Chapter 543: Great Formation Sealing God!

Chapter 543: Great Formation – Sealing God!

The teachers acted quickly per Lei Shan’s arrangement. Lei Shan himself also chose a direction and started out.

However, just as they were about to leave, a golden energy wall suddenly rose, covering the whole square and stopping everyone!

“This is…” Jing Cheng’s face was covered in horror. An energy wall that could stop so many people at once was beyond his knowledge.

“How is it possible?!!!” Blasting one lightning bolt after another at the wall, Lei Shan’s face was full of disbelief. He had seen this before, but that was decades ago and was buried deep among his unspeakable memories.

Great Formation – Sealing God!

Creating this formation required extremely demanding preparation that was impossible to complete within a short time, but once it was arranged, even the most destructive power of a Timeless Rank expert wouldn’t be enough to shake it!

In other words, they were trapped in the square!

“Principal! What is this thing?!” asked Jing Cheng, who along with the other teachers had quickly gathered at Lei Shan’s side.

“I’m afraid we can’t get out…” Lei Shan informed them of a fact that made everyone’s heart sink and began to explain about this formation.

After understanding the effect of the Sealing God Great Formation, everyone was horrified. How can this kind of thing appear in Starnet?!

“Isn’t there a way to break it?” The fat folds Chu Qingtian’s face twitched as he was unwilling to accept this.

“There is no way to break it from within. Unless we have someone helping from outside to destroy all the energy sources, the formation will not run out of energy and stop. Outside of this, there is no other way,” explained Lei Shan simply. He felt like he had lost all hope.

Considering the current situation, outside aid was simply a luxury. Not only so, but the masterminds behind this should also have been prepared. Even though they couldn’t see if the enemy had anyone stand guard around here, there would definitely be someone hiding in the dark as long as they weren’t stupid.

Even if someone returned to help, breaking this formation was still extremely difficult!

“It seems that someone has been plotting against Starnet for a very long time…” Lei Shan murmured with a long sigh, his heart sinking to the bottom.

While Starnet’s top power being grounded here was also equivalent to maintaining its foundation, if all the students and others outside were sacrificed, it would be a heavy blow that would take years or even dozens of years to recover from.

Moreover, that was only one of the smallest consequences. The real focus was on the alumni!

If Lei Shan guessed correctly, the alumni should be the targets of this unknown enemy. If any misfortune should befall them, the chain reaction wouldn’t be something Starnet could settle. Once important people of major organizations died collectively, chaos would certainly ensue, and Starnet would be the target of public criticism. Failure to provide an explanation and the academy would face an unprecedented storm!

In addition, Starnet was likely just the tip of the iceberg. It was possible that the whole continent would be pulled into a war!

No matter which consequence, it was all too heavy for Lei Shan…

“Principal…” Jing Cheng looked troubled as he struggled to say something.

“We wait!” Lei Shan knew what Jing Cheng wanted to ask, and his answer shocked Jing Cheng and the others for a long time.

Wait?! Wait for what?!

“Principal, do you mean…” asked Jing Cheng softly with a hint of confusion.

“Believe in our students, and believe in that boy! Starnet has existed for so long relying on not only me. I believe that they can create miracles, which is the only way out for us now!”

Upon Lei Shan’s words, everyone’s eyes shone. At the same time, a sleazy figure emerged in their minds. Although this sounded a little impossible, he was their only hope – Bai Xiaofei!

Brat, you are the hope of the whole continent now!

At the moment, Bai Xiaofei was shuttling through the dense forest, unaware that high hopes had been placed upon him. There was only one thing on his to-do list right now – to assemble his people.

Even a brave man needed helpers. Bai Xiaofei wasn’t so arrogant to think that he could cope with the present situation by himself. Just Wu Xizhao’s combat power alone was enough to fluster him, and he was sure that people like Wu Xizhao weren’t the top tier of the enemy!

Moreover, Bai Xiaofei was also worried about the safety of his people. Not every team had an excellent healer like Luo Han. If people like Wu Xizhao were also around Hu Xian’er and the others…

Bai Xiaofei didn’t dare to think about it. He just wanted to find everyone as soon as possible!

Distress signals rose from the forest one after another, painting a grand fireworks party, but Bai Xiaofei ignored them because he couldn’t take care of them all. Until he saw purple fireworks; this was the fireworks he especially prepared for his people in case of special circumstances.

Without hesitation, Bai Xiaofei flapped his purple wings and flew towards that direction. If he was lucky enough, that signal should be able to gather everyone!

Meanwhile, below the purple signal, several people had been in a long fight with a group of magical beasts. Unlike before, the party with the upper hand wasn’t the humans, but the organized magical beasts!

Yes, organized.

Over 20 Enlightened Rank apes of different appearances demonstrated a clear division of labor as they launched attacks back and forth at the surrounded eight people. Not far away, the huge ape that had once appeared when the Monarch Rank Tree Demon was killed was scanning the battlefield warily. Next to this huge ape were two other apes that weren’t much smaller, cautiously guarding their boss.

Below, of the eight besieged, two had had their heads smashed, three were seriously injured and had lost their fighting capacity, and the remaining three also had various injuries.

The alumni leading this team was an Exquisite general of the Cloudveil Empire. His condition wasn’t looking optimistic as his right arm hung feebly and on the golden sword in his left that was inlaid with precious gems, four of the seven gems had lost their luster.

The purple signal came from none other than Fang Ye, currently wielding a puppet gun1!

“I will create an opening, you two seize the chance and escape through there. This is my general token. Help me send it back to Cloudveil!” Handing a special token to Fang Ye, the general looked like he was ready to face his death.

He had no chance to survive against a combat formation led by a Monarch Rank beast…

“General Kang, believe me. We just need to hold on a little longer, and we will be saved!” Gripping the token, Fang Ye gritted his teeth as he refused to accept General Kang’s request. He was only able to live until now as the result of General Kang’s putting his life on the line to save him. Therefore, he didn’t want to watch General Kang die.

“Now!” However, the great ape didn’t intend to let them continue their discussion. At its order, the apes around them immediately started moving.


Pushing Fang Ye and the other person out, General Kang roared and poured energy into his sword. The remaining three gems lit up…

TL correction: the puppet batch Bai Xiaofei got from Shang Youdao (Ancient Yue) aren't spear but gun puppets. I assumed they didn't have guns, my bad >"<

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