Chapter 551: A Sudden Retreat!

Chapter 551: A Sudden Retreat!

“Get back!” Pushing Leng Liuying behind her, Leng Liuli placed herself in front of her two sisters and conjured an energy shield from Bai Xiaofei’s token to block the dense mud arrows coming at them.

However, this was only a part of the attack as the other Unknown also made its move. A violent gale mixed with flames crashed down from the sky and burned clean the fog around, continuing fiercely with the intent to incinerate the triplets.

At that critical moment, Leng Liushuang used her Fei token. Another energy shield appeared and saved them. However, the triplets were also spent after being besieged by the two Unknowns for nearly ten minutes. Despite having the Fei tokens to defend themselves, their origin energy wasn’t enough to support them for much longer, while the Unknowns showed no signs of exhaustion at all. As natural energy entities, King Rank Unknowns could bombard energy attacks all day.

“Die!” the silent Unknowns suddenly spoke. The mud arrows on the ground that had bounced off suddenly came to life and shot at the triplets from all directions!

Caught off guard, the three girls were tightly enveloped. Fortunately, their energy shield hadn’t been broken yet.

However, they soon realized that something was wrong. Being wrapped in the mud, the energy consumption of the shield increased more than twice as much! In just a few breaths, their origin energy had scraped the bottom.

This was corrosion, the new element that the Unknowns gained control of after being promoted to the King Rank.

“The World in the Mirror, Shatter!”

At the last minute, the triplets shouted in unison, and the depleted World in the Mirror shattered. At the same time, three beams of light shot at the three girls and they disappeared on the spot.

With the help of Shatter, the triplets could carry out one teleportation, but the destination was limited to the coverage of the mirror world. In other words, they were still within the attack range of the Unknowns!

“Are we going to die here…” Leng Liuli muttered in despair. A figure emerged in her mind. So I won’t be able to see him anymore? If I had known this would happen, I would have given him my everything…

Leng Liuli wasn’t the only one who thought of Bai Xiaofei, so did Leng Liushuang and Leng Liuying. Because of him, they didn’t feel fear in the last moment of their lives but were full of lingering regret.

At that moment, the two Unknowns had floated over at their fastest speed, raising their hands to launch attacks. In an instant, a sky-blotting amount of fire arrows rained down. The Unknowns could even anticipate the images of the three humans being pierced and burnt!

However, the Unknowns suddenly felt sluggish right before they quickly turned into two drifting masses of fog and vanished on the spot. The next second, the raining fire arrows froze above the triplets, as a figure flashed by and took them out of range.

When Permanence was deactivated, the fire arrows struck the ground, creating a sea of fire amidst a myriad of explosions. The triplets fell into a daze as they watched the scene in front of them.

The surreal feeling of a narrow escape was enough to make everyone react this way.

“Everything is okay,” Hu Xian’er comforted softly, pulling the triplets back from their trance.

The triplets looked up at Hu Xian’er, their hearts filled with an indescribable feeling.

“Big Sis!” The four Assassin Stream puppet masters behind Hu Xian’er arrived a little later. Even at their fastest speed, they were still much slower than her.

“Where’s the enemy?!” one of them asked as they looked around in alarm. Anyone who could create such chaos was definitely not an easy foe.

“They ran,” Hu Xian’er said lightly, shocking the four Assassin Stream puppet masters.

They ran?! What’s going on?!

Just now, the two Unknowns had received a warning from the man in the fog, so they fled.

The existence of Hu Xian’er had been notified to all those who the man in the dense fog could reach. Hu Xian’er’s Permanence as well as her ability to control flame made her a natural nemesis for the Unknowns. Therefore, the two Unknowns immediately fled upon learning that she was approaching, otherwise, this wouldn’t have ended with just rescuing the triplets. The two Unknowns might have become her spoils of victory.

“Eat this. We have to go to the next place!” Hu Xian’er tossed a pill to each of the three sisters.

Before the grand celebration, Bai Xiaofei had provided everyone with advanced pills, but Leng triplets had already used them all in the battle.

Knowing that it wasn’t time for small talk, the triplets quickly took the pills and sat cross-legged and adjusted themselves. The four Assassin Streams scattered out to keep watch for them.

Hu Xian’er looked in Bai Xiaofei’s direction. You must make it in time!

In another place where a purple signal had been fired, a battle even fiercer than the one between the triplets and the Unknowns was in full swing.

“F*cking die!!” shouting at the top of his lungs, Wu Chi tightly hugged a giant elephant and activated his puppet Blood Demon’s ability. Blood gushed out from the giant elephant’s bowl-sized wound, quickly draining it.

The blood condensed into a set of blood armor that covered Wu Chi. With the strong stench of blood all over him, Wu Chi coldly stared at the magical beasts and humans besieging him.

Looking around, the place was filled with giant elephants like the one Wu Chi had just killed, as well as several people in light gray attire. Except for Wu Chi, his team was lying on the ground, their conditions unknown!

The party who laid siege to Wu Chi didn’t look much better, though. Corpses of giant elephants and humans were sprawled all over the ground, and every single one of them had completely lost color!

The Blood Demon’s power wasn’t exaggerated. Wu Chi, who had just reached the peak of the Master Rank, relied on its heaven-defying ability to resist a group of Enlightened Rank magical beasts and Assassin Stream Master Rank puppet masters. There were even three King Rank giant elephants present.

His time as fodder was gone forever as he was now the super reliable puppet master Wu Chi!

“What’s wrong? Dropped your guts somewhere? Then I’ll just have to go first!” Sneering, Wu Chi raised his right hand and pointed at a person.

The selected Assassin Stream panicked. After fighting each other for so long, he had fully understood Wu Chi’s ability, so he knew exactly what Wu Chi was going to do!

However, knowing the opponent’s next move and responding were two different things. Sometimes, the simpler something was, the harder it was to deal with.


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