Chapter 549: Shadow Death and Distress Signals!

Chapter 549: Shadow Death and Distress Signals!

“Didn’t you say you have everything under control? What about that stinky brat and that woman with a time skill?! You people could just ignore someone with Legendary Rank combat power like that?!”

You Feng glared at the thick fog in front of him, looking like he just wanted to slap the thick fog into bits. However, he knew that it was pointless to do anything to the fog…

“Merely an uncertain factor. Starnet is so big, having one or two special cases is normal. Moreover, that boy is within the scope of our reminder, you just ignored him. As for the girl, don’t you find her familiar?” A dimly discernible voice came out of the thick fog, refuting You Feng’s points one by one, rendering him speechless.

“What do you mean? What’s the problem with that woman?” You Feng frowned as he rummaged through his memories, but he couldn’t think of any other contact with human beings recently.

“As far as I know, your party has been looking for a magical beast.”

This time, the faint voice aroused a completely different reaction from You Feng.

Magical beast… Fox form…

“How can that be?!” You Feng was shocked beyond belief.

“Nothing is impossible. According to the information we have, the Fox clan possesses a secret technique that allows them to take human form early. Your side pushed them to the edge, so it became their only choice, and it has proved to be quite successful so far.” A sneer came out from the thick fog, seemingly to have already anticipated You Feng’s reaction and also completely disregarding the gravity of the situation.

“I must inform Master of this!” You Feng said, then dragged his injured body and ran off.

Another sneer came out from the fog.

“The news you brought is very useful. I will report your contributions when I return.” The thick fog gradually condensed into a human form, a middle-aged man with a neat look.

As soon as the man finished his words, another figure came out of the thick fog, someone Bai Xiaofei absolutely didn’t want to see in this circumstance…

“I don’t need you to report my merits. The Lord will make his own decisions. Also, do not move against the person I’ve said. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude!” Xue Ying threatened icily, but the man wasn’t scared at all.

“Branch master of Blood Shadow, acting on your emotions is a big taboo. You should not forget the rules of our Shadow Death!” The man coldly snorted, there was displeasure in his voice.

“It’s not your place to teach me what I should do. Moreover, all of my decisions are considered from the perspective of Shadow Death. You being unable to see this doesn’t mean the Lord can’t!” retorted Xue Ying coldly without a hint of guilt.

“I hope so. After all, there are only a few branch masters, I don’t want to lose a lovely comrade-in-arms like you.” The man laughed loudly before turning into a thick mass that slowly merged into the surrounding fog.

Not a second after the man’s departure, Xue Ying’s expression cracked a little…


“How long will he take to get better?” asked one of the Exquisite alumni as he stood guard beside Bai Xiaofei. The continuous distress signals shot out from the dense forest flustered him. He couldn’t figure out why there hadn’t been any movement from Lei Shan’s side.

“Already good!” Heaving a long breath of relief, Bai Xiaofei, who was sitting cross-legged, opened his eyes. In front of him was a huge pile of used Starnet Stones.

Looking at the people around him, Bai Xiaofei gained some confidence. Two Exquisite Ranks plus a dozen Grandmaster Ranks would be enough for many things!

“There is no time to introduce myself, but I need to know about everyone’s ability so that I can make arrangements.” Bai Xiaofei was straightforward to put himself in charge. The time was different. If he continued to be inactive like with Xiong Shou, Starnet would really be finished.

Hearing this, the two Exquisite Rank alumni exchanged glances. They hesitated for a moment before introducing themselves.

Jiu Yue, branch president of the Puppet Master Alliance in the Cloudveil Empire, Ranged Stream puppet master at the second opening of the Exquisite Heart, and Hu Xian’er’s team leader.

Yue Songbai, honorary elder of the Multihouse Group, Onslaught Stream puppet master at the third opening of the Exquisite Heart.

Upon completing the Grandmaster Rank cultivation, puppet masters would enter the first checkpoint of the Exquisite Rank: being enlightened. The number of apertures opened would represent their Exquisite Rank’s power. Until all seven apertures of the heart were opened, each opening would be a major leap in strength.

The rest of the people present also gave a general introduction to their abilities. Bai Xiaofei kept all the useful information in mind. Through communication, he also learned very pessimistic news.

All the people Hu Xian’er had brought here weren’t from two or three teams, but five whole teams!

The bell ring had signaled attacks to break out in every team almost at the same time. Hu Xian’er saved her leader with Permanence, but when they were about to capture the assassin, the guy blew himself up. Jiu Yue survived but the other three team members were killed.

Yue Songbai was lucky as there were no hidden assassins in his team, but his team had been attacked by magical beasts on the way to rescue others and suffered heavy losses.

The remaining three teams were more normal cases. Their three Exquisite leaders had died in the face of surprise attacks. If it weren’t for their dying blows seriously injuring or even dragging the assassins to death, their teams might not have even been left with a survivor.

The silver lining in this misfortune was that these survivors met Jiu Yue’s team and gathered together, then they all saw Bai Xiaofei’s signal and followed Hu Xian’er to his position.

After getting the details, Bai Xiaofei couldn’t help a sigh. He had been mentally prepared that the situation would be very bad, but obviously he wasn’t prepared enough.

Mighty Exquisite Rank puppet masters killed one after another, just like that? At this rate, how many people could walk out of the Infinite Mountain Range alive in the end?

And this was only secondary. What worried Bai Xiaofei most was the members of the Savage Class and the girls. Various problems put him ill at ease, but he could only deal with them one by one.

To give him a slight peace of mind was the fact that apart from Fang Ye’s distress signal, the others hadn’t fired theirs so far. Bai Xiaofei couldn’t help a sigh of relief. If there were two or more purple flares rising to the sky at the same time, he would be at a loss!

As Bai Xiaofei thought this, three purple distress signals shot into the sky!

Without any surprise, he froze on the spot…

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