Chapter 546: Turning the Tables!

Chapter 546: Turning the Tables!

At Bai Xiaofei’s action, You Feng’s heart jumped. This aura is at least of the Legend Rank! Don’t they say that there are only three Legend Rank puppet masters in the continent?! Then what the hell is this?!

Now You Feng had no doubt about Bai Xiaofei’s strength at all. He even thought that only in this way could he explain Bai Xiaofei’s attitude so far. For a Legend Rank, nothing was impossible!

“Retreat!” You Feng finally made the order that he had been hesitating to give.

“Want to run? Too late!”

Bai Xiaofei suddenly roared, and a pure golden energy wall rose from in front of You Feng. The next second, time seemed to stagnate as everyone fell into a state where a second felt like a year.

If Bai Xiaofei was alone, of course he wouldn’t dare to initiate a fight. His roar just now was a signal to Hu Xian’er!


A petite figure abruptly appeared above You Feng. Hu Xian’er’s right hand had turned into sharp fox claws covered in flame, striking down upon You Feng’s head – the very same claw that the golden wolf had died from last time!

However, history did not repeat itself. The moment Hu Xian’er was about to connect, You Feng emitted a golden light that blocked her strike. The golden light then exploded right after. Hu Xian’er had no choice but to retreat as her Permanence came to an end.

As soon as the time flow returned to normal, the golden light exploded at full force. No one knew what had happened. By the time they regained sight, Hu Xian’er had landed next to Bai Xiaofei while You Feng’s face was covered in horror.

Earlier, it was You Feng’s instinct that had saved him!

When he heard Bai Xiaofei roar, You Feng had sensed a hint of death and managed to launch his golden light life-saving skill, which then gave him time to react when Permanence ensued.

However, despite being spared from death, You Feng’s heart was thrown into chaos.

Time skill!!!

His eyes wide as bells, You Feng stared fixedly at the newcomer. He was sure that the only one with the ability to control time was Hu Xian’er. Otherwise, he would already have been killed by Bai Xiaofei. It was also at this moment that You Feng understood why Bai Xiaofei had talked so much nonsense. He had also been waiting for backup!

Unfortunately, You Feng realized this all too late…

Hu Xian’er was the first to arrive, but she was not the last. After her, several figures landed in the surroundings. There were 17 people in all. And the trouble wasn’t the quantity, it was the quality of this group that made You Feng anxious.

Two Exquisite Rank puppet masters and the rest were all Grandmaster Ranks! It would only be a matter of time before they killed him in an encirclement.

“Sorry, it seems that my people are faster!” said Bai Xiaofei as he took a step forward.

You Feng’s heart tensed. He knew I sent a signal?!

You Feng’s heart sank at this realization. The present situation was a grave crisis for him. Two Exquisite Rank puppet masters, an unfathomable Bai Xiaofei, and Hu Xian’er who had a time skill. You Feng couldn’t see the slightest chance of victory. His only hope now was that his boss would send someone as soon as possible…

Unfortunately, seeing how You Feng had been very decisive to start a fight with Fang Ye before, now Bai Xiaofei was even more decisive to do the same. Time was precious for him at this moment as lives were at risk everywhere in the mountains.

Without any hesitation or words, Bai Xiaofei attacked. Killing You Feng was his only purpose! He raised one hand and the golden wall around You Feng seemed to come to life as countless tentacles stretched out from it, shooting at You Feng and the three King Rank apes around him at blinding speed.

They didn’t know what the tentacles could do, but none of them dared to test it with their body. Dodging became their obvious choice.

However, this reaction was what Bai Xiaofei hoped to see the most. Manipulating the tentacles to besiege You Feng and his three underlings, Bai Xiaofei gradually separated them. Right then, Hu Xian’er and the two Exquisite Rank puppet masters acted. Their goal wasn’t You Feng, but the three King Rank apes!

Seeing this, You Feng’s heart sank again, but he was already too late to realize this.

Bai Xiaofei activated Purple Luan’s teleport skill and appeared in front of You Feng. The countless golden tentacles floated around, looking ready to fight the great ape to death!

The rest of the low-level apes wanted to help, but the remaining fifteen Grandmaster Ranks weren’t inexperienced fighters. They might struggle against King Rank magical beasts, but it was no problem holding off some Enlightened Rank beasts, which was below their rank!

“F*ck off!” You Feng roared in erupted fury. A golden burst flared on his body as his gigantic fist smashed towards Bai Xiaofei.

“Sorry, can’t!” Bai Xiaofei snorted. The tentacles twisted together and formed a fist bigger than You Feng to welcome his incoming attack.

The instant the two fists met, a terrifying shockwave spread and sent everything nearby flying. At the same time, Bai Xiaofei spat out a mouthful of blood. Resisting a Monarch Rank’s attack head-on was still beyond him…

However, this still counted as a successful counter, and You Feng wasn’t faring any better either. The fist formed of tentacles dissolved right after contact and crept up You Feng’s arm, turning it into a cocoon in the blink of an eye. Being bound by the golden tentacles, the great ape was horrified once again because they were devouring his energy!

This was why Bai Xiaofei risked serious injury to take on his punch. Stopping You Feng was only secondary. The real reason was that Bai Xiaofei couldn’t drag on.

Maintaining Spiritualization with Blackie consumed enormous amounts of origin energy. While Endless State let him continuously absorb surrounding energy, the total amount of energy in a fixed space was limited. He would vacuum clean any area if he stayed there for more than two minutes.

Therefore, he set his sight on the tougher magical beasts, such as You Feng!

The tentacle form was the solution created by Bai Xiaofei’s quick wits in his desperation. They were the realistic manifestation of Endless State, which was only made possible using Blackie’s Spiritualization ability.

“Get off!!!” Feeling his energy being sucked away at a crazy rate, You Feng emitted the familiar golden light that battered the tentacles.

However, despite the short period of contact, the energy absorbed by the tentacles was enough for Bai Xiaofei to squander for a while!

“Thank you for your generosity!” Bai Xiaofei chortled as he grew active again.

His perverse body once again displayed its might, and the real battle was about to start!

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