Chapter 542: The Wind is Blowing!

Chapter 542: The Wind is Blowing!

“Can he still be saved?” gulping, Bai Xiaofei asked this difficult question with a frown.

What he feared the most now was that Luo Han would say there was no hope for Xiong Shou. If Xiong Shou really died here, not to mention whether his Berserk Bear Mercenary Group would explode, the resulting situation alone would be enough to make them suffer.

Bai Xiaofei dared to say that Wu Xizhao was not the only assassin hidden among the students, which meant the current situation in the Infinite Mountain Range was quite pessimistic…

“Keeping him alive is possible, but I alone can’t help him restore his combat ability. We must send him back to the academy as soon as possible, or else, once I’m out of energy, he may still die!” as she talked, sweat was already streaming down from her face. This was one of the manifestations of excessive energy consumption!

“How long can you hold on?” Bai Xiaofei asked with a bleak tone, his heart sinking.

“If we return now, I can persist until we reach the academy without being interrupted.” Luo Han’s eyes were resolute as she looked at him.

Bai Xiaofei’s brows creased even more. Luo Han’s condition was too ideal. It was absolutely impossible to have no interference along the way, and he even worried that the situation in Starnet was not much better.

But no matter what, he couldn’t leave Xiong Shou here to die…

“Senior, I hope you can accept everything you see next!” Bai Xiaofei turned to look at Sima Ye with a sentence that puzzled him, but he quickly understood.

“Xiaoluo, Xiaobu, come help!”

As soon as Bai Xiaofei’s voice fell, two mounds swelled up from the originally calm ground. Xiaoluo and Xiaobu then emerged from the mounds.

“Earth Infants?!” exclaimed Sima Ye upon seeing them. Chu Tianyi and Luo Han were also surprised.

The idea of a human being able to use this very special magical beast was beyond everyone’s cognition. Bai Xiaofei had already become accustomed to it… What’s the big deal about Earth Infants? He had even bossed around a Ruindemon Flood Dragon!

Of course, there were only a few magical beasts that Bai Xiaofei could use…

Xiaoluo and Xiaobu had followed Hu Xian’er when she entered the Infinite Mountain Range. However, after Bai Xiaofei met up with her not long ago, she had left them with him not only to facilitate contact but also to protect him. King Rank Earth Infants were enough to deal with many magical beasts.

“Master.” Upon their appearance, Xiaoluo and Xiaobu ignored the shocked people and paid their respects to him.

This scene stunned the three people silly again. Master?! What the hell is this?! Bai Xiaofei is a magical beast capable of manifesting human form?!

Bai Xiaofei had no time to guess what was going on in their heads. Time was of the essence for him at the moment!

“Escort the four of them back to Starnet, then go find Xian’er and tell her to meet me as soon as possible. If you meet those people I’ve told you about on the road, tell them the same. They won’t attack you if you hold this,” Bai Xiaofei said and handed one of his normal tokens to Xiaobu.

“Rest assured, Master. We will definitely complete the task!” accepting the token about the size of himself, Xiaobu patted his little chest and promised.

Bai Xiaofei then turned to Sima Ye, who was still in shock. His face grew serious.

“Senior, if necessary, I will explain this to you later. Now I need you to return to the academy as soon as possible and bring aid. If I’m correct, the academy still isn’t aware of the situation here.”

Meeting Bai Xiaofei’s serious gaze, Sima Ye finally shifted his focus to the right place. Indeed, the most urgent matter now was to handle the unexpected situation in the Infinite Mountain Range. If it was really as what Bai Xiaofei guessed, they could be said to be facing a crisis!

“You must live! I’m still waiting for another duel with you!” Sima Ye solemnly nodded. This guy who wasn’t good at expressing feelings said a sentence that stunned Bai Xiaofei.

Is this the legendary ‘no discord, no concord’?

“Don’t worry, Bro, I’m very tough!” Bai Xiaofei flashed him a smile, then looked at Chu Tianyi. “Xiaoluo and Xiaobu can only protect you guys in the dark, so I’m afraid you will be very tired along the way.”

“Don’t worry, as long as I am still standing, no one can hurt them!” Aware of the seriousness of the problem, Chu Tianyi put away his usual flippant manner.

As the situation seemed to grow more serious the more Bai Xiaofei talked, Luo Han frowned deeply and she looked at him full of worries. She didn’t say anything, but Bai Xiaofei already understood.

“Don’t worry, I will carry out my promise to you. Something this small can’t trouble me.” Bai Xiaofei smiled as he stroked Luo Han’s hair gently.

“We should move.” Seeing Bai Xiaofei’s dilemma, Sima Ye immediately stood up and helped him. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be easy for Bai Xiaofei to say goodbye to Luo Han.

Sure enough, as soon as Sima Ye said this, Luo Han couldn’t say anything more. With a heart full of unease and lingering, she followed Sima Ye and the others back to the academy.

After sending them off, Bai Xiaofei closed his eyes and took a deep breath. When his eyes opened, they flashed with a sharp glint.

Come! Let this lord see who dares to interfere with my plan!


Meanwhile, Starnet Academy had become a mess. As Bai Xiaofei thought, Lei Shan and the people there were completely in the dark about what happened in the Infinite Mountain Range.

The monitoring system was disrupted the moment the bell rang, directly blinding them. Then, countless alarm signals were sent out from every corner of the Infinite Mountain Range. Even Lei Shan couldn’t get to all places in a short time.

“Qingtian, Luo Xi, Jing Cheng, you three each lead a team into the Infinite Mountain Range. All teachers of Light of Protection, Furnace of Agarwood, and Gods Amongst Men remain to protect the academy and treat the wounded when they return. The rest of you, use your fastest method to find out what’s happened!”

Everyone was thrown into chaos, but Lei Shan wasn’t. A series of orders from him helped everyone find their balance. All the gears started turning smoothly and his command was implemented as quickly as possible.

As long as Lei Shan was still there, the academy would not collapse! This was the incomparable influence of a Timeless Rank expert!

However, what Lei Shan didn’t expect was that no matter how complete his arrangement was, it was all useless…

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