Chapter 563: Pinning down the Mole!

Chapter 563: Pinning down the Mole!

“In addition to him, we now hold another advantage!”

Surprises always came one after another. At Sima Ye’s declaration, almost all eyes shone brightly. Sima Ye’s eyes flashed with a sharp glint as he observed the group of people in front of him carefully.

“I’ve heard that Shadow Death is very good at planting moles before dealing a fatal strike to the target, but I’ve only gotten to witness it after all of this.”

His obscure explanation made everyone stare blankly in confusion until he walked slowly to a teacher from the Eye of Hawks faculty.

“Am I right, teacher? Or should I call you, ‘friend from Shadow Death’?”

A bomb was casually dropped. The people standing close to the teacher called out by Sima Ye quickly moved away from him, but they still had a hint of suspicion on their faces.

“What are you talking about?! How can I be a member of Shadow Death?!” The teacher in question had a look of suffering great injustice, pointing at Sima Ye as his body slightly trembled. “I have been teaching in Starnet for five years, and I have raised countless students. Just what are your evil motives for this slander?!”

His tragic protest successfully earned him a reprieve as all eyes gathered on Sima Ye.

“Classmate, maybe you’re mistaken? Teacher Kang has done many things for Starnet, and there hasn’t been anything suspicious about him.” The dean of the Eye of Hawk stepped forward to help Teacher Kang. His manner was much more relaxed as he seemed to want to play peacemaker.

“There was also a disguised assassin in my team. Fortunately, I survived. In order not to let myself be put in danger by this kind of person again, I recalled all of his actions whenever I had the time and I noticed some inherent little moves that he made. I also found such little moves on the Shadow Death assassins I met later,” Sima Ye said indifferently.

Teacher Kang tried to appear calm, but a hint of panic still escaped from his eyes.

“As it happens, I have seen these little moves on you!” declared Sima Ye.

Everyone looked at Teacher Kang again. Under their collective gaze, he started to grow more and more flustered.

“You fart! I don’t have any little moves!” Teacher Kang had completely lost his calm. In desperation, he looked at Lei Shan for help. “Principal, it was you who recruited me. You can’t possibly doubt me too?”

Lei Shan was Teacher Kang’s last lifeline, but he had forgotten that this lifeline was extremely sensitive at the moment.

It had to take a long time to prepare the Sealing God Formation. The new students couldn’t be capable of this, so there must be other people. Lei Shan had tried to find this mole without success. What Sima Ye was doing now was also he wanted to do the most!

“I indeed recruited you, but I also remember you said your family was killed by Shadow Death. In other words, your past was completely blank.” Lei Shan stared at Teacher Kang. A simple doubt made all warmth leave the latter’s body.

“Principal, I really told you the truth! My father used to be a mine owner in the Cloudveil Empire. Shadow Death set their sights on my family’s wealth and killed them. Only I got away. If I didn’t meet you, I couldn’t have survived. For so many years, I have worked diligently for Starnet just to repay your kindness!” Teacher Kang sobbed.

However, Sima Ye snorted to hear this.

“I would have to take some more measures to prove your identity, but it is no longer necessary now.”

Sima Ye’s words made Teacher Kang’s heart jump as disbelief surfaced in his expression. Where did I say something wrong?

“The role of mine owners in Cloudveil is strictly limited to native Cloudveil nobles. Although you try to imitate Cloudveil’s accent, you are still a little short. In addition, the nobles of the Cloudveil Empire have very strong self-control. Let alone being wronged, even if they have sharp blades pressed against their necks, they will not lose their composure.”

Sima Ye paused and looked into Teacher Kang’s eyes with the bearing of a judge making his final judgment.

“Do you have anything else to say now, dear mine owner Teacher Kang?”

Teacher Kang was completely speechless, never could he imagine that his very excuse would become a flaw for Sima Ye. Seeing Teacher Kang’s reaction, everyone around grew alert, and it was this attitude that was the last straw that broke the camel’s back. After trembling for half a day, Teacher Kang finally gave up struggling.

“The Lord’s light forever shines!!!” Teacher Kang screamed at the top of his lungs with an insane expression. At the same time, his five puppets were summoned and started shaking under a surge of energy.


“Execution Bolt!”

Two words came from Lei Shan’s mouth softly, and a blue lightning bolt fell from the sky, forcing Teacher Kang’s self-explosion to an abrupt end. When the bolt ended, there was nothing left except a deep pit…

A Grandmaster puppet master wanted to cause trouble in front of Lei Shan? A fool’s ravings.

However, despite the traitor being handled, no one could feel a shred of joy. When did the plan for Starnet start? How many more people would die before it ended? All kinds of questions weighed on them, but there was no answer.

As depression loomed over them, Sima Ye quickly scanned everyone again. This time, he heaved a sigh of relief.

“What are the little moves you found?” Luo Xi walked up to Sima Ye and voiced her doubts. If Sima Ye hadn’t pushed Teacher Kang into a corner, the man would have kept hiding among them.

“There are none. Shadow Death people are so good at concealing that there is no sign at all,” Sima Ye shocked the crowd with his reply.

“How did you pinpoint Teacher Kang then?!” The dean of Eye of Hawks was practically yelling out this sentence. Wouldn’t it be all messed up if Teacher Kang wasn’t a mole?

“No matter how good someone is disguising themselves, they can’t whole-heartedly act from the perspective of their opponent. When I said we held another advantage, Teacher Kang’s reaction was too obvious. It was not a positive reaction a member of Starnet should have.”

Sima Ye said with confidence, but the audience collectively gulped.

So, you were just… shooting wildly?

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