Chapter 540: Pretending to be a Pig?!

Chapter 540: Pretending to be a Pig?!

“Bloodthirsty Strike!” Shattering the skull of a King Rank magical beast with a slap, Xiong Shou cut off any possibility of its self-explosion.

Meanwhile, Bai Xiaofei’s group hiding in the shadows came out.

With Sima Ye’s scouting ability, they could be said to hold a great advantage, or else Xiong Shou wouldn’t have had the chance to ambush a King Rank magical beast, without which the current situation wouldn’t be possible.

Precisely. Even someone as tough as Xiong Shou could only use ambush – normally considered a disgraceful means – when facing King Rank magical beasts. Otherwise, allowing a King Rank beast to self-detonate would have consequences beyond imagination.

“This is the third one. At this rate, our points will be stable at the top ranks.” Chu Tianyi had a big smile on his face as if he already saw the bountiful reward waving to him.

“Don’t overthink. Sima Yi is not the only one who has scouting abilities, and Master Xiong Shou is not the strongest among our alumni,” Bai Xiaofei poured cold water, shattering Chu Tianyi’s daydream.

Bai Xiaofei didn’t lower his voice, so Xiong Shou obviously overheard his conversation with Chu Tianyi, but besides a cold snort, he didn’t refute. Not because of their agreement from the previous confrontation, but because what Bai Xiaofei said was true.

Xiong Shou dared to fight any Exquisite Rank in a 1v1 duel, but when it came to this type of ambush stuff, he was not an expert. After all, his Bloodthirsty Strike wasn’t a sure KO hit, so he only dared to use it on magical beasts around the beginning of the King Rank, but the other alumni were different.

“Rest here for a while. These surroundings should be the activity area of this King Rank beast, so there won’t be any intrusion from other beasts in a while.” Xiong Shou’s cold voice still took a commanding tone.

Even until now, he still hadn’t come out from the mental state of a mercenary group leader, and it looked like he had no intention to either from this established status. Who told him to be so formidable, right?

This time, Bai Xiaofei actually obeyed, but he only found an area to rest for himself and Luo Han. Fei Gou alone was enough for harvesting the materials from the beast corpse.

“You seem to have something on your mind?” Sitting beside Bai Xiaofei, Luo Han keenly felt a hint of anxiety.

“You can say so, yeah.” Bai Xiaofei sighed softly. He didn’t intend to hide anything from Luo Han.

Chu Tianyi nearby hurriedly perked up his ears. He now attached great importance to whatever Bai Xiaofei said. He had known nothing before, but after signing the labor contract, Chu Tianyi had found that his nominal boss was perverse!

“Do you want to talk about it?” asked Luo Han softly, wanting to help him lighten his burden.

“In fact, it’s nothing serious. It just feels a little too calm. We have already invaded the inner circle and so have many other teams. No matter how discreet our actions are, the magical beasts of the Infinite Mountain Range should still notice. But they have shown no reaction even now, which is inexplicable,” said Bai Xiaofei with a frown as he recalled the divination.

‘Demon star makes appearance,’ does this ‘demon star’ refer to magical beasts? But if they’re going to do something, why haven’t they moved yet? Could it be that they are waiting for something?

A series of questions spun in Bai Xiaofei’s mind, giving him a headache. Calm was not always a good thing. This kind of calm before the storm was always the most suffocating oppression.

However, this oppression did not last long…

After implementing safety measures, the group fell into a deep sleep. As the sentry, Fei Gou stayed guard nervously in a dark spot and carefully monitored the surroundings.

Little did he expect that the danger would come from within!

At four o’clock in the morning when the sky was barely lit, an exceptionally thick white fog spread in the forest. Without the aid of using origin energy to see, visibility was no more than two meters, and even using origin energy only increased this distance to less than 50 meters.

Just then, a clear loud bell rang across the Infinite Mountain Range, shocking everyone that heard it. Why would anyone ring a bell in the Infinite Mountain Range?! Did someone get into a fierce battle?

An uneasy feeling rising in his heart, Fei Gou decisively emerged from his spot to inform Xiong Shou of this sudden event. But just right at that moment, a figure suddenly rushed out from the thick fog. Appalled, Fei Gou placed his hand on the alarm prop that Xiong Shou had provided.

“Don’t, it’s me.”

Hearing a familiar voice, Fe Gou heaved a long sigh of relief.

“Damn it, you brat! You want to die?!” Fei Gou scolded in his lingering fear. Wu Xizhao was the only person in the team that he dared to berate.

“Don’t be angry, Senior. I came out to check after hearing the bell too. Is there a special situation?” Wu Xizhao said while nearing Fei Gou.

“Do I need you to teach me how to do things? Since you’ve come, help me guard here for a while. I will inform Leader Xiong Shou,” Fei Gou ordered as he turned to leave, but what happened next was something he could never imagine.

The odd-looking short sword belonging to Wu Xizhao pierced his heart from behind. Looking at the bloody blade sticking out, Fei Gou’s eyes were full of disbelief.

Grabbing the alarm prop in Fei Gou’s right hand, Wu Xizhao slowly pulled out the short sword. Blood gushed out from the wound and Fei Gou collapsed feebly.

“Goodbye, Senior!” With a cold smile, Wu Xizhao licked the blood on the sword with an intoxicated expression. He then licked his lips and stood still to savor the aftertaste. “Haven’t tasted this in a long time!”

After returning to his senses, Wu Xizhao put away his sword, picked up Fei Gou’s body and walked towards the camp.

The hunt had begun!

“You heard the bell just now?!” Chu Tianyi rushed out of his tent and nervously looked at Bai Xiaofei, who had also just emerged.

The rest wasn’t any different from him. No one would truly let themselves sleep like a log in a place like the Infinite Mountain Range inner circle. That kind of ringing was enough to wake everyone up.

“Do a headcount and wait for news from Fei Gou!” Bai Xiaofei responded immediately, no longer playing dumb as the thick fog around gave him a bad feeling.

What Bai Xiaofei said was exactly what Xiong Shou was about to say. Being beaten to it, Xiong Shou was stunned. As an experienced fighter, he could clearly feel the change in the aura that Bai Xiaofei gave off. Bai Xiaofei looked like a megalomaniac before, but now he acted like an experienced, cautious person, who felt even more reliable than the veterans in his Berserk Bear Mercenary Group!

In this second, Xiong Shou’s impression of Bai Xiaofei changed drastically.

Has this boy been pretending to be a pig?!

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