Chapter 561: The True Face of Ling Tianxia!

Chapter 561: The True Face of Ling Tianxia!

“Do not retreat! Keep advancing!”

Sima Ye’s expression froze the moment he saw Ling Tianxua, but he didn’t choose to retreat unlike most people and even did the opposite. It was too late to run. Rushing into the academy was their only chance to live!

Unfortunately, this path would be difficult…

“Advancing? Not so easy.” Ling Tianxia sneered and snapped his fingers.

Such a seemingly insignificant action actually initiated a disaster. A thunderous sound resounded as the two students nearest to Ling Tianxia exploded into bloody masses. Those who were a little farther away were forced to stop and vomited blood. Just like that, Sima Ye’s plan was disrupted.

However, this only strengthened his determination to rush in. Since you are blocking us, it means you don’t want us to get in no matter what. In other words, our chance to survive exists!

“Mega Dragon Roll!” Without hesitation, Sima Ye used his trump card. He must succeed in one move, or else he wouldn’t stand a chance against the Exquisite Rank Ling Tianxia!

At the same time, two teachers from the Blade of Concealment were sneaking toward Ling Tianxia. The all-out skills of Assassin Stream Grandmaster Ranks were the only thing they had that could threaten such an opponent.

However, the results were undesirable. The two teachers had just stealthed when Ling Tianxia already responded.

“Get out here!”

With a roar from Ling Tianxia, the two teachers were forced out of stealth and showed up.

Assassin Stream puppet masters were most afraid of indiscriminate AoE attacks. No matter how good they were good at hiding, they could not ignore incoming attacks. Going into stealth in front of the enemy was already a gamble, not to mention that they were facing Ling Tianxia whose rank could crush them.

Stepping forth, Ling Tianxia grabbed a teacher’s head and waved at the other in the distance. The next second, both teachers exploded into a mass of blood, suffering the same death as that of the students just now.

And this all happened in just a flash!

The death of the two teachers gave rise to helplessness from the bottom of everyone’s hearts. Ling Tianxia’s ability was completely unknown to them, there was nothing they could do to him. He could definitely kill them all before they could figure him out.

“Don’t focus on fighting!” Teacher Zhang yelled upon realizing that their group was no match for Ling Tianxia. He gritted his teeth as his whole body was suddenly enveloped in a golden light.

“Burning your life force? Pity, you are still too weak!”

With a cold snort, Ling Tianxia moved forth again, his target this time being Teacher Zhang. Yet, the teacher who Sima Ye didn’t regard highly at all showed no intention of retreating. Instead, he met the fiercely approaching Ling Tianxia head-on.

Death was unavoidable. The only thing that Teacher Zhang could decide was how to die!

In terms of judging the situation, Teacher Zhang might be far inferior to Sima Ye and even seemed a little stupid, but in terms of being a teacher, he was definitely a responsible one.

The two people rapidly collided. To Ling Tianxia’s surprise, his attack didn’t insta-kill Teacher Zhang. The golden light protecting him was not just as simple as burning life force. As an outstanding member of Shield of Defense, Teacher Zhang had the confidence to hold off Ling Tianxia for a while!

“What are you dazing out for?!” roared Teacher Zhang as he tightly held onto a surprised Ling Tianxia.

Everyone was jolted awake. Run!

“Mega Dragon Roll, expand!” Pressing down the guilt he felt toward Teacher Zhang, Sima Ye manipulated the black tornado and cleared out the area ahead while rushing toward the academy.

He wasn’t the only one to react. After throwing all regard for their lives out the window and killing the assassins, the group of students and alumni poured into the gates of Starnet.

Seeing this, Teacher Zhang smiled. The next second, he, exhausted of all life force, followed the footsteps of his two colleagues.

“Do you really think you can escape?” After handling Teacher Zhang, Ling Tianxia snorted. He turned and charged into the academy at an even faster speed.

His rank advantage quickly closed the distance that Teacher Zhang had used his life to create. Ling Tianxia raised his right hand at the two people running at the very back and a unique fluctuation spread out at a terrifying speed.

The students who only had ‘run’ in their minds never noticed. By the time they realized that a crisis was approaching, death had already followed…

The footsteps of death reached them one after another, but none of the people sprinting had any plans to stop until Ling Tianxia descended from the sky and stood in front of them.

At this point, they had reached the Sealing God Formation, and through the golden screen, Sima Ye clearly saw Lei Shan, whose face was full of consternation and fury.

Lei Shan had considered the possibility that there was something wrong with Ling Tianxia, but when it really happened in front of his eyes, he still couldn’t accept it. The blow was too big…


His eyes blood-shot, Lei Shan roared at Ling Tianxia’s back. Unfortunately, his fury didn’t stir any emotions in the latter.

“My teacher, open your eyes to reality. What does Starnet have to extinguish me in this state? Relying on your students who haven’t even reached the Exquisite Rank? Or relying on your strength that you can’t even use? Do you really think that no one else knows about the oath you made that year in order to overcome your heart demon?” Ling Tianxia turned around and said calmly.

Lei Shan froze on the spot.

The heart demon oath was something he absolutely wanted no one to know because once his oath was known by others, Starnet’s influence would decrease by at least half!

Restricted by his oath, he had to stay within the vicinity of Starnet Academy and the Infinite Mountain Range around it…

In other words, as long as Ling Tianxia finished his business and left before the Sealing God Formation was broken, Lei Shan wouldn’t be able to do anything to him!

“What’s in it for you to do so?! As long as this old man lives, your Globe Merchant Group is bound to become a street rat shunned by the rest of the world!” Lei Shan asked Ling Tianxia, suppressing the fury in his heart. He was not saying this out of consideration for their master-disciple relationship, he simply wanted to create an opening for the students.

The Sealing God Formation could not be exited, but it could be entered!

It was absolutely impossible to rely on Sima Ye’s group to break the formation, so saving their lives was what Lei Shan strived for.

“I will tell you after I deal with these pesky ones.” With a slight smile, Ling Tianxia turned around and looked at the students whose faces were filled with despair, ignoring the Starnet people yelling and cursing at his back.

A massacre seemed to be inevitable…

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