Chapter 539: The Mysterious Figure’s Instigation!

Chapter 539: The Mysterious Figure’s Instigation!

“My Lord, are you still going to wait further?”

In the core area of the Infinite Mountain Range, a mysterious man whose whole body was hidden in a black robe stood on a huge earthworm type magical beast. Opposite him was a giant elephant covered in golden scales, its huge eyes staring down at the uninvited intruder.

The giant elephant was one of the purposes of Bai Xiaofei’s trip. Emperor Rank magical beast – Draconic Elephant Kuang Ta!

At the start of the academy’s grand celebration, this mysterious character suddenly broke into Kuang Ta’s territory, earning the chance to an audience with Kuang Ta after defeating the latter’s two favored and most powerful underlings.

He only had one purpose: encourage Kuang Ta to organize a counterattack against Starnet!

Kuang Ta rejected at first. He had been one of the representatives during the truce negotiation with Lei Shan. He still vividly remembered Lei Shan’s power, the evidence of which being the scar on his head that still felt a dull pain whenever he heard the sound of thunder.

If he could, he never wanted to get on Lei Shan’s bad side again.

However, Kuang Ta currently hesitated. 60% of the activity area designated by Bai Xiaofei included his territory. Although those low-rank magical beasts weren’t the main strength of his army, if too many died, it would still amount to a loss that he couldn’t ignore.

First of all, an area without any underlings presiding over would be as good as thrown away. It was difficult to monitor when any of those low-rank magical beasts suddenly crossed with luck and advanced in power. Low-rank magical beasts rising to power wasn’t an uncommon event in the Infinite Mountain Range that was full of precious resources.

“Human, if I move, what do you have to guarantee all of your promises before?” Kuang Ta finally loosened after a long consideration.

“I will always follow you. If any of what I promised can’t be fulfilled, you can kill me right away. You should have this confidence, right?” said the mysterious man confidently.

Kuang Ta fell into silence again. He was sizing the credibility of this sudden visitor.

“I don’t understand one thing. Why do you want to help me?” asked Kuang Ta calmly. This was his last question, but he didn’t expect that this question actually made the mystery man laugh.

“What are you laughing at?!” roared Kuang Ta, who felt insulted. He fiercely stepped forward and the whole earth rumbled. At the same time, a terrifying force billowed towards the mysterious man standing on the huge worm.

However, before the billow could touch the mystery man, a golden light flashed and the billow disappeared as if nothing had happened.

“My Lord, please calm down. I’m not laughing at you, I’m just happy for our upcoming cooperation.”

The mystery man’s explanation was far-fetched, and Kuang Ta was not stupid. His response was a cold snort.

“Do you think I am a fool, human?” Kuang Ta took another step forward. One wrong word from the mysterious man and he’d be attacked.

“How dare I? I’m just confident that you will be satisfied with my explanation!” the mysterious man vowed. Kuang Ta stopped advancing.

“You only have one last chance!” stated Kuang Ta coldly after thinking for a moment.

“I didn’t come to you to help you, but to seek cooperation. Our people will definitely make a move against Starnet. This is a mission that we must complete, so you don’t have to worry that we have ulterior motives towards you. We have nothing to demand from the Infinite Mountain Range and you, my Lord.”

At the mysterious man’s frank answer, Kuang Ta fell into consideration.

“So you mean I can just watch and wait to reap the benefits? Why would I want to take my army and help you start the first fight?” Kuang Ta spoke with a hint of mockery in his deep voice.

“No, you won’t. If we act together, our chance of winning will be infinitely close to 100%, while if we fight our own battles, there is a possibility that Starnet will turn the tables. When that happens, you will no longer be a fisherman, but a fish on the chopping board!” refuted the mysterious man, who seemed to have predicted Kuang Ta’s reaction.

This time, Kuang Ta didn’t say anything for a long time as he kept looking at the mysterious man, the look in his eyes ever-changing. Meanwhile, the mysterious man remained calm all the way through, looking quite formidable as he gave off the vibe of having the entire situation under control.

“Alright, I promise you!” Kuang Ta opened his mouth, sealing the deal.

Several days had passed again, and there was now a clear gap between the teams participating in the event. The capability of the leaders had proved to play a decisive role.

The powerful bosses like Xiong Shou and Ling Tianxia had taken their teams into the deepest part of the activity area and started frequent confrontations with high-rank magical beasts. Those who were slightly weaker had stopped at the inner periphery. They didn’t have the guts to go deeper. To be exact, they could not guarantee that their teams would be able to leave safely if they went deeper.

Meanwhile, a small portion were ready to retreat.

Although the activity area wasn’t small, there were too many teams. After distributing the area, it took less than half a month to clean up the middle layer.

Even up until now, Bai Xiaofei still hadn’t acted once!

During this time, he was able to contact many people, including Hu Xian’er, Chu Liuyun, Fang Ye, Lin Li, and Yun Jingshuang, all of whom had been looking for him.

However, Bai Xiaofei didn’t gather them around him. First of all, each team was still on its own, and Bai Xiaofei had no reason to integrate them all. Second, there were still many people who hadn’t contacted him yet and he needed to make sure to hear from them first.

Therefore, after contacting Hu Xian’er and the others, everyone began to consciously search for the rest. They also guided their teams to do the hunting around Bai Xiaofei’s group so as to be able to support each other at any time.

From the very beginning, Bai Xiaofei’s purpose was to heavily hurt Kuang Ta’s and Yelu’s forces, so a war was inevitable.

Only that, he still had some worries. Revelation’s divination was like a knot in his heart. He didn’t dare to make a move before thoroughly understanding it. If some misfortune happened to any of the people around him because of himself, Bai Xiaofei absolutely wouldn’t be able to accept it. Therefore, he must ensure absolute safety.

Moreover, besides the situation of the Infinite Mountain Range growing increasingly sensitive, Starnet had also made new arrangements.

The number of injured people kept increasing, so Lei Shan had to draw out some teachers to form a rescue team. At present, this small team had started their rescue work back and forth in the Infinite Mountain Range and saved many people.

Similar to Bai Xiaofei, who wanted to protect the people around him, Lei Shan didn’t want any harm to his students. For him, all of the students in the academy were his children.

However, what Lei Shan didn’t expect was that his decision became the last straw that broke the camel’s back!

For a certain group of people, their plan was ready to be executed!

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