Chapter 550: The Plight of the Triplets!

Chapter 550: The Plight of the Triplets!

His worst fear having come true, Bai Xiaofei just wanted to curse out loud. However, the situation in front of him wouldn’t even give him the time to do that. After less than two seconds of consideration, Bai Xiaofei made up his mind.

He could not abandon any of the three places, no matter how much risk this decision posed!

“The purple signal is very important to us. We must save them no matter what, so we’ll divide into three teams! Fang Ye and the three Ranged Stream puppet masters, follow me; the four Assassin Stream masters, follow Xian’er to the farthest signal; the rest, please follow Senior Jiu Yue and Yue Songbai to the remaining one!

Bai Xiaofei paused a little to look around at everyone. Hu Xian’er, Fang Ye, and the students showed no objection as they all knew of Bai Xiaofei’s influence in Starnet, but the two alumni were slightly displeased.

From meeting up until now, Bai Xiaofei had always taken the dominant position while only showing the strength of a Master Rank. The feeling of being commanded by someone weaker was enough to cause discomfort to anyone.

Bai Xiaofei could see this, but he didn’t have time to explain further.

“Seniors, no one knows more about the entire Infinite Mountain Range than I do now. I hope that you can join hands for the big picture!” Bai Xiaofei said sincerely as he cupped his hands.

Fortunately, the two alumni didn’t delve into this. They chose to accept his explanation.

“Where do we gather?” Jiu Yue asked in a low voice. Although there was no clear statement, the implication was obvious.

“There is no fixed assembly spot. Whoever saves the people at the signal first will proceed to the next one. If we miss each other, I will send two purple signals at once and we’ll assemble there.”

With this, all arrangements had been settled. No one delayed as they rushed in their agreed direction.

Meanwhile, fierce battles were playing out under the three purple flares.

“The World in the Mirror!” shouted the Leng triplets in unison. The world in the shiny mirror opened up.

However, the triplets weren’t in good condition. Leng Liuying’s waist had been dyed red with blood, the wound still haunted with a mass of black fog, preventing it from recovering.

Their leading alumni had died at the hands of the assassin hidden in the team. Fortunately, the assassin had been led away. At present, the enemy of the triplets and the lucky survivors were two King Rank Unknowns.

Unknown, a kind of magical beast similar to the Earth Infant, born from heaven and earth. It looked like a purple lamp genie – a mass of rolling purple fog without legs that floated without any energy consumption. The face was hidden in the fog and only two eyes shone through with a bright purple light.

Unknowns got their name from their means of attack. Unknowns above the Enlightened Rank could freely use the four basic elements of water, earth, wind, and fire. Upon reaching the King Rank, they’d gain control over one more rare element, and so on with each rank up. Every time they advanced a rank, they’d be able to control one more element.

Under Kuang Ta, the leader of all Monarch Rank magical beasts emperors was a peak-grade Monarch Rank Unknown!

The two King Rank Unknowns in front of them were but servants of that Monarch Rank Unknown. It was a mystery why their boss hadn’t shown up. However, just those two King Rank Unknowns had already driven them into a dead end.

“Wall of the Mirror World!”

There was no delay in the triplets’ cooperation as their hearts were connected. Under their control, two illusions of Unknowns were projected before them and barely managed to block a fire dragon.

However, some illusions alone weren’t enough to offset the fire dragon’s damage. The violent explosion that ensued sent them flying.

On the other side, the second Unknown was manipulating a tornado mixed with countless earth thorns to chase after the rest of the survivors. This tornado rising to the sky was comparable to that of an Astronomical Level phenomenon!

This was the frightening thing about the Unknowns, either they didn’t attack or they came with pseudo-Astronomical Level attacks!

However, owing to the Unknowns’ illusions being destroyed, a portion of the damage was reflected back to the real bodies and broke up the Unknowns’ follow-up attacks. The Leng sisters fell to the ground while the other members were given a little time to catch their breath.

And they used this short period of time to escape!

It wasn’t that they didn’t have courage, but that there was nothing they could do to the Unknowns. Unknowns were a kind of magical beast that had no physical entity. They were immune to physical attacks, and except for the Leng triplets who were capable of few energy skills, the rest of the students present were from the Melee Stream.

It wasn’t that Starnet’s grouping was unreasonable, but that all the Energy Stream puppet masters had been set as first targets by the Unknowns and insta-killed right off the bat. After all, Unknowns took double the damage from energy attacks compared to any other magical beasts.

Therefore, with the information provided by the man hidden in the fog, these two Unknowns easily gained the upper hand!

Back to the current situation, the students came up with the correct decision, but escaping from Unknowns was a far too difficult task.

One Unknown lifted its hand, and two purple lights poured into both it and its companion’s body. Their bodies that were flickering due to the damage were instantly stabilized. Right after, the other Unknown lifted a hand, conjuring a gale that blew in the direction of the students escaping and slowed their pace.

The next second, several thin water columns broke through the ground. The columns were only the radius of a thumb, but the impact they caused was extraordinary! The two students were caught off guard and nearly pierced through from the bottom. Their quick reaction to release a shield at a critical moment saved their lives.

Unfortunately, this was far from the end.

The water column attacks had just ended when the gale approached. This gale had, along the way, turned into numerous wind blades!

There was no such thing as an unlimited shield in this world. Under the dense wind blades, the students saw no hope for a miracle. Compared with the people that had died before them, their death ended up being much more painful.

Between being insta-killed and being sliced by wind blades, the former was certainly more comfortable…

After taking care of the other students, the two Unknowns turned towards the triplets. Now, they would make sure to take their lives!

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