Lei Shan, the two little fellows obviously froze a little.

A Timeless Rank human to them was like Kuang Ta to Bai Xiaofei’s group – a sure death if battled.

“Earth Infants?!” Jing Cheng exclaimed. If it weren’t for Sima Ye’s pre-reminder, he would have jumped right into a fight. “How is this possible?! How can Earth Infants be tamed?!”

Jing Cheng wasn’t blind. He knew at a glance that Xiaoluo and Xiaobu were not puppets, but magical beasts. He had seen tamed magical beasts before, but cases of Earth Infants were simply unheard of.

Jing Cheng wasn’t the only one shocked by this. Everyone was dumbfounded when they saw Xiaoluo and Xiaobu, Lei Shan included!

“I don’t know how they were tamed, because the person who commands them isn’t me. In a sense, I’m just their teammate.”

When Sima Ye finished his words, everyone was shocked silly again.

What is this? Has the world changed without me knowing or what?!

“Boss told us to come. As long as there is something we can help with, you tell us.” Xiaobu shielded Xiaoluo behind him and declared as he patted his chest.

The word ‘boss’ made everyone think of someone. The person most frequently called boss in Starnet should be Bai Xiaofei!

“You mean Bai Xiaofei?!” Luo Xi looked at Xiaoluo in disbelief.

“Uh-huh, it’s Boss Bai. He said that you definitely won’t hurt us.”

Everyone was surprised at first, but they quickly accepted reality. Anything resulted from Bai Xiaofei was easy to accept anyway. They even wished that he had done more similar things like this.

“Rest assured, starting from today, Starnet Academy is a home for both of you, and no one shall harm you!” Lei Shan promised in excitement. He would even nod without hesitation if they told him to appoint Xiaoluo and Xiaobu as Starnet mascots.

“We believe you, old man! You are very strong!” Despite having followed Bai Xiaofei for a long time, Xiaoluo and Xiaobu still hadn’t learned much about communicating with humans.

Fortunately, Lei Shan did not care about it.

“Although Earth Infants are special existences, even they can’t get through the Sealing God Formation. If you want them to send messages…”

“They are just an introduction since I’m afraid that you won’t be able to accept what you will see next. Our friend Bai prepared a huge surprise for us, a pleasant one,” Sima Ye interrupted Lei Shan’s discouraging speech.

He was here to make a difference!

“Director Lei, please help me cover up a little. What happens next can’t be seen by our enemies.” Sima Ye turned to Lei Min. The latter immediately raised a hand, and a veil of mist spread.

Unlike the monitoring fog outside, Lei Min’s ability was simply using illusions to cover. After a few moments, her fog cleared and revealed a group of illusory clones while the real people had already snuck away.

Sima Ye led only the top brass of Starnet Academy to another side of the square, the rest did not follow in order to avoid suspicion.

When they arrived at the destination, a deep voice rang out, “Slowpokes. This lord was starting to lose patience.”

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