Chapter 547: Tackling You Feng!

Chapter 547: Tackling You Feng!

After breaking free from the tentacles, it was hard to tell the expression on You Feng’s millstone-sized face, but clearly there was a storm in his heart.

Because during the short time he was held off by Bai Xiaofei, his three King Rank underlings had successively become dead bodies. Afraid that they’d distract You Feng from his own fight, these three hadn’t dared to self-detonate. They trusted Yu Feng too much and thought that he would be able to collect their bodies later instead of leaving them to be trophies for Bai Xiaofei’s group.

Reality, however, proved otherwise…

Seeing his Enlightened Rank subordinate apes being killed one by one, Feng You didn’t even dare to move as he guarded alertly against Bai Xiaofei’s group who slowly surrounded him.

The two sides were in such a stalemate until Fang Ye and the others cleaned up the surroundings before scattering. They would be unable to help in the next battle, they didn’t even have the qualification to watch at close range!

“We can let you go, as long as you swear on your own magic core to no longer participate in any future battles in the Infinite Mountain Range!” Bai Xiaofei opened his mouth and said something that didn’t surprise anyone.

If they went and fought recklessly at this time, their power was indeed enough to kill You Feng, but they weren’t 100% sure that they could control the latter’s self-explosion. None of the people here had confidence they could resist a core explosion from a Monarch Rank magical beast.

Bai Xiaofei could only guarantee his own survival using Invincibility. He wasn’t even sure that he could protect Hu Xian’er, not to mention the others. He could use Virtual Reality to create an invincible shield, but not to mention the huge consumption, whether he could still maintain the Spiritualization state during such an explosion was already in question.

Therefore, Bai Xiaofei settled for second best.

If this war was only against the magical beasts of the Infinite Mountain Range, Bai Xiaofei would have had no scruples, but the problem was that there was still a group of worms hiding in the dark!

“You killed so many children of mine, and now you want me to act like there’s no bad blood?!” said You Feng coldly. Despite being in a weak position, he did not consider Bai Xiaofei’s suggestion at all.

Such were magical beasts. They rarely acted according to the situation. Eight out of ten magical beasts always meant what they said.

“Don’t you consider your master Kuang Ta? After the Monarch Tree Demon died, how many Monarch Ranks is he left with? The situation is very clear. If we fight, the best you can do is blow yourself up to take us down with you!“

Who was Bai Xiaofei? He could trick even experienced seniors like Luo Xi and Jing Cheng, let alone a Monarch Rank magical beast.

Indeed, Bai Xiaofei’s words really poked at You Feng’s sore spot. If he were to die here as well, Kuang Ta’s status in the Infinite Mountain Range would be greatly affected, the chain reaction after which would not be something Kuang Ta could afford!

Seeing You Feng hesitate, Bai Xiaofei was inwardly delighted.

“I give you one minute to think about it. If you refuse to make that oath, then a fight will be our only choice!” The longer the delay, the more variations there would be. Bai Xiaofei refused to give You Feng a break.

Meanwhile, Hu Xian’er and the two Exquisite alumni were following Bai Xiaofei’s lead.

Hu Xian’er was needless to say, while the other two were willing to listen because of the strength Bai Xiaofei had just shown. And this valuable consensus that the three had reached condensed into a heavy pressure!

Under this pressure, You Feng hesitated…

As the countdown for one minute ticked by, You Feng’s expression grew more and more tangled. On one hand was his dignity a Monarch rank, and on the other was his revered master. This choice was much too difficult to make.

However, his loyalty to Kuang Ta still prevailed in the end. You Feng was going to make the oath!

“Human, you win. I accept…” You Feng was halfway through his words when his expression suddenly changed. He was first stunned, then ecstatic.

“Sh*t!” Bai Xiaofei was neither blind nor stupid. What that change of expressions indicated was obvious.
He really didn’t think that You Feng’s backup would come so fast!

“Seniors, please pay attention to the surroundings. Xian’er, you’re with me!” Bai Xiaofei wasn’t familiar with the two Exquisite Ranks’ abilities. In order not to make it difficult for them as well as to increase their safety, he decided to take a risk and fight.

Spiritualization plus a time-type ability to leapfrog challenge a Monarch Rank magical beast!

“Permanence!” Hu Xian’er instantly understood Bai Xiaofei’s plan and launched her time ability. Everything around lagged as Hu Xian’er’s body flashed and she appeared right next to You Feng.

It was right at this moment that a familiar golden light once again burst out from You Feng!

However, unlike before, You Feng did not rely on pre-judgment but his innate ultimate skill – Holy Golden Blessing. After this ultimate skill was activated, You Feng’s strongest defensive ability, aka the golden light whose effect was infinitely close to an invincible shield, would be automatically launched once his life was threatened.

Even so, Hu Xian’er still attacked. Her Claw of Torment was no joke. As long as the golden light on You Feng’s body didn’t explode like last time, she would let him know what regret was!

Her huge flaming fox claw fell upon You Feng’s head. Upon contact, the invincible light that should have been able to block everything was as fragile as paper under the claw and showed no effect at all. Unfortunately, just as Hu Xian’er was about to succeed, the golden light exploded, and with a force far stronger than before!

Hu Xian’er was sent flying by the impact like an arrow into the dense forest. Even You Feng was pushed back by the explosion. However, it successfully broke Permanence!

The flow of time returned to normal and so did the velocity of the explosion. Slow motion suddenly sped up until it was difficult to capture with the eye, but Bai Xiaofei was already prepared. He opened his arms.

Swallow it all, Endless State!

All energy attacks were nourishment for his Endless State!

Within the shockwave, everyone was like a weak boat in the storm, but Bai Xiaofei was like a duck to water as he shuttled freely around and quickly found You Feng who was still being blown backward.

At the same time, You Feng also saw Bai Xiaofei, someone who shouldn’t be able to appear in front of him at this moment. His huge eyes were instantly filled with horror!

Who on earth is he?!!!

“Goodbye.” With a slight smile, Bai Xiaofei inhaled a deep breath. “Devouring the Heaven and Earth!”

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