Chapter 557: Reinforcements, Newcomer Kings!

Chapter 557: Reinforcements, Newcomer Kings!

“Fire Ring!”

Just as Fang Ye thought he was going to die, a ring of fire spread out around him and caught the two confidently advancing assassins off guard. Before they could react, they had already collided with the fire and turned into charred corpses.

From the dense trees, a bright red-clad Yan Suzi rushed out, dragging two burnt corpses. Right behind her were Xu Chen holding her Crimsonflame Sword and the ghostly Zhu Sisi, both immediately launching their skills while leaping up towards the Human-head Eagle army.

Their emergence naturally captured the eyes of the rest on the battlefield. Seven or eight Shadow Death assassins shot out from the thick fog to stop them. However, two ice walls suddenly arose and isolated all the assassins.

At the edge of the woods stood Chen Hui and Yun Jingshuang. The ice walls were their masterpiece.

Freed of worries, Xu Chen and Zhu Sisi rapidly shuttled through the eagles in the air, using the beasts as stepping stones. The two of them completely messed up the momentum of the whole flock.

However, this confusion did not last long as the eagles reacted just after a few breaths. Giving up on attacking the black turtle shell, they quickly spread around to handle the two girls first. Despite scattering, however, their wind blades remained in their spots as if fixed.

“Frenzied Stars!” a familiar graceful voice rang out. The still wind blades suddenly moved, but their targets weren’t the humans, but the Human-head Eagles who were supposedly controlling them!

This sudden turn of events shocked the eagles. Caught off guard, the closest eagles were sliced to bits while the rest only escaped with injuries.

As the wind blades gathered, Lin Li descended from the sky, her long hair dancing beautifully. With the wind blades gathered around her, she looked like the goddess of wind.

However, Lin Li’s entrance did not scare the eagles. Their two King Ranks dashed straight at her, decisively choosing melee since energy attacks were useless against her. But right at that moment, a dazzling energy beam pierced through the head of one of the King Rank eagles. Not far away was Zhao Ziyun, whose spear was slowly changing back to its original shape.

At the same time, a figure appeared behind Lin Li in a few leaps, his seemingly simple fists then met the other King Rank eagle’s claws. With a bang, the figure was sent flying, but the eagle was also forced back.

“Very good! Again!!!” yelling at the top of his lungs, Ka Nong leaped into the air again. His naked upper body had nothing but lean muscles. Letting the King Rank eagle’s strike land on his chest, he hugged the beast’s right leg and threw it to the ground.

As the King Rank eagle fell, another figure emerged. Fang Yuesheng, in his pseudo-holy beast transformation, had become a Bluemoon. His arms had turned into blades and he did a cross-slash at the falling eagle, drawing two ferocious wounds at the root of its wings and dismembered them.

With a piercing scream, the King Rank eagle slammed on the ground, but this was far from the end. A dazzling golden light rose as Duan Tianya, leaping in the air, stabbed his shining holy sword into the eagle’s heart!

Feeling its vitality rapidly flowing away, the King Rank Human-head Eagle made its last decision – Self-detonation!

A terrifying shockwave spread, but the one nearest, Duan Tianya, showed no fear. The Divine Shield sparkled, ready to withstand a King-level core explosion. However, he didn’t just use his own body this time.

“Clay idol!”

His hands pressed on the ground as Duan Tianya urged his energy to his limits, summoning a giant with three heads and six arms which held the King Rank eagle in its arms. The next second, the explosion blew the clay giant to pieces. However, nearly 80% of the explosive impact was absorbed by the giant and only some dust and debris reached Duan Tianya, not even affecting his Divine Shield.

With the only two King Rank beasts handled, the remaining eagles faced the same fate. As two figures rapidly shuttled among them, every time they paused resulted in an eagle falling from the air. However, it wasn’t Xu Chen and Zhu Sisi. While they were strong, they weren’t at that strength yet. The main characters this time were Xiang Tao and Wang Hang!

At this point, all the unexpected reinforcements had made their entrance and turned the tide. However, what they had turned was only the easiest of the three battlefields…


In a golden burst of light, an Exquisite Rank failed to evade Kuang Ta’s foot and was stomped into paste. By now, only two Exquisite Rank puppet masters out of the six fighting Kuang Ta were left, while Kuang Ta hadn’t even lost a scale.

Similarly, Bai Xiaofei was still in a bitter battle against Luo. Being smacked flying, again and again, he overused Invincibility and Teleportation to the point he was running out of energy.

However, securing his footing, Bai Xiaofei revealed a smug sneer. The appearance of Lin Li’s group reignited the hope in his desperate heart. Now, he had seized home field advantage!

“I can drag this out with you for at least ten minutes. Do you think your kin can last those ten minutes?”

At Bai Xiaofei’s words, Luo instinctively looked towards the other battlefield. His heart ached to see his clan members dropping from the air, one after another.

Every Monarch Rank magical beast had their own clan, even the best confidants couldn’t compare to their kin. If the Human-head Eagles went extinct here, Luo’s status in the Infinite Mountain Range would be affected no matter how powerful he was. Hence, the sudden turn put him in a dilemma.

If he was the only one here, he would certainly retreat without hesitation. Compared to his so-called punishment for the humans, his clan was much more important. However, with the presence of Kuang Ta who had not ordered their retreat, he didn’t dare to speak!

“Humans, I shall bury you with my clan today!!!”

His heart was dripping with blood, but Luo continued to attack Bai Xiaofei. He put all the blame on Bai Xiaofei and he could see that this human had already reached his limits. Now that the consumption of Invincibility and Teleportation had been taxed to a horrible degree, Bai Xiaofei could not use these two abilities again.

However, facing a fast-approaching Luo, Bai Xiaofei showed no intention of dodging!

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