Chapter 544: Heavenly Troops!

Chapter 544: Heavenly Troops!


General’s Kang sword raised high, a blinding light instantly enveloped the area. Even the distant Monarch Rank great ape temporarily lost sight of the area.

However, this golden light didn’t last long, dispersing after just five seconds and revealing General Kang, who had sent the rest of the group to an unknown place. The five apes that had just approached him had been cut down during that five seconds, but General Kang himself was seriously injured as he was being stepped on by a King Rank ape.

“Animal, you shall die with me!!!” With a tragic smile, General Kang poured the last of his energy into the sword in his hand, and a violent momentum spread.

“Human, that’s enough from you!”

In a blink, a gigantic figure appeared beside General Kang and sent its King Rank underling flying with a slap. At the same time, the great ape’s right hand that was covered in a golden glow pressed upon General Kang’s whole body. Right after, a loud explosion echoed throughout the area, followed by a terrifying force. However, the shockwave didn’t spread out from the great ape’s hand!

With a cold snort, the great ape picked up General Kang’s ragged body. The man’s dying blow couldn’t hurt a single hair…

After confirming that General Kang was dead, the great ape turned to look in another direction.

“You really think you can send them away?” Crushing General Kang’s body, the great ape sneered. At its behest, the remaining apes set out running in that direction.

Not far away, Fang Ye and another student were running while carrying the three seriously injured students.

“We can’t run away with them!” the third-grade senior cried with horror on his face as he stopped and put down the wounded person he carried.

“Don’t! Please don’t leave me! I don’t want to die yet!”

The three wounded people instantly panicked. They who had just grown out of their teens were still children in a sense. Having witnessed their teammates die in miserable states one after another, their fear of death had reached an extreme.

“If you want to run by yourself, then go. I’ll take them with me!” Gritting his teeth, Fang Ye made a difficult decision. He picked up the wounded who had just been put down and ran again. Any argument would be nonsense at a time like this.

The senior who chose to abandon the wounded looked down on Fang Ye’s action. As far as he was concerned, preserving his own life was the most important matter at the moment. However, he was happy to see this scene. As the story went, when you were chased by a bear, you didn’t have to outrun the bear, you only had to outrun those with you!

This was what the third-year senior thought as he soon passed Fang Ye and left him far behind.

Little did he expect that there was a big difference between the big apes who were chasing them and the bear in the story. Catching up, the apes didn’t attack Fang Ye carrying the wounded but rushed past towards the senior ahead.

The apes knew that the ones behind couldn’t escape, while the faster one ahead had a chance to, and they wanted them all!

“I’ll fight you to death!!!” yelling at the top of his lungs, the senior summoned his puppet and quickly pushed his physical state to the limit.

Unfortunately, the apes were much faster than him…

When the leader of the chasing apes came back with the senior’s body that had been kneaded into paste, Fang Ye already had no way to escape.

“It’s over, we are going to die here…” uttered one of the wounded with an ashen face. His words shattered the last hope in everyone’s heart and despair spread among them.

However, the apes had no intention to give them time to grieve. Villains died from talking too much. Fortunately for the apes, they couldn’t talk, so they acted immediately.

The five apes leaped at them with their fists that were as big as hot pots. Moreover, it was obvious that they knew Fang Ye’s ability. Each ape was covered in a defensive layer of golden light from their Monarch Rank king.

Fang Ye was cut off of any possibility to kill them, but he still fired. Waiting for death was not the style of the Savage Class! Having quickly replenished his origin energy using energy stones, Fang Ye fired four shots in one breath, which was his limit…

He didn’t think that these four shots actually produced miraculous effects!

As the energy bullets left the muzzle, a special force was instantly added to them, turning the originally fist-sized bullets into terrifying masses as huge as the apes.

Without suspense, four apes were engulfed by these energy bombs. Their invincible golden shields had a limit, and the enhanced energy bombs had obviously exceeded them!

Looking at what was happening in front of him, Fang Ye was filled with a burst of joy. He didn’t have the ability to strengthen attacks like this, so this meant that reinforcements had arrived! He didn’t have to die!

But who are the reinforcements?!

With this doubt, Fang Ye turned towards the remaining ape, and then he saw the figure that he wanted to see most.

“Big monkey, you shouldn’t have touched my people!” Flapping his wings, Bai Xiaofei had forcefully stopped the leaping ape’s fist with his disproportionately smaller palm. Then, he jerked and flung it back to the ground.

But that wasn’t the end. The moment the ape was about to land, dozens of black thorned spikes rose from the ground and pierced it.

After activating Spiritualization when facing Wu Xizhao, Bai Xiaofei had maintained it until now. Blackie’s Virtual Reality offered infinite possibilities, and Enlightened Rank magical beasts were no longer a threat to him in the Spiritualization state!

Still, Bai Xiaofei couldn’t engage in a long fight with Enlightened Rank magical beasts. The stronger his virtual attack was, the more energy it consumed. As strong as Endless State was, it wouldn’t turn him into a perpetual machine. However, he was the only one who knew this at the moment.

With its underlings being insta-killed, the Monarch Rank great ape had to show up in person. Bai Xiaofei’s emergence was so abrupt that it made the great ape a little nervous.

To be able to quickly kill five Enlightened Rank magical beasts, even the Exquisite Rank was only so strong. Exquisite Rank General Kang already wrecked a lot of its underlings, and Bai Xiaofei seemed to be even more difficult!

However, after looking at Bai Xiaofei carefully, the great ape’s nervousness turned into surprise.

How is this possible?! A Master Rank puppet master?!

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