Chapter 556: Despair?!

Chapter 556: Despair?!

Everyone’s heart leaped at Luo’s successive attacks. If Bai Xiaofei died, their doom was basically set in stone.

Fortunately, Bai Xiaofei didn’t let them down. The dust cleared, revealing him to be struggling back on his feet.

He had used Invincibility right when the final blow landed which saved him from death, but the first two attacks made him greatly suffer. Moreover, Luo was obviously still in his best condition. Whether Bai Xiaofei could survive the next attack was in question.

Meanwhile, Kuang Ta seemed to be displeased by how this fight was still dragging on. He personally acted with his right-hand man, yet they still hadn’t wiped out these humans. Kuang Ta deemed this an insult.

“How long do you plan to keep watching?” said Kuang Ta suddenly with a cold harrumph.

The thick fog that had helped with their ambushes suddenly rolled, and then, a series of eerie breaths could be heard from within.

“Careful! They’re Shadow Death people!” shouted an Exquisite Rank puppet master.

After several engagements, everyone present had learned the identity of those assassins. However, it was not relief that this knowledge brought, rather the name ‘Shadow Death’ was a kind of pressure.

“Everybody get together! Prepare for melee!!” Bai Xiaofei reacted right away.

The students immediately followed his order. If they scattered, the assassins would be invincible.

However, gathering wasn’t a good thing either. The army of Human-head Eagles was still hovering above. A close group of people was equal to an easy target, and the eagles seized this opportunity. As soon as the students flocked together, they took turns to launch dive attacks.

“Shield of the Black Turtle!”

Ming One and Ming Two decisively stepped up. They, who could resist a Master Rank using the Shield of the Black Turtle at the Proficient Rank, were the best choice for a defensive formation. Having advanced far in power, their Shield of the Black Turtle not only covered a larger area but was also much more reliable, looking darker and glossier than in the past.

One Human-head Eagle hit the shield after another, but it didn’t budge in the slightest. Using physical attacks to break through the defense of this black turtle shield was simply a dream.

Unfortunately, physical attacks weren’t even considered a strong ability of the Human-head Eagles. They encircled the area above the Shield of the Black Turtle and then started flapping their wings at the same frequency.

The calm air was stirred, caused by the frequency resonance. The whole area quickly became a field of dense wind blades that repeatedly struck at the shield at an incalculable rate!

Inside the shield, Ming One and Ming Two spat out a mouthful of blood as the turtle shield shook. Seeing this, everyone panicked.

“Transfer energy to them!!!” shouted Han Qianye at that critical juncture.

Having someone to manage the situation, everyone calmed down. They sat down cross-legged and began to form two steady streams of energy that flowed into Ming One and Ming Two, which temporarily stabilized the shield.

However, they all knew that this was only temporary. At this rate, they would definitely run out of energy first. And when that happened, the turtle shield would crumble and they would be ground into minced meat by the seemingly endless wind blades.

Still, this was their only choice. If they had chosen to fight, they were bound to die, albeit in a different manner, under the combined attacks of both the eagles and the assassins.

Now, Shi Kui’s group inside the turtle shield was putting all their hope on their companions outside. If the Human-head Eagles weren’t handled before they were exhausted, they would die!

From a distance, Fang Ye noticed this and did not hesitate to attack. His target was the flock of Human-head Eagles hovering in mid-air! Following Fang Ye, the remaining three Ranged Stream puppet masters also launched attacks. Although their attacks weren’t as sharp as Fang Ye’s, they were still enough to kill some defenseless Enlightened Rank beasts.

Seven, eight eagles were shot down. Seeing this, the four got ready to attack again. As far as the current situation was concerned, they were the last hope of the defending students.

Unfortunately, this hope faced the crisis of being obliterated at its ignition.

Just as the four people were about to launch their second round of attacks, eight figures suddenly rushed out from the fog at a speed that shocked them.

Two were pierced and died on the spot. The third person survived a fatal blow using his escape ability, but was stabbed in his shoulder and died being chased by two assassins.

The only survivor was Fang Ye, who had activated his Starnet Brilliance without delay the instant an assassin approached. The invincible barrier not only helped him block the attack but even created a chance to counter.

Melee fighting was a required course of the Savage Class!

The gun puppet turned into a sturdy iron bar in Fang Ye’s hands as he slammed it at the assassin’s head. The latter immediately collapsed. No longer bothering with him, Fang Ye thrust the gun into the neck of the next assassin and forcefully lifted him up.

Hearing a crunch, Fang Ye threw down the corpse with a broken neck in his hands. Dragging his gun in one hand, a short sword appeared in the other as he coldly scanned the six assassins around.

Although he had been busy with Illusion Demon and the Student Community, Fang Ye had never stopped tempering his own strength and he put in more effort than most people.

The six assassins quietly exchanged glances before dashing at Fang Ye from different directions.

Seeing this, Fang Ye’s lips curved up into a sneer. I might have some scruples if you continued your sneaky ambushes, but coming at me head-on is a different story!

At this kind of distance, Fang Ye could hit a target even with his eyes closed. He fired his gun and forced back an assassin, then swung his sword and parried an attack before crossing the gun at his back and accurately blocking an attack from behind!

The common case of ‘Ranged Stream feared melee combat’ had absolutely no meaning in the Savage Class!

By the time Fang Ye stopped, the six assassins had become dead bodies, but he had also paid a huge price. His right arm hung weakly at his side, blood dripping down. The short sword in his left hand was still stuck in a corpse as his own chest was soaked with blood.

Fang Ye had won this small fight, but right at this time, two figures rushed out from the thick fog…

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