Chapter 559: Where to?

Chapter 559: Where to?

Following Bai Xiaofei’s signal, the two teams led by Hu Xian’er and Jiu Yue quickly gathered. When they saw such a big group at the destination, they were briefly stunned before being filled with delight. At this rate, they could definitely gather a huge force and handle this crisis! Moreover, Jiu Yue and Yue Songbai no longer deemed this group of students as ordinary. They were just too abnormal for the Master Rank.

However, Bai Xiaofei’s expression was cloudy.

Before crossing Kuang Ta, he had been even more confident than Jiu Yue. Hu Xian’er’s presence as well as his trust in his own strength had given him such confidence. But now, it had been shaken by Kuang Ta…

In the face of absolute strength, his self-confidence was ridiculous!

Someone of You Ying’s rank was already able to react to Permanence, let alone Kuang Ta. Meanwhile, Bai Xiaofei had already reached his limit. Two intensive battles in a row had put two of his three puppets on cooldown.

Moreover, he could clearly feel that there was something wrong with his body. Just now when he had been about to finish off Luo, a sudden stagger had abruptly interrupted him. After escaping, this stagger still reared its head once in a while.

Even so, Bai Xiaofei still hadn’t exited the Spiritualization state with Huskie. This was the last thing he could rely on. Once this last fusion ended, he’d become fodder without any combat capability, unable to compare to even an ordinary Master Rank puppet master…

Seeing Bai Xiaofei was lost in thought, none of the people present dared to make a sound. Everyone was waiting for him to speak, waiting for him to create a miracle!

“How did you guys group up?” Bai Xiaofei finally spoke after a long time, but it was not the anticipated miracle, only a normal question.

“It’s me,” Yun Jingshuang said and took a deep breath. “When the fog appeared, I opened my Celestial Eye and discovered that it’s actually a means of surveillance!”

Hearing this, everyone was astonished. They knew that the fog was a problem, but they never expected it to be so perverse! From what they had seen so far, the dense fog covered almost the whole activity area. For a skill to have such a wide range of monitoring and be maintained for such a long time, what kind of existence would be capable of causing it?!

At this point, they had also understood they were at a constant disadvantage against those Shadow Death assassins. If any of the people present were any weaker, they would have faced another result.

“Does that mean our every move is being watched right now?!” Yue Songbai asked in horror, voicing everyone’s worry.

“Although the scope of this skill is wide, it’s not too strong in actual monitoring ability. It’s limited within my Celestial Eye’s range. As long as I don’t allow it, they will not know what we are doing.”

Yun Jingshuang’s answer put everyone at ease. In this case, they still had a chance to turn the tables!

“This is also why I gathered everyone to help Xiaofei, but unfortunately the leaders of our teams were taken out by the assassins hidden in the teams,” said Yun Jingshuang with a frown.

The lack of top combat power was their biggest problem at the moment. Fighting peak King Rank magical beasts was not a problem, but once they ran into a Monarch Rank, Kuang Ta would know right away. As far as the current situation was concerned, there was nothing they could do about Kuang Ta!

“What is the range of your Celestial Eye now?” Bai Xiaofei asked. Back in Starnet, Yun Jingshuang could monitor the whole academy. If he was still able to do this now, it would be a great help.

“I could match their maximum range, but I can’t do this because I must keep my Celestial Eye open at all times. The larger the range, the more origin energy consumed. I must reserve energy to ensure that our whereabouts are not discovered.” There was helplessness in Yun Jingshuang’s voice. He knew what Bai Xiaofei was thinking, but he really wasn’t up to the task.

“It should be okay to fully open it occasionally?” asked Bai Xiaofei hopefully. Under his expectant gaze, Yun Jingshuang nodded slowly.

This might be the only good news.

Taking a deep breath, Bai Xiaofei slowly closed his eyes and sorted out all the information he had gathered so far.

“If I’m correct, something should have happened in the academy, otherwise the old man should have come for us,” said Bai Xiaofei.

Everyone reacted differently to this news. Yun Jingshuang had also thought of this, but most people were still expecting aid from Starnet. No one ever considered if something could trouble Lei Shan at all; they really couldn’t think of anyone who could hold him back!

“Therefore, we only have ourselves to rely on, and there are several problems that we need to solve immediately!” Bai Xiaofei went on to say.

All eyes lit up. Here it comes!

So many people had desperately fought to gather around Bai Xiaofei just to be under his command!

“First of all, we must handle the fog. It’s impossible to do anything when we’re being subject to their surveillance!”

“Secondly, we must gather more people as soon as possible. The longer we delay, the fewer the number of survivors and the weaker the force we gather. While we still don’t know who our real enemy is, they are definitely not simple. We need all the help we can get!”

“Finally, we kill our way back to Starnet. I don’t believe that the old man can be killed, so they are probably trapped. As long as we get him out, even ten Kuang Tas won’t be a threat!”

When Bai Xiaofei finished, everyone was shook. He let them see the hope of turning the tables, and this hope lay with Lei Shan. The title ‘Timeless Rank’ was enough to support their confidence!

“Brother Fei, tell us how we should do it!” Shi Kui timely expressed his attitude.

The eyes of the rest also grew firm as they fixed on Bai Xiaofei. However, the next sentence that came out from his mouth stunned them.

“We go deeper into the Infinite Mountain Range!”

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