Chapter 554: Grave Crisis!

Chapter 554: Grave Crisis!

“He moved!”

As they waited, a student saw Wu Chi’s finger move. Everyone instantly focused on him.

Under their intent gazes, Wu Chi slowly woke up to see a round of unfamiliar faces as he slowly gathered his consciousness.

His Heavenly Origin Physique and Blood Demon enabled him to drain the whole elephant herd to death, but the self-detonation of a King Rank Hurricane Steel Elephant left him seriously injured. If Yue Songbai’s group hadn’t arrived in time, he might have been dead now.

“Junior, what happened here?” Yue Songbai hurriedly voiced his question as soon as he saw Wu Chi’s eyes regaining focus.

“Where is… Big Brother Fei? Did he send you guys…?” Wu Chi weakly asked about Bai Xiaofei instead of answering the question.

“If you mean Bai Xiaofei, yes, he told us to come,” Yue Songbai seriously replied.

Wu Chi squeezed out a smile with great difficulty. I knew Big Brother Fei would be fine…

“What was the situation here? Who killed these Hurricane Steel Elephants? Are there any other survivors?” Yue Songbai fired a series of questions with his heart at his throat. What he needed to hear most right now was good news. As far as the present situation was concerned, Wu Chi was likely to have one or two. Someone who could kill so many people and beasts would definitely be a great help!

“I did…” Although his voice was light, everyone heard clearly those words coming from Wu Chi’s mouth.

Yue Songbai and Jiu Yue were collectively shocked.

“You killed them?” Jiu Yue couldn’t help but exclaim, expressing the surprise of the rest.

“Or else? Is there anyone else here?” Wu Chi asked back, his attitude didn’t weaken one bit in the face of two Exquisite Rank puppet masters.

“How did you do it, aren’t you just…” Yue Songbai questioned, but swallowed back ‘Master Rank.’ If all this was really Wu Chi’s work, it would be a bit impolite to say so.

“Some things are inconvenient to say. Brother Fei must have told you where to gather?” Wu Chi wasn’t the same person a year ago. The gap between him and Bai Xiaofei had taught him a lot. He had become a qualified thinker in most situations.

“He did, but are you sure you don’t need to rest more in your current condition?”

Yue Songbai and Jiu Yue were tactful, experienced experts. They immediately understood Wu Chi’s implication. There were some kinds of power that needed to be kept confidential to grow.

“Sir, you think I have time to rest?” Wu Chi forced himself up. The pill that Yue Songbai had fed him was still constantly treating his body. At the same time, the energy replenished had reawakened Blood Demon, which then also helped him recover as well. Despite being far from his best condition, supporting in a fight was not a problem.

Seeing Wu Chi’s seriousness, Yue Songbai and Jiu Yue exchanged glances.

“Then let’s go.”

Wu Chi was right, they had no time to rest!

While Wu Chi’s group hit the road again, Bai Xiaofei’s location became the common destination of the other two teams.

However, at that very moment, Bai Xiaofei was facing despair.

“Humans, you shall all die!”

A roaring laughter echoed in the thick forest, followed by a deafening explosion. Right after, five figures were sent flying. At the center of the explosion, Kuang Ta, covered in a glittering golden light, flung out his nose at lightning-fast speed with terrifying momentum. The person he targeted could immediately smell death.

“Wind Shield!!!” unable to escape, the targeted person shouted at the top of their lungs. A huge pale blue barrier then appeared above him.

His reaction speed was laudable, but unfortunately, his energy shield failed to last more than half a second…

The long nose smashed down, kicking up a gale. All the surrounding flowers and trees were uprooted while a human breath completely vanished.

An Exquisite Rank expert fell, just like that…

After getting rid of one person, Kuang Ta sneered as though assured victory was in his grasp. His dreadfully huge eyes scanned the remaining four people, sending a chill down their spine.

They were scared, but they knew that fighting head-on was their only choice. Running would only make their death more miserable!

On another side of the battlefield, the situation was similarly nasty. Arriving to the rescue, Bai Xiaofei had entered the Spiritualization state with his Purple Luan and was confronting another Monarch Rank general under Kuang Ta, a Human-head Eagle named Luo.

Compared with Blackie, Purple Luan’s consumption was simply as low as it could be, but so was its offensive ability. The result of this coupled with the huge rank suppression from the opponent resulted in Bai Xiaofei having to passively defend. But he had to hold on because if he couldn’t, the others would fall as well.

The one who had fired the signal was Mo Ka, but Mo Ka wasn’t the only person here!

Duan Yiyi, Shi Kui, Ming One, Ming Two, Han Qianye, and Rui Mengqi. They hadn’t been so lucky to be placed in a group, but that their teams happened to be near each other and they had quickly gathered after the incident happened.

Perhaps it was also due to the considerable collective strength of this big group that they became Kuang Ta’s target. From the moment Kuang Ta made an appearance until now, two out of six Exquisite Rank puppet masters had fallen and the students had suffered heavy casualties. Before Bai Xiaofei had arrived, the army led by the Human-head Eagle had been slaughtering the students.

This, in addition to the assassins occasionally ambushing from the thick fog, put the team in a precarious situation!

“Floating Blade!”

The eyes of Mo Ka, who had been weak fodder for half a day, flashed with a cruel glint as his Floating Blade penetrated a Human-head Eagle sneaking up on Han Qianye.

“Holy Light!” Her hand lifted, a semicircular shield spread out around Han Qianye as the center. The shield bounced the Human-head Eagles without affecting the people of Starnet around.

Seeing this shield, the students were delighted. They shrugged off their enemies and ran into the shield.

This was not the first time Han Qianye had used this skill in this battle. Every time it appeared, it gave everyone a little time to catch their breath. However, the amount of energy consumed was equally formidable. After summoning the shield, Han Qianye’s face quickly turned pale.

“This is the last Holy Light. Please grasp this chance to recover!” Han Qianye’s aura was in contrast to her appearance of a loli. Otherwise, Bai Xiaofei wouldn’t have gotten a headache from when they had first met.

Within the shield, they heaved a long sigh. They instinctively looked at Bai Xiaofei in a fight with the Monarch Human-head Eagle Luo in the air, and even ignored the roaring Kuang Ta.

Will there be a miracle this time too?

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