Chapter 555: Bai Xiaofei vs Luo!

Chapter 555: Bai Xiaofei vs Luo!

“I didn’t think you’d be able to keep up with my speed, but too bad for you, your rank is too low!” Luo was smug after his slap successfully landed upon Bai Xiaofei’s head.

On the contrary, Bai Xiaofei tried to stabilize himself with a gloomy face. He chose to fuse with Purple Luan so that the puppet’s speed advantage would make up for the rank gap, but who would have thought that Luo’s innate ultimate ability was speed-related?

If it weren’t for Purple Luan’s Invincibility blocking fatal attacks at critical moments, his body might have been cold already.

Moreover, the current situation looked dire. If this dragged on, the four Exquisite Ranks fighting Kuang Ta would die sooner or later. By that time, everyone else here wouldn’t be able to escape death either!

Retreat had become their only choice, but Bai Xiaofei couldn’t find a chance to retreat.

“Wild bird, your rank is your only advantage anyway. If you were at my rank, I would have plucked you naked!” Despite slowly losing the actual battle, Bai Xiaofei refused to lose his verbal fight.

In fact, it was irrational to provoke the opponent at a time like this as angering Luo would only lead to him suffering a worse beating, but he had no other choice. He must ensure that Luo’s full attention was on him, otherwise, once Luo attacked the others, they wouldn’t last very long.

“Stupid brat, you’re begging for death!”

His provocation proved useful. In the face of ridicule, the smug expression on Luo’s face instantly turned into fury. He shook his wings and his two-meter-long body appeared above Bai Xiaofei, the silver-gray claws grabbed at Bai Xiaofei’s head!

“It’s not certain who will die yet!”

Launching Invincibility, Bai Xiaofei no longer had to worry about his defense. His right hand had transformed into a bird claw and flashed with a purple light towards Luo’s abdomen.

At the peak-grade of the Master Rank, Bai Xiaofei had mastered how to skillfully manage his origin energy. Coupled with Purple Luan’s characteristics, this blow was powerful enough that even Luo would have to avoid. Just now, Luo had already suffered from this very attack.

Luo advanced fast and retreated just as fast. Bai Xiaofei’s attack was sharp, but his speed couldn’t keep up with Luo’s, so he could only watch the latter escape.

After the blow failed, Bai Xiaofei used Teleportation without hesitation. The next second, Luo appeared in the spot where Bai Xiaofei had just disappeared. If he had stayed a little later, he would have become a corpse under Luo’s claws.

The two had roughly figured out each other after a few exchanges. Invincibility was formidable but the duration was too short. Knowing this, Luo counterattacked in the matter of a blink, and he had also predicted that Bai Xiaofei would escape by Teleportation.

This was exactly what Luo aimed for. First was to exhaust Bai Xiaofei’s physical strength and origin energy, and second was to create an opportunity for the third attack! Be it Teleportation or Invincibility, using these two skills continuously would make the consumption burn at a terrifying rate!

Locking onto Bai Xiaofei, Luo bolted out again. Bai Xiaofei had resisted Luo’s last three-hit-combo with Starnet Brilliance, but it could only be used once a day. Therefore, he was now left with two choices – Flat out resist, or resign himself to enormous energy consumption. This was the result that Luo wanted.

However, Luo overlooked something, which was that Bai Xiaofei was not alone.

“Energy armor!”

Due to merging with Purple Luan, Bai Xiaofei’s origin energy had also become a unique purple color. He looked quite dashing clad in such full body armor. As soon as the armor formed, Bai Xiaofei raised his hands to meet Luo’s incoming claws, clearly intending to fight him head-on.

Seeing this response, doubts rose in Luo’s heart. He was certain that if Bai Xiaofei took him head-on, he would be fine while Bai Xiaofei would definitely be torn to pieces!

With this thought, Luo’s doubts were replaced by resolution and confidence. Since you want to die, I’ll help you!

Despite the long description, everything happened in just a split second. The moment they clashed, four energy bullets sped in!

It was Fang Ye!

Fang Ye and the others had never revealed themselves after arriving with Bai Xiaofei. Instead, they lay in wait in a suitable position, ready to attack. Just like now, making a grand entrance.

Fang Ye’s all-out bullets were aimed at the same exact point. Even a Monarch Rank magical beast would definitely find this uncomfortable, and the most important thing was that the attacker was unknown!

Shocked, Luo chose to be more cautious and a sure-kill attack turned into a tentative one. He half-heartedly exchanged a few blows with Bai Xiaofei while dodging Fang Ye’s shots and swept a glance in the direction where the bullets came from.

Then, four Human-head Eagles flew straight towards Fang Ye’s location. However, they hadn’t gone far when sky-blotting attacks had already engulfed them, not even leaving any ashes.

Those attacks came from the three Grandmaster students. Although they had just advanced to the Grandmaster Rank, it wasn’t a problem to kill a few Enlightened Rank beasts after a long preparation.

This short exchange shocked the already flustered Luo.

First was a series of attacks that could injure him, and then his four Enlightened Rank underlings were insta-killed. He was starting to suspect that there was an expert hiding in the dark that could threaten his life!

“Come again! Let me toy with you until you die!” Noticing Luo’s hesitation, Bai Xiaofei started to provoke him again. While Luo had gone easier just now, Bai Xiaofei was still injured, so he needed to stall for more time to recover.

“You want to die so badly?! Then I shall fulfill your wish!” Clenching his jaw, Luo’s body, which was slightly trembling in anger, began expanding. “Even if you have one more Exquisite Rank, what can you do anyway? If I want to kill you, even a Legend Rank can’t stop me!”

As his body enlarged, Luo’s aura also soared. His originally mid-grade Monarch Rank jumped to peak-grade and even seemed like it would break through to the Emperor Rank!

“I may not be the strongest among the Monarch Ranks under Master, but I am definitely one of the most capable!”

These words still echoed when Luo suddenly appeared in front of Bai Xiaofei at a terrifying speed far exceeding the latter’s reaction ability. With a rumble, Bai Xiaofei was smacked flying!

And that was just the beginning.

Bolting after Bai Xiaofei, who was still flying backward in the air, Luo’s claw landed on his waist, smashing him into the ground. Successively, Luo took a deep breath facing Bai Xiaofei in the deep pit, and opened his mouth. Pale yellow energy gathered into a horrifying beam and shot out.

A thunderous explosion drowned out everything and the shockwave overturned everything around. By the time the people present returned to their senses, the whole area was covered in dust…

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