Chapter 541: Demon Star Makes Appearance, Turbulence Arises Among Dragons!

Chapter 541: Demon Star Makes Appearance, Turbulence Arises Among Dragons!

“Wu Xizhao is gone!” exclaimed Chu Tianyi after searching all the tents.

Right at that moment, Wu Xizhao rushed out from the thick fog in panic. His body was covered in blood, his right arm hung feebly at his side, and there was a vicious wound at his chest.

“Run… quick… Monarch… Rank beast!” struggling to squeeze out the words, Wu Xizhao collapsed as if he had exhausted the last of his strength.

Seeing this, Luo Han immediately went over, her bracelet flashing as she was about to use healing on Wu Xizhao.

However, Blackie suddenly jumped off from Bai Xiaofei’s shoulder and stopped her. At the same time, it growled at Wu Xizhao lying on the ground, flashing its baby fangs.

“Everybody spread out!” The others didn’t know what Blackie meant, but Bai Xiaofei could understand and was horrified. He quickly pulled Luo Han behind him.

The rest was briefly stunned before going into defensive postures. No one would be stupid enough to think that Bai Xiaofei was joking at a time like this.

“When are you going to stop pretending? The blood on your body is not yours!” Bai Xiaofei said coldly to Wu Xizhao, who still lay dead on the ground.

The rest of the group was stunned again. They then looked vigilantly at Wu Xizhao. However, even when it had come to this point, Wu Xizhao still had no intention of moving.

“Tianyi, attack!!” Bai Xiaofei gritted his teeth and shouted. His combat capability was not very strong outside of the Spiritualization state, but Chu Tianyi was different!

Hearing the command, Chu Tianyi hesitated for half a second before biting the bullet. His One Heaven Sword flashed, and the next second, he bolted out. Without suspense, the sword stabbed into the back of ‘Wu Xizhao.’ Not to mention that the guy didn’t budge at all, even if he subconsciously moved, the strength that he had displayed so far wouldn’t be enough to hide from Chu Tianyi’s attack.

Yet, just after the sword pierced Wu Xizhao right in the middle of his back, Chu Tianyi frowned and so did everyone else. If Wu Xizhao was still alive, how could he have no reaction after being stabbed? And Chu Tianyi could clearly feel what he had stabbed was an actual body!

Full of doubt, Chu Tianyi gently turned over the body, and after seeing the face, he was instantly horrified.

It was Fei Gou!

At this moment, a figure shot out from the fog at a speed much faster than that of Chu Tianyi just now, and the goal was the strongest present – Xiong Shou.

Under normal circumstances, Xiong Shou could definitely avoid that attack, but the successive turns of events had distracted him so much that by the time he realized the crisis, he could not escape the blow!

“Bloodthirsty Bear!” He activated his transformation without any hesitation.

However, the figure obviously had anticipated this. Not only did it not stop, but it even picked up speed. Upon nearing Xiong Shou, it turned into a sword light that penetrated his chest. At the same time, the figure became clear after the completion of the attack. It was Wu Xizhao!

Only that Wu Xizhao’s momentum was not something that a Master Rank could achieve. After using all of his strength, Wu Xizhao had reached the Grandmaster Rank!

Xiong Shou, who was halfway through the transformation, collapsed. His aura decayed rapidly, but just as all signs of life nearly faded away, a beam of light fell from the sky and pulled him back from the verge of death.

“How troublesome.” Licking the blood on the short sword, Wu Xizhao looked coldly at Luo Han behind Bai Xiaofei. It was she who saved Xiong Shou.

Her skill that could instantly heal a person of the same rank only had a slow recovery effect on Xiong Shou’s Exquisite Rank body. With the huge consumption of energy, beads of sweat could be seen on her forehead.

Wu Xizhao moved again. This time, he rushed towards Bai Xiaofei!

Although he didn’t know what Bai Xiaofei’s ability was, Wu Xizhao had determined that as long as Bai Xiaofei didn’t merge with his puppet, he wouldn’t have that perverse ability. And he didn’t plan to give Bai Xiaofei this chance. The previous Wu Xizhao couldn’t manage this, but the current him could!

However, he still underestimated Bai Xiaofei.

“Purple Luan!” It was too late for Spiritualization, but enough to summon puppets. An invincible shield was instantly raised in front of Bai Xiaofei and Luo Han. At the same time, Blackie had returned to Bai Xiaofei and started the fusion.

Seeing this, Wu Xizhao sneered. He made a sudden turn and his short sword swung towards Xiong Shou on the ground.

At the moment, Wu Xizhao still had the upper hand, and a simple change from a person who had the upper hand was enough to give their opponents a headache. Just like Bai Xiaofei now, between Xiong Shou and Luo Han, he could only save one!

After quick consideration, Bai Xiaofei teleported in front of Xiong Shou and the short sword bounced off the invincible shield. But Wu Xizhao didn’t stop as he rushed towards Luo Han!

“Mega Wind Dragon!” The moment Wu Xizhao was about to reach Luo Han, a black tornado engulfed her. She was unscathed within the eye of the tornado while Wu Xizhao lost the only chance to get near her.

“Die!” Chu Tianyi once again burst out after accumulating enough force. Both man and sword turned into a bolt that shot towards the retreating Wu Xizhao.

Everyone felt that Wu Xizhao was finished, but at the instant it pierced, he turned into a black fog that Chu Tianyi went right through. Moments later, the black fog condensed and Wu Xizhao reappeared, then rushed into the thick fog without hesitation.

It was also at this moment that Bai Xiaofei completed his Spiritualization. As long as Wu Xizhao stayed for half a second, Bai Xiaofei had absolute confidence to restrain him.

Unfortunately, Wu Xizhao was an excellent judge of the situation. He had shown to be a top-class assassin!!!

This was the conclusion that everyone reached. At the same time, terror rose from the bottom of their hearts.

Nearly half a month; they had stayed with this kind of person for nearly half a month!

In their lingering fear, the group hurriedly gathered around Bai Xiaofei. Chu Tianyi Yi and Sima Ye observed the surroundings nervously. In their view right now, the dense fog had become a beast and they were its prey. No one knew whether something would rush out from it the next second…

The Infinite Mountain Range was going through a huge change!

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