Chapter 553: Belated Rescue!

Chapter 553: Belated Rescue!

After killing all the assassins in one go, Wu Chi looked coldly at the two King Rank elephants, the commanders of the elephant herd.

Wu Chi’s performance in the basic courses was as bad as Bai Xiaofei, so he knew neither the origin of these giant elephants nor their abilities. But after fighting them for so long, he reached a conclusion: They were helpless against him!

Which simplified the matter. If you don’t plan to move, I will!

Determined, Wu Chi revealed a cold smile and slowly walked towards the two King Rank elephants. Yes, he walked!

Pretending to be all that was a skill everyone was born with. In this case, the purpose was much more than just for the sake of acting cool. It gave him more time to prepare himself and allowed the pressure from his aura to drive his opponent crazy, even if their rank was higher.

“Human, you are seeking death!”

Wu Chi’s action severely hurt the elephants’ self-esteem as King Ranks. At that moment, they just wanted to fight him with their lives. They let out a long shriek, and the elephant herd surrounding Wu Chi joined in with a collective shriek before stampeding towards him.


“Faster!” urged Yue Songbai with a hint of impatience and dissatisfaction at the people behind him. If it weren’t for this group of Grandmasters dragging his feet, they would have already arrived at the place instead of being worried in vain while listening to the echoes of roaring.

The previous ambushes had made both Jiu Yue and Yue Songbai more vigilant than ever. Now they didn’t dare to leave the students and go by themselves, for that way they couldn’t ensure the students’ survival. Moreover, displeased as they were, the combined strength of those Grandmaster Ranks was still considerable.

Meanwhile, the students behind were inwardly complaining. They truly hadn’t expected that so many things would happen in this grand celebration, let alone having to move around nonstop with their lives constantly at risk.

However, despite nursing hearts full of doubts and resistance, none dared to express anything.

Unless there were any surprises, death would be their only end if they ever broke away from this group. Therefore, when faced with Yue Songbai’s reprimand, they had no choice but to break through their own limit and speed up.

Throwing energy consumption out of their consideration, the speed of the small team rose to the next level as the roaring sounded closer and closer.

“Why is it suddenly so quiet?” Just as they approached their destination, Jiu Yue’s face abruptly changed and his heart was uneasy.

“You stay here! I’ll go check!” Yue Songbai also realized that something was wrong. After leaving those words, he rushed out and quickly disappeared from everyone’s sight.

The big group was divided into three and their party was definitely the strongest in overall strength as the only one with Exquisite Ranks in it. It would be embarrassing if they screwed up.

Shuttling through the dense fog and trees, Yue Songbai was overwhelmed by a strong stench of blood, which made his already dark face sink further. That’s not a positive sign…

When he finally arrived at the scene of battle, Yue Songbai was stunned. It was no wonder there was such a stench, this was a sea of corpses! Littered all over the place were all kinds of corpses, and Yue Songbai even saw someone familiar among them.

Gu Qi, also an honorary elder of the Multihouse Group, only now he was a corpse. Apart from him, Yue Songbai saw the bodies of the students once every few steps, but outnumbering them were that of giant elephants and Assassin Stream puppet masters…

“Hurricane Steel Elephants?! So many of them, dead?!”

Hurricane Steel Elephants were a type of pack magical beasts that were rather tough to deal with. Not only were they extremely good at wind attacks, but just their monstrous defense and physical power alone were enough to make people despair. However, judging from this scene, it seemed that a whole herd of Hurricane Steel Elephants was massacred?!

Thinking this, Yue Songbai couldn’t help but gulp. Am I really too late?

Holding on to his last glimmer of hope, Yue Songbai continued his search. The blood stench around him grew thicker and thicker. Gu Qi’s death was obviously not caused by magical beasts, so this sea of corpses was like a mystery.

Could it be that there was another Exquisite Rank, and they self-detonated?! Yue Songbai was never more cautious as he spread his perception to the maximum. Finally, he felt a faint breath not far away, one that belonged to a human!

Running in that direction, what Yue Songbai saw shocked him. If the battleground just now was a slaughterhouse, then this small area in front of him was hell!

Dense bodies were entangled and everywhere were residual limbs and minced meat, it was impossible to tell whether they belonged to humans or magical beasts. The stench was so strong that even an Exquisite Rank like Yue Songbai wanted to vomit.

And in the center of this hell was Wu Chi, who was lying there quietly, barely breathing. His body was completely soaked in blood and covered in countless wounds.

Yue Songbai hurriedly rushed over and placed his hand on Wu Chi’s shoulder. Gently injecting energy into Wu Chi’s body, he received a response that made him heave a long sigh of relief.

Excessive consumption of energy and excessive blood loss, this student can still be saved!

Yue Songbai took out a pill and sent it into Wu Chi’s mouth using energy. After the latter’s condition gradually stabilized, Yue Songbai looked around with a frown.

As far as he could see, Wu Chi was only a Master Rank puppet master, so it was absolutely impossible for him to be capable of all this. Yue Songbai saw a huge, deep pit on the ground that was obviously caused by the self-explosion of a King Rank magical beast.

Could it be that the other Exquisite Rank expert was killed by the explosion?

Various conjectures flashed through Yue Songbai’s mind, but they couldn’t be verified before Wu Chi regained consciousness.

Before long, the rest of the group arrived. Similar to Yue Songbai, Jiu Yue was also full of confusion. As for others, they couldn’t hold back from throwing up.

This kind of scene was a bit too shocking for these students who had just reached Grandmaster Rank and hadn’t ventured out from the academy.

Originally, these students who broke through to the Grandmaster Rank after several years of accumulation were going to become elites of the continent, but all the occurrences so far had destroyed their newly rising confidence.

At this moment, everyone was quietly watching Wu Chi, waiting for him to wake up and answer their doubts…

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