Chapter 545: Acting Mighty to Deceive!

Chapter 545: Acting Mighty to Deceive!

Staring at Bai Xiaofei, the great ape was silent for a while. Meanwhile, Bai Xiaofei seemed to completely disregard its presence as he landed next to Fang Ye. He raised his hand and three golden beams fell from nowhere onto the three seriously wounded people.

Very quickly, their injuries recovered at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Imitation of Resurrection Light – Luo Han’s skill!

With his back facing the ape, Bai Xiaofei’s face twitched, but soon this small fluctuation was suppressed.

The consumption to simulate Resurrection Light wasn’t any lower than that of insta-killing the Enlightened apes just now, but the effect of this skill left Bai Xiaofei no choice but to use it for the sake of pretending to be mighty. It was definitely necessary for such an act at a time like this!

Looking at the three near-dead people suddenly become alive and kicking, the great ape who planned to advance stopped in its tracks.

Insta-killing Enlightened Rank beasts and insta-healing fatal injuries of three people at once, such means astonished the Monarch Rank great ape. Very few puppet masters of the peak-grade Exquisite Rank were capable of this. The great ape hesitated.

Its stagnant reaction didn’t escape Bai Xiaofei’s notice. Feeling delighted in his heart, he turned around.

“Sacred Golden Demon Ape You Feng, mid-grade Monarch Rank, one of the most competent under Kuang Ta. Very good at supporting in operations but also possesses strong melee capability. Known as the strongest shield of Kuang Ta and hasn’t lost once so far,” Bai Xiaofei said slowly, his face full of confidence.

This made You Feng’s heart tighten. Bai Xiaofei knew him too well, but he knew nothing about Bai Xiaofei.

“Who are you?!” Excessive apprehension forced You Feng to abandon his plan to start a fight. He did not dare to disobey Kuang Ta’s orders, but he didn’t want to die either.

While probing Bai Xiaofei, You Feng had already sent out a signal. If one Monarch Rank beast didn’t suffice, two would do!

“I’m just an ordinary Master Rank puppet master. What’s wrong? Is the mighty master You Feng afraid of me?” with a smile, Bai Xiaofei introduced an identity that You Feng refused to believe to be true.

“Afraid of you?” You Feng sneered.

At the same time, three King Rank apes of different species around You Feng stepped forth. Their strong aura wasn’t something that newly promoted King Rank beasts could compare.

However, they were just pretending to advance. They dared not really attack without You Feng’s command.

“You have crossed the line. If you leave now, you may still live. If you stay, you will die!” You Feng threatened.

Yet threats were what Bai Xiaofei wanted to hear most now! When one relied on threats, it meant that they wouldn’t resort to action for a while. Dragging this on would work in his favor.

You Feng was waiting for backup, but so was Bai Xiaofei. He had no chance to win against You Feng. Even the King Rank apes present alone could exhaust him to death.

However, once they stalled, it would be a different story. Both sides were waiting for help, but their situations were quite different.

The activity areas of magical beasts were relatively fixed. Even if Kuang Ta ordered them to wipe out all the people in the Infinite Mountain Range, they wouldn’t go too far and would definitely prioritize the humans in their own territory. In other words, You Feng’s backup would take a long time to arrive.

Bai Xiaofei’s backup was the contrary. Bai Xiaofei was uncertain about others, but Hu Xian’er and his people who he had contacted had been hunting in the area around him. They must have seen Fang Ye’s flare and it wouldn’t be long before they arrived.

Not to mention if the leading alumni in their teams were present, just Hu Xian’er and his friends gave Bai Xiaofei enough confidence to fight You Feng. After all, Hu Xian’er could insta-kill King Rank beasts!

“That’s not up to you whether I’ll die or not. In fact, I think we still have a good chance of winning if all Kuang Ta has sent are his several Monarch Rank underlings. After all, even I can hold off one, and there are many more people like me in the Infinite Mountain Range at this moment!”

Bai Xiaofei’s serious declaration once again made You Feng’s heart sink.

Many more like him?!

“Brat, might as well cut your nonsense! Don’t think that we don’t know anything about you lot. Someone has given us exact information. You have absolutely no chance to get out alive!”

In his panic, You Feng revealed an important intel. Bai Xiaofei had some guesses, and now You Feng had confirmed them. There was a mole in Starnet, and the status of this mole wasn’t low!

“Does the information you have include me, then?” With a sneer, Bai Xiaofei asked a jaw-dropping question.

There actually wasn’t!

“You underestimate Starnet too much. Since we dare to organize this activity, how can we not have a perfect countermeasure? This event is just to let you know that Starnet is still the same Starnet, not an existence that you can look down upon at will, but who could have thought that you are so stupid to retaliate? It was just a lesson, but now that you’ve made such a fuss, I’m afraid it won’t be so simple!”

Bai Xiaofei’s unreasonable dominance struck You Feng dizzy. At the moment, You Feng had started to believe that his boss had been fooled. If he could, he wanted to catch that person who instigated his boss and confront the bastard face to face. Unfortunately, his status didn’t qualify him for this.

As for the rest of the people present, they were floored. If they weren’t witnessing this situation with their own eyes, they wouldn’t believe that someone would dare to talk to a Monarch beast like this! And he was only a Master Rank at that!

Once again, Bai Xiaofei was put on a pedestal…

“It’s obviously you people who invaded the Infinite Mountain Range first. Now you want to teach us a lesson?”

Running out of reasons to stall, You Feng chose to grab a point to refute Bai Xiaofei as the anxiety in his heart thickened. Bai Xiaofei’s words had given him tremendous pressure.

Meanwhile, Bai Xiaofei’s heart skipped a beat. If he guessed correctly, the ones who ‘invaded the Infinite Mountain Range first’ should be him and his group…

However, of course, even if he was beaten to death he still wouldn’t admit it. There was only one thing he had to do at the moment – keep pretending!

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, but if we’ve really messed up the Infinite Mountain Range, you wouldn’t be explaining to me like this. In terms of strength, you should be the easiest of Kuang Ta’s confidants to be handled,” as Bai Xiaofei said this, he took a step forward and a powerful aura that was out of proportion to his actual strength spread.

When you have an advantage, enlarge it!

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