Chapter 552: Climax of Battle, a New Wu Chi!

Chapter 552: Climax of Battle, a New Wu Chi!

“Help me!” shouted the target, knowing that it was impossible to escape the pull on his own.

His shout worked. An elephant flung its nose and rolled its flying companion in mid-air. However, it did not change the fact that Wu Chi had gotten close to the target. The Martial Goddess's Bracers worked on both ends. Using Pull, Wu Chi leaped and shot towards the chosen assassin like a bullet. Upon approaching, Wu Chi, instead of attacking, launched the skill of his Earthcore Armor, and a terrifying suction spread with him as the center.

In an instant, all the humans and magical beasts around him were caught in double skills – One was the suction force from the Earthcore Armor, and the other came from the blood in their body.

Blood was the foundation of a living body, and strength and energy were circulated relying on the flow of blood to a certain extent. After nearing Wu Chi, this operation was disrupted!

Grabbing the shoulder of the unlucky assassin, Wu Chi smiled coldly.


Sound of bones breaking echoed. Just as the unlucky assassin uttered a scream, Wu Chi’s slap landed on his head…

Under Wu Chi’s full strength against his defenseless state, the poor assassin had no other end but death. With a crack, his head hung limply.

Wu Chi didn’t stop here. Stepping on the assassin’s body, he jumped onto the back of the elephant which had just saved the assassin.

With the crisis of death befalling it, the giant elephant let out an anxious roar before furiously shaking its body like crazy. Wu Chi had killed not only one of its kind. The giant elephant knew full well that it must not let him create a wound on its body!

The rest of the people and beasts also acted. It would be too unreasonable for so many of them to fail to catch a Master Rank puppet master!

The humans snuck into the dense fog, laying in wait for an opportunity. The elephants pointed their noses towards Wu Chi and seconds later attacked in unison. Huge wind blades came from all directions at Wu Chi and the giant elephant he was on, wanting to kill them together!

“Quite cruel of you lot, huh?”

Wu Chi, who had firmly fixed himself onto the back of the elephant, sneered. The blood armor on his body seemed to come to life as it instantly turned into a thick blood cocoon, wrapping him up and firmly blocking all the sharp wind blades.

However, the elephant under him was not so lucky. Despite its decent defense, it still couldn’t withstand such intensive attacks from other beasts of the same rank. Desperate shrieks resounded and the elephant soon collapsed. However, it didn’t just simply die.

Under Wu Chi’s control, the blood in its body was extracted at a fast speed, supplying the blood cocoon and helping him resist the dense wind blades. Still, when the wind blade attacks stopped, all the blood accumulated until then was consumed, and various wounds appeared on his body.

However, the enemy’s attacks were far from over. The fog quickly filled the wind blades’ place. A figure suddenly rushed out from Wu Chi’s blind spot and stabbed him in his back without warning! By the time Wu Chi felt the blade in his body, it was already too late. The only thing he could do was to lean slightly sideways so that the blow would not take his life.

The sharp dagger broke the defense of the Earthcore Armor, penetrating his skin before deeply piercing into his back. Enduring this terrible pain, Wu Chi’s expression became ferocious.

“Since you’ve come, no need to leave!”

Wu Chi let out a burst of unbridled laughter. The wound on his back suddenly spat out a blood column, which turned into a blood-red ribbon and wrapped around the assassin’s neck to his disbelief. The next second, the ribbon turned into a rotating blade, and his head fell.

Under Wu Chi's control, his blood gushed and expelled the dagger from his body. At the same time, the blood from the dead assassin became the nourishment which healed Wu Chi’s injury.

Thanks to Blood Demon, Wu Chi’s blood was exceptionally inclusive and he could use any kind of blood for anything. It was also due to this reason that he had become perverse in drawn-out battles. As long as he wasn’t dead and as long as there was blood nearby, he would always be in his best condition!

Of course, this was based on the premise that he still had origin energy…

“Terror!” With a roar, a golden light shone on Wu Chi’s forehead and spread.

Eye of Terror: dispels all buffs from surrounding enemies, reveals assassins in hidden state.

At a time like this, the Eye of Terror worked miraculously thanks to its strong effect on the dense fog. A large area was cleared instantly, and the assassins preparing to ambush Wu Chi were revealed one after another. At that moment, their faces were filled with horror.

Nothing else but just because they were too close to Wu Chi!

“You all stay!” With a long battle cry, Wu Chi once again launched the Earthcore Armor’s ability, and the assassins were pulled towards him.

However, these assassins weren’t small fries. After realizing that they couldn’t run, they made a decision to take this opportunity to attack Wu Chi. How are you going to hide when so many people attack from so many angles?

The answer was not to hide!

Letting all kinds of strange weapons pierce his body and with the extreme pain numbing his nerves, Wu Chi forced out a smirk, a tragic smirk that terrified everyone!

Still not dead?!

Indeed. Not only was he not dead, but he also had become even crueler!

“Bloody Storm!”

Scarlet blood gushed out from Wu Chi’s wounds and a blood vortex was formed in a blink. The assassins caught in the vortex first had wounds appear on their bodies, followed by rapid blood loss, and finally all drowned by the growing bloody vortex…

A while later, the vortex stopped and all the blood gathered at one point. Before long, an unscathed Wu Chi wearing blood armor reappeared.

The fight continued!

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