Chapter 562: Is Starnet Finished?

Chapter 562: Is Starnet Finished?

“Farewell, my dear junior brothers and sisters. Try to be born into a better life next time!”

Having thoroughly revealed his true colors, Ling Tianxia obviously intended to kill everyone. He stepped forward and a crushing aura spread, suffocating Sima Ye’s group before they could even start moving.

“Go!” Sima Ye, however, uttered an imaginable word.

Who could even go at this moment?!

This question was quickly answered. As soon as Ling Tianxia launched an attack, a myriad of earth walls sprang up and isolated him from the students. Ling Tianxia’s attack landed on an earth wall that despite crumbling right away, still helped Sima Ye’s group earn some time.

Although Sima Ye didn’t discuss with them in advance, no one was foolish to let slip this great opportunity to rush in!

Looking at the students sprinting for the square, Ling Tianxia flew into a rage. He lifted a hand to attack the leader of the group, Sima Ye. It didn’t matter to let one or two escape, but he must not let such a threat go!

Ling Tianxia had even regretted not targeting Sima Ye from the beginning, or else he should already be able to start a one-sided slaughter. However, it shouldn’t be too late to kill the guy now.

Of course, this was just wishful thinking on Ling Tianxia’s side…

“Resurrection Light!”

Luo Han’s accurate judgment of situations once again did miracles. Xiong Shou had been sent into the Sealing God Formation by Xiaoluo and Xiaobu, so she could do this one last thing for Sima Ye. After tossing out the light, she stepped into the square.

Sima Ye, who had just barely missed death, continued to sprint towards the square. His life and death all depended on this moment!


Watching Sima Ye about to take the last step, Ling Tianxia went crazy. A ripple quickly spread from the full release of his Exquisite Rank power. Everything it touched, living beings and objects alike, was indefinitely slowed before disintegrating into ashes!

“Starnet Brilliance!” At that critical moment, Xingnan suddenly rushed in front of Sima Ye and his Starnet Brilliance created a small space in the ripple. A few seconds was enough for the two to finish this last step!

At the same time, Qi Wei and Zhu Nuo had also shielded Qin Lingyan to safety. However, the others were not so lucky…

Except for a few people who had successfully entered the square at the beginning, like those who were hiding with Xiao Luo and Xiao Bu, as well as the few of Sima Ye’s group, the rest were all turned into ashes. Yet Ling Tianxia was extremely dissatisfied with this result. The survival of Sima Ye together with the other few was an insult to him.

“Ling Tianxia, the old man will definitely deal with you!” Lei Shan glared at Ling Tianxia with blood-shot eyes through the formation, his trembling body and the bulging blue veins on his fists betraying his fury.

“My dear teacher, you can rest assured that this student of yours will not give you that opportunity. From now on, no one will ever get close to the formation again!”

With a snort, Ling Tianxia ignored Lei Shan and slowly walked out. The sudden turn brought about by Sima Ye’s group strengthened his determination, the one thing that he had been hesitant about –

“Kill everyone in the business district, leave them no chance to help!”

As soon as Ling Tianxia issued this order, two managers of the Globe Merchant Group assented and withdrew to lead a one-sided slaughter!

Prior to this, Ling Tianxia had scruples about killing the people of the other merchant groups in Starnet, so he only had the Shadow Death people control and monitor them. But now, he was afraid that something like Sima Ye’s case would occur again. He had to make sure that nothing would go wrong!

‘I didn’t kill them, but they died because of me.’ This was what Sima Ye had never imagined. Hundreds of lives had become history because of him…

But even if Sima Ye had known such a thing would happen, he would still choose to do the same thing. Unlike Bai Xiaofei, he would not hesitate to make the most appropriate choice after considering the overall situation!

“Principal, Leader Xiong’s condition is now stable,” reported the dean of Furnace of Agarwood who was treating Xiong Shou with relief. Ever since the war started, this was the only thing she had been able to help with.

“Good job. Try to do as much as you can, it’s best that he regains his combat ability. We won’t be trapped here forever!” Lei Shan’s eyes grew firm as he clenched his fists. Then, he turned to look at Sima Ye’s group.

Their appearance fanned the fire of hope in his heart. Since Sima Ye could come back, Bai Xiaofei definitely could as well!

“Children, how is the situation outside?”Lei Shan asked softly, his voice full of worries.

“Not very optimistic,” Sima Ye uttered an answer that made everyone’s heart tighten before telling them what he had gone through.

Everyone was horrified. Strange fog, hidden enemies mixed in with the students, the magical beasts’ counterattack with the help of Shadow Death assassins, all sorts of bad news dropped boulders in their hearts. Adding the Globe Merchant Group on top of all that, it seemed that Starnet was tottering…

Students were the foundation of Starnet. At this rate, how many students would they have left?

Lei Shan felt a sense of despair from the bottom of his heart for the first time in a long time.

“Is it over for Starnet…” a teacher murmured. Under normal circumstances, he would definitely be bashed for saying such discouraging words, but this time, no one did.

Because even Lei Shan vaguely had this same idea…

“Although the situation is bleak, it’s not so hopeless yet.” Just as despair was about to spread, Sima Ye’s words revived their spirit.

“What do you mean?!” Jing Cheng anxiously grabbed Sima Ye’s shoulders. The force made Sima Ye’s mouth twitch.

Aware of his gaffe, Jing Cheng hurriedly let go.

“Don’t forget that we still have someone outside. Although I hate to say this, his existence is a hope in itself!” Sima Ye said.

Everyone was stunned, but as soon as they came to their senses, they understood who this ‘he’ was.

Bai Xiaofei indeed deserved the word ‘hope’!

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