Chapter 54 Target, Roar Boars!

All ten of the boys took positions according to Bai Xiaofei’s plan, silently waiting for his signal to begin. On the other hand, the Roar Boars had finished drinking their fill, and were laid out snoring in groups of two or three. That said, there were still three of them left patrolling the surroundings as their fellows slept.

Within the group, there was one boar that had four others surrounding it. It’s status as the leader of the pack was obvious. The sky was already gradually darkening, and visibility would become even lower in another twenty minutes or so. At that time, Bai Xiaofei and the others would be at an even greater disadvantage because of the greater senses of Magical Beasts!

Thus, if Bai Xiaofei was going to give the order, it had to be as soon as possible!

I hope everything goes smoothly! Bai Xiaofei muttered in his heart before pouring his origin energy into a round ball in his hand, using all his strength to toss it into the air. Suddenly, an enormous bang that could rival a thunderclap resounded, causing the entire group of Roar Boars to be jolted awake from their slumber and swiftly gather together.

However, there wasn’t any sign of movement in the surroundings. Still scanning the perimeter, the leader of the boars grunted towards the sky before the rest of the pack finally relaxed a bit. It was clear however, that they still intended to leave this location.

It was precisely at this instant that the first person made a move!

Xing Nan!

A yellow glow suffused his verdant short bow as a bowstring and fine arrow that was constructed purely from origin energy instantly took shape. Despite its explosive speed, the arrow that Xing Nan fired was completely silent due to its lack of a physical form. Rapidly approaching its target, the arrow accurately pierced one of the bell-sized eyes of the Roar Boar’s leader!

A shrill cry sounded out from the Roar Boar leader’s mouth as the entire group of boars instantly entered into their highest state of vigilance. Ming One and Ming Two took this chance and roared as they charged out from within the forest, seemingly hellbent on killing the leader. It was at this moment that the Roar Boars utilized their specialty — Group Roar!

Without the slightest hesitation, Ming One and Ming Two stopped at the same time the boars started roaring, taking out their puppets while opening their mouths. Each of them had an enormous shield suffused with origin energy that was taller than themselves,.

They’d opened their mouths for the sake of reducing the effect of the soundwave, only able to do the next best thing since their hands weren’t free to cover their ears. The shields weren’t the end of their means either. Right when a Roar Boar was about to arrive in front of them, they locked their shields together! The deep blue glow was now a resplendent yellow, forming an impressive shield that was more like a wall than anything!

Combination Puppets!

This was the main reason the two brothers dared to say they were capable of resisting three charges of Magical Beasts of the same rank! The brothers let out a muffled groan when the first Roar Boar rammed into the shield with all its strength. After resisting this strike head on, the glow on the shield weakened slightly.

Subsequently, a second and third Roar Boar left the group and charged towards the brothers. At the same time, Fang Ye, who was known to have never hit anything 200m away, charged out boldly. Since he couldn’t hit something 200m away accurately, then he would go closer!

As he forcefully endured the effects of the soundwave, Fang Ye braced the heavy rifle on his chest and stood by the side of the Ming brothers before pulling the trigger. A fist sized ball of light shot out from the muzzle, directly impacting the body of one of the Roar Boars.

As expected, the force behind a dashing Roar Boar wasn’t nearly enough to match up to a gun type puppet, leading to a large hole being opened up through half of the boar’s body!! On the other side, the other Roar Boar’s charge collided with the Ming brothers shield!

After the second round of charges, their luck finally took a turn for the better — The Roar Boars had stopped roaring! Barbaric Rank beasts were Barbaric Rank beasts in the end; they didn’t know how to take turns to execute their technique and cover up the gaps. After enduring the boar’s initial roar and charge combo, the boys were grateful to have a period of time where they didn’t have to deal with the annoying ability.

Moreover, under normal circumstances, this period was at least five minutes! The leader of the Roar Boars had finally ceased its shrill cries, and its single remaining eyes focused on the Ming brothers and Fang Ye. Under its explosive rage, the Roar Boar leader let out a furious roar that caused the remaining Roar Boars to charge towards the three of them.

Even the guards by its side were no exception!

“Run!” Without the effect of the roaring soundwave, their movements become much easier, allowing them to feel the effects of Xue Ying’s training for the first time. The three of them were able to flee at least twice as fast as before!

No matter how fast they were though, it was impossible for the three of them to be faster than magical beasts of the same rank that possessed four legs. Despite the distance between them slowly closing however, the three of them still had hope - the forest was just ahead!

As soon as they entered the forest, they began to hear the muffled bangs as the Roar Boars followed behind, wreaking havoc as they slammed into the trees. As soon as he saw the boars charge into the forest, Wang Hang suddenly appeared! He had positioned himself in the water, next to the boar’s leader! He had even taken special care to appear on the side of the leader that had been blinded by Xing Nan.

“Spiral Assassination!” Wang Hang seemed to have become a human-sized top as he held his spiral sword. The tip of the blade glowed a bright red as he charged directly towards the leader!

Fang Ye’s wealth wasn’t merely displayed on his own puppet:the grade of Wang Hang’s puppet was just as high! It had only been a few breaths of time since Fang Ye had charged out, but by the time he had stopped running, Wang Hang’s sword had already penetrated the Roar Boar’s leader’s head!

No matter how formidable a Magical Beast was, it could dream of surviving once its head was penetrated, let alone Roar Boars that were merely at the peak of the Barbaric Rank! As he panted for breath, Wang Hang looked at the forest before him. Although he had already completed his job and was unable to interfere with the battle there, it was impossible for him not to be worried.

At this moment, the battle within the forest had entered its peak!

“Chen Hui!!” Along with Bai Xiaofei’s loud roar, Chen Hui instantly revealed his Snowfreeze Pearl, causing surging frost energy to spread out. 

Before this battle had even begun, Bai Xiaofei had ordered the entire group to make deep grooves in many of the trees in the surrounding area. Coupled with the fact that they were now extremely brittle from being frozen, this area had already been turned into an enormous booby trap!

“Chop!” As Bai Xiaofei’s  final command escaped his mouth, the remaining boys began to rapidly fell the trees, transforming the area into an unnavigable barrier!

But, it was precisely because of this that the remaining nine of them were exposed to the remaining Roar Boars at the same time. However, this didn’t affect them at all!


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