Chapter 558: Invincible Kuang Ta, Tal Khan’s Sacrifice!

Chapter 558: Invincible Kuang Ta, Tal Khan’s Sacrifice!

The speed of a furious Luo had surpassed even sight, but just when he thought he was going to kill Bai Xiaofei for sure, what happened next struck him dumb. His huge claw that was larger than Bai Xiaofei’s whole body was forced to stop, and the culprit was Bai Xiaofei’s disproportionately small right hand!

Opening his eyes, Bai Xiaofei’s dark pupils flashed with cold murderous intent.

“I have seen through your ability. In terms of strength, you can’t compare with me now!” These words still resounded when Bai Xiaofei turned his hand into a claw and yanked Luo towards him.

Losing control, Luo’s face was full of horror. Everything that was happening was too unrealistic for him. He, a mighty Monarch Rank, had actually failed to kill a Master Rank human and was even being beaten, unable to fight back…

Bai Xiaofei couldn’t care less what Luo was thinking. There was only one thing on his mind at the moment, which was venting his accumulated anger. After jerking Luo towards him, his left fist smashed into Luo’s chest. Although Bai Xiaofei’s size had grown while in the Spiritualization state, he was still tiny compared to Luo, or else his punch would have landed on his head.

But it didn’t matter, because this was just the beginning!

A storm of attacks rained down on Luo without stopping, and the power they carried made Luo doubt his whole life.

Not to mention Luo, even the audience was floored.

“Maybe it’s actually a King Rank beast that he’s beating…?” Ka Nong gulped. For the first time in his life, he was making a foolish, dazed expression.

“I thought it’s a Monarch Rank, but seeing this, maybe not? Can a Monarch Rank magical beast be powerlessly hammered like this?” murmured Zhao Ziyun as he also gulped, but it was out of fear. He felt very lucky that he wasn’t put up against this guy at the New Student Competition back then, or else he might just have been beaten like this too!

A similar chill ran down the spine of the people present. There were just some people that you absolutely must not cross…

Luo didn’t know how long he was beaten. Just as he thought he would be hammered to death, Bai Xiaofei suddenly staggered a little. Seizing this chance, Luo shook his wings and quickly escaped Bai Xiaofei’s attack range.

However, his escape manner was quite miserable. Seeing him spinning, he had no bearing of a Monarch Rank magical beast at all.

After the beating, Luo’s feathers were nearly plucked clean. His body was covered in countless injuries and his internal injuries were so severe that it was difficult to gather energy. For the first time, he looked at Bai Xiaofei with fear in his eyes. What is with this boy?!

It is also because of this fear that Luo failed to notice that Bai Xiaofei’s mouth twitched slightly, but he quickly regained control of his facial expression. He looked up at Luo, his gaze even colder than before.

“Wanna run?!” stressing each word, Bai Xiaofei suddenly took a step forward.

As if seeing a ghost, Luo panicked and flapped his wings in retreat. In spite of his serious injuries, he was still of high rank, and his speed was faster than what Bai Xiaofei in his fusion with Huskie could catch up with.


In his hurried retreat, Luo didn’t pay attention to his back, where an Exquisite Rank puppet master who was sent flying by Kuang Ta suddenly slashed out with the semicircle-shaped weapon in his hand!

In that dire moment, Luo rapidly shrank in size, but he still failed to evade this strike. His wings that had gone rigid due to the previous beatings were slashed into half and he was sent flying by the force.

The Exquisite Rank puppet master wanted to pursue, but Kuang Ta suddenly attacked again. The huge elephant nose heavily smashed down. The puppet master desperately used his last chance to teleport and barely escaped that killing blow.

He was already the last surviving Exquisite Rank on the battlefield. If he died as well, the students would have no possibility of survival.

Just now, he had paid attention to Bai Xiaofei and the students’ fighting. From those children, he saw the future of Starnet as well as the continent, and resolution filled his mind.

“Children, remember what I’m going to say next.”

A weak voice sounded in the head of the students. Everyone was stunned for half a second.

“I am the Exquisite Rank puppet master in front of you. I am no match for this giant elephant. I can’t live any longer, but you must live for I see the future of Starnet in you. I will help you create an opening in a moment, you must use it to escape. Get through this crisis, and you will have a promising future!”

The voice came to an abrupt end, and then, under the gaze of all, the remaining Exquisite Rank puppet master dragged his battered body and bolted at Kuang Ta. The next second, a force many times stronger than that of a King Rank beast’s core explosion spread.

Self-explosion was not the specialty limited to magical beasts. Under certain conditions, a puppet master could detonate all of their puppets. The stronger the puppet master was, the more puppets they could detonate and the greater the power of their self-explosion.

And the puppet master in front of them was standing on the top of the Exquisite Ranks in this continent!

“Children, if you can, remember my name… My name, Tal Khan!”

Right after the words dropped, a thunderous explosion resounded and produced a long-lasting impact. However, under Tal Khan’s control, the power of the explosion was mostly concentrated in Kuang Ta’s direction and didn’t affect the students.

A very long time later, the last bit of shockwaves dissipated. In the middle of a huge, deep pit, Kuang Ta’s heavy footsteps echoed. Tal Khan’s self-explosion had failed to hurt him. As early as when Tal Khan rushed towards him, Kuang Ta already knew what he was going to do. In the past, he had made precautions in advance and had even survived a blow from Lei Shan, let alone an explosion that could barely be controlled.

However, Kuang Ta was not in a good mood at the moment.

The explosion killed the seriously injured Luo, and the students had also taken advantage of this opportunity to escape. The final result of this guaranteed massacre plan was unsatisfactory.

If he could choose again, Kuang Ta would rather not kill these Exquisite Rank puppet masters in exchange for the survival of his confidant Luo and the Human-head Eagle clan.

Unfortunately, there was no medicine for regret in this world, even if Kuang Ta was the overlord of the Infinite Mountain Range.

“Starnet Academy! I, Kuang Ta, shall never be done with you!”

Hatred was sometimes born one-sided, but once it was produced, it would not easily dissipate…

Meanwhile, somewhere in the Infinite Mountain Range, the mysterious man who had confronted Kuang Ta before was furious.

“Where have they gone?!”

“Responding to Master, they… they disappeared…” The fog man trembled, his tone full of fear of the man in front of him.

“Useless trash!” Kicking the fog man flying, the mystery man coldly snorted. “Get me Blood Shadow1!”

1. Blood Shadow: refer to chapter 57.

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