Chapter 560: Sima Ye’s Crisis!

Chapter 560: Sima Ye’s Crisis!

“Die!!” Chu Tianyi turned into a flash of light as he pierced the head of an Enlightened Rank beast.

When he pulled out his sword, blood sprayed out. The surrounding area was littered with the corpses of beasts and Shadow Death assassins.

This carnage wasn’t done by Chu Tianyi alone. Per Bai Xiaofei’s request, Sima Ye and Chu Tianyi were escorting Luo Han, who was stealthily carrying Xiong Shou, back to Starnet. Along the way, they came across many similar people, and the team kept expanding. However, apart from Sima Ye and Chu Tianyi, no one else knew that they were travelling with some hidden people.

“We’re almost at the outer layer. Keep it up, everyone, we will be safe once we reach Starnet!” a puppet master wearing a Starnet teacher cloak said with a hint of excitement. Although he didn’t know why the academy never sent help, he firmly believed that everything would be better when they returned to Starnet.

There were three other teachers in the team like him, and they were the only group who came out from Starnet. Unfortunately, they knew nothing about what happened inside.

“Teacher Zhang, let’s have a short rest,” said Sima Ye. Although he didn’t want to rain on their parade, he sensed a crisis coming.

The road had been a little too smooth, which didn’t make sense with the tense atmosphere. If at first their number was too small to attract the attention of the enemy, then what had happened later until now simply could not be explained.

Therefore, the only possibility was that the enemy had absolute confidence to stop their group outside Starnet!

However, Sima Ye being able to think of this didn’t mean that everyone else could, at least the teacher in front of him didn’t.

“Sima Ye, I know that you are a top elite of Gods Amongst Men and the Command Ranking, but we are only less than two hours away from the academy and we haven’t seen a single advanced magical beast. What are you afraid of?”

In the face of Teacher Zhang’s question, Sima Ye had the urge to strangle him. Motherf*cker, how did this idiot become a teacher?!

“If I remember correctly, the magical beasts around these parts should have been cleaned long ago, but now they have appeared again and many are at the Enlightened Rank. Teacher Zhang, does this not tell you anything at all?” Sima Ye controlled his emotions and questioned, rendering Teacher Zhang speechless.

“Teacher, I think what Senior Sima said makes sense. Since we’re so close anyway, a little rest won’t hurt. It’s a good thing for everyone to recover to their best condition,” Qin Lingyan said as she walked over, giving Teacher Zhang an out.

Luckily, Teacher Zhang accepted and agreed to Sima Ye’s proposal with an unwilling expression.

“Fine, then let’s take twenty minutes!” Squeezing out this sentence, Teacher Zhang walked to another side. The feeling of being led by the nose by the students irritated him very much.

“Thanks a lot.” Sima Ye heaved a sigh of relief and smiled weakly.

“There is nothing to thank. We are all in the same boat now. If something really happens, no one will survive,” Qin Lingyan stated and also went to another spot. Her team was among the retreating, but the leader was only a Grandmaster Rank and held little influence.

This big group had also gathered Xing Nan, Qi Wei, and Zhu Nuo. They originally wanted to find Bai Xiaofei, but because their team wasn’t strong enough and they had also learned that Sima Ye was sent back by Bai Xiaofei, they decided to stay.

Although their strength had increased by quite a bit, there was little they could help Bai Xiaofei with at a time like this.

“What did you find?” Chu Tianyi walked to Sima Ye and asked nervously. Along the way, Sima Ye’s judgment had helped them avoid many dangers. From Sima Ye, Chu Tianyi saw something similar to Bai Xiaofei. They both gave him a feeling that he could entrust his life to them.

Unfortunately, Sima Ye didn’t have that charisma that Bai Xiaofei had and couldn’t make the whole team listen to him.

“Don’t you think our road has been too smooth? Although we have left the range of the fog, I still feel a pair of eyes on our back. These endless magical beasts are the best proof. Too bad that I don’t know what is waiting for us. However, I am sure that Starnet is not so easy to enter now,” said Sima Ye with a serious face.

“What do we do then?” Chu Tianyi frowned.

“There is nothing we can do. We still have to charge in no matter the difficulties. Not only that Leader Xiong can’t afford to wait, but we must also find out the situation in the academy. No one has been sent out after so long, which means something has gone wrong there. Now that all of the retreating people are basically gathered here, there are no other people besides our group who are suitable to investigate this matter.” His tone full of helplessness, Sima Ye had inwardly prepared for the worst.

“Then seize this chance to rest. Since we can’t hide, we’ll do our best!” Chu Tianyi solemnly spoke, then went to sit at the side and took out two pieces of Starnet Stones to replenish himself.

Unknown enemies were the trickiest because they never knew whether they were prepared enough to face them.

“Alright, time to go!” Twenty minutes was not very long. Once it passed, Teacher Zhang, who couldn’t wait, quickly stood up.

Exhaling a long sigh, Sima Ye opened his eyes. Whatever it was, there would always be a time to face it!

However, it seemed that Sima Ye was wrong. The road was surprisingly quiet, so quiet as not even an ordinary magical beast showed up. Just like that, the group traveled all the way to the academy entrance.

Upon seeing Starnet Academy, they collectively heaved a sigh of relief. We’re finally back!

However, Sima Ye’s brow tightly furrowed.

Quiet! Too quiet! How can Starnet be so quiet when so much has happened outside?

It’s an illusion!

As soon as the word illusion appeared in his head, Sima Ye took out a golden ball from his storage ring and slammed it on the ground. A golden halo spread out, and the surrounding scenery became distorted. Moments later, the real Starnet came into view.

It was also at this moment that a group of gray-clad assassins rushed towards them!

“Watch out!!!” Sima Ye warned right away, but he was still half a beat slow. The students at the front had been stabbed.

“I didn’t expect you to be so vigilant!” Ling Tianxia’s rough and loud echoed as he appeared with a face full of smiles…

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