Chapter 53 The Ability Of The Boys!

After madly pursuing Huskie for several minutes, it wasn’t long before the boys suddenly arrived at the place that they had fetched water from earlier. Bai Xiaofei was the first to catch up to Huskie. He originally intended to properly ‘educate’ Huskie, yet when he saw the latter’s behavior, he quieted down while looking towards the river bank. 

Not long after, the other nine boys caught up, each mimicking the actions of Bai Xiaofei. They originally intended to grumble, but noticed the atmosphere was off and quieted down.

“Big Brother Fei….” Mo Ka silently crept over to Bai Xiaofei’s side. Judging by the fact that he wasn’t panting nearly as much as before, Xue Ying’s medicinal bath clearly wasn’t a normal one.

“Barbaric Rank beasts, Roar Boars. They look like they ought to be a group, and I see a total of sixteen of them.” Bai Xiaofei spoke quietly while Mo Ka swiftly passed on what he said to the others. Hearing his words, the rest of them silently spread out before seeing the beasts that Bai Xiaofei had warned them about.

Roar Boars were fierce beasts that lived in groups, and could evolve into Brilliant Rank magical beasts upon maturing to the limit. A mature Roar Boar weighed at least 250kg, and possessed a unique skill that gave them their names, Roar!

So long as they encountered an enemy, the Roar Boars would emit a deafening roar in unison, seizing the moment the enemy was affected by this roar to launch an attack, or to flee.

Amongst beasts of the Barbaric Rank, Roar Boars could be considered to be one of the most difficult to deal with.

“There’s no need for so many.”

“We just need to kill one!”

Ming One and Ming Two’s eyes glowed. Even though Roar Boars were difficult to deal with, they were famous for the supple texture of their meat!

“I can kill one, but I don’t have a way to escape safely.” Wang Hang had suddenly arrived by Bai Xiaofei’s side, creating a rare moment where he voluntarily spoke. Moreover, his serious expression entirely didn’t seem as if he was boasting.

“A single one isn’t enough. I remember that the meat of Roar Boars can be kept for many days, right?!” As a wisp of a smile crept up his face, Bai Xiaofei’s eyes revealed a trace of sharpness.

Just as he said this however, Huskie softly barked twice, causing Bai Xiaofei’s face to sink.

“F*ck, are you my dog, or hers? You won’t transform just because she asked you not to?!” When faced with Bai Xiaofei’s raised right hand, Huskie let out a justified and confident bark, causing the former to force himself to suppress the rage in his heart.

“Fine! If I can’t rely on you, then so be it! I don’t f*cking believe that I can’t f*cking deal with over ten Roar Boars!” Bai Xiaofei left Huskie behind and called everyone else together.

“I want to take down all these Roar Boars, none of you have any objections, right?!” Having already grown used to Bai Xiaofei’s thought process, they were already waiting to hear what method he would use to deal with the boars.

“First, I need to understand all of your abilities before determining if we’re able to take them all down.” Bai Xiaofei swept his gaze over everyone, only continuing to speak once he saw that each of them had approving looks on their faces.

“Ming One, Ming Two, can the two of you resist the charge of the Roar Boars? Just twice is enough!”

“Three times!” The two brothers didn’t let Bai Xiaofei down, even giving him an answer that exceeded his expectations.

“Xing Nan, Fang Ye, what are your ranged puppets, and how accurate are they?” Xing Nan and Fang Ye glanced at each other when their names were called out by Bai Xiaofei, prompting them to reveal their puppets.

Xing Nan’s puppet was a little green bow the size of a person’s forearm. However, there was no bowstring on it. He’d always had this thing hanging on his waist, and if he hadn’t said anything, Bai Xiaofei and the others would’ve thought that it was some kind of accessory from the Southern Territory.

On the other hand, the wealthy Fang Ye withdrew an enormous heavy rifle from his storage ring, its dazzling outer appearance instantly capturing the attention of everyone present Gun puppets were a new type of puppet that had appeared in the last 30 years. In fact, the first generation inventor had already been called a godly craftsman because the impact of this type of puppets was truly too great!

Someone had once said with certainty that the appearance of gun puppets would very likely change the situation of wars on the continent. However, these words were destined to be proved false. The reason was because gun puppets were simply too expensive to manufacture!

Even an overlord level Empire like Violethorn was incapable of creating an army of gun puppets, and it was exactly because of this reason that gun puppets were called the privilege of the rich.

For example, if this heavy rifle puppet of Fang Ye’s were to be placed on the market, it would fetch a price of ten million Amethyst Coins at the absolute minimum! But what Fang Ye said next almost caused Bai Xiaofei to spit out a mouthful of blood.

“I’ve never hit a target 200 meters away from me…” As soon as he finished speaking, a certain thought appeared in everyone’s mind — A waste of God's gifts!!!

“What about you?”

All hope was on Xing Nan now.

“Amongst one hundred arrows, I might miss a single one from 200 meters away.” His confident reply fully displayed  Xing Nan’s pride as a master archer

Bai Xiaofei nodded with satisfaction before turning around to look at Chen Hui.

“Chen Hui, what’s your puppet?” Under everyone’s gaze, Chen Hui withdrew a snow white pearl from his chest. Pouring his origin energy into it, a strand of icy coldness stretched out. Moreover, the pearl surprisingly emitted a violet glow!

“Snowfreeze Pearl, Ice Stream inheritance puppet. My mother left it to me.” Chen Hui’s tone carried a trace of nostalgia.

Even though it wasn’t exactly a good time for Chen Hui to reveal such emotion, everyone still displayed due respect.

“To what extent can you utilize it if you use all of your strength?” Bai Xiaofei’s question was rather direct, and Chen Hui pondered briefly before pointing towards the river below.

“I can freeze that river for five seconds at most!” Chen Hui was even more direct, giving an immediate and concrete example.

After Chen Hui finished speaking, Bai Xiaofei glanced at the remaining people. That said, he didn’t inquire about any of their abilities, causing Wu Chi and the rest to feel a faint sense of loss.

Yet, if they thought about it carefully, there really was nothing to ask about them. This was doubly the case for Mo Ka...Everyone anxiously waited as Bai Xiaofei flitted around in the undergrowth, not speaking a word as he scoped out the situation. When he finally returned to where the group was, his eyes carried a trace of confidence.

“All of you must remember what I’m about to tell you. Because we don’t have the ability to come to each other’s rescue, any mistakes you make must be dealt with by yourself!” Bai Xiaofei’s voice deepened as he gave everyone their tasks. Each person’s individual role was quite simple, but when they looked at everything together, the group couldn’t help but be stunned.

This is something he thought up just now?!


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